I Made It!

    The last few pay cycles have been rather difficult. I have been busily making up the cost of the move last summer and trying to get back onto my feet. As I checked on my account balance today, I found that I actually have money left over and have NOT gone into my savings at all this pay cycle!
    I cannot describe the feeling I have right now. I am not claiming victory in the never-ending struggle with bills, but this really helps me out. The money left over from last paycheck will be going into savings on payday. I want to keep it there and continue to build on it.
    I can easily identify the reason that this has happened. I stayed at home and did not go out for dinner. I spent money at the grocery store and made meals at home. This really made a difference in the budget. I refused to fall into the routine of being "too tired to cook" and using that as an excuse for ordering dinner. For the cost of a few dinners eating out, I was able to put together a nice selection of items and cook them up at home. Eating out should be a once-in-a-while event and not an everyday occurrence for me. Plus, I got to have what I wanted when I wanted without the hassle of getting dressed and going out.


     This is a routine that I can get used to. To see money left in my checking account on payday is a great feeling. Knowing that this money will go to my savings account every 2 weeks means that I can begin to grow my savings once again. I have goals set for the savings account, but those have fallen into the cracks along the way. I will dust them off and make certain that they are put back onto my priorities list once again. I am glad that I decided to make a conscious change in my behavior and even more glad to see that it is paying off!


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