30 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 30 2015 - A Day Off

November is nearly over with. This year is flying past with no signs of slowing down. I took today off in order to take Hal in for his annual eye exam, and now I am waiting in the parking lot of the office because it is still too early to go anywhere else right now. Plus, as soon as I get somewhere, Hal will call and let me know his appointment is over and that he is ready to be picked up.
To make this even more boring, this office and surrounding area are on the fringes of a cellular dead zone and there is absolutely no wifi available here. I just hope that this note saves properly in Evernote so I can continue working on it later. We never realize how good things are until they disappear from under your nose and you are left without them.
Hal’s appointment was at 1000. He finished around 1115 and we are back home now at 1215. We might go out once again today before the afternoon rush hour, but that is up to Hal. I am going to try and relax as much as I can for the rest of today.
A few minutes after writing that last sentence, I felt terribly ill. I wasn’t sick to my stomach or anything like that, but I had to go and lie down. 4 hours later I woke up. I never do this during the middle of the day. I hope that I am not coming down with something, but at least if I am I won’t have to miss as much time at work since I work from home anyway.
Before I went to bed, I did order Hal’s Xmas present, and it should arrive by Wednesday. We never put up a tree or do anything like that, so when he gets his gift he can immediately open it and that will be a part of the holiday for us.
I had thought about going to drool over tech toys with Hal this afternoon, but my unplanned illness put a stop to that. I doubt that we will go anywhere now, and perhaps that is for the best.
I know that I will be watching the UK game this evening. I am never disappointed when I watch UK basketball, UNLIKE UK football which is a constant letdown.

No matter how under the weather I feel, I can always count on one of the Stooges to cheer me up. In this case, it was Stevie Nicks, who decided to pose and get me to take her picture. Hal told me that she slept with me all afternoon as well. If it had not been her, Maxwell or Spartacus would have done something cute to take my mind off the worn-out feeling I have right now. The fact that it gets dark so damned early doesn’t help things, and is another sure sign that we are home for the evening here.
Once the UK game is over with, I am going to get ready for bed and hope that I feel better tomorrow.

28 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 28 2015

As we attempt to process yet another terrorist attack here in America, it is worth noting that our national hypocrisy is showing and it isn't pretty. While we mourn those killed in Paris, we neglect the people who are killed here everyday in senseless gun violence. It is a safe bet to say that the US suffers a Paris-style casualty count EVERY FUCKING DAY, and yet NOTHING ever changes.

The Colorado Springs terrorist attack unveiled another ugly characteristic of the American psyche. Because the target was a Planned Parenthood clinic, there are those "god-fearing, flag-toting, pro-military, and gun-nut" crowds that are actually cheering this terrorist! This is beyond disgusting. I would have thought there was a level below which RWNJ lunatics would not dare go, but they always surprise me.
I find it very easy to believe that a Fascist like Trump is leading among these completely stupid morons. He talks loudly, he attacks everyone who disagrees with him, and he offers nothing but empty sound-bites as promises because he is so "tough". The lack of education in this country is clearly showing because the entire concept of critical thought is greeted with name-calling and verbal attacks.
It is also very telling that in the hours after the Colorado Springs terrorist attack, that NONE of the republiKKKan presidential candidates bothered to issue a statement condemning the attack. Their silence is deafening, and it speaks volumes about their own agenda.

27 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 27 2015 -More NRA-sponsored Madness

I just turned the TV on and see that there is yet ANOTHER shooting situation in Colorado Springs. How crazy have we become? I have had the news on in the background as I wrap things up here at work and the situation in Colorado Springs is crazy. This is what we get when everyone is allowed to have a gun. There is no need for this! Where was the “good guy with a gun” that the NRA and their paid-for politicians always talk about?

25 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 25 2015 -Things Left Unsaid

This is a blog post that I really hate to think about writing. Early this evening, I called my cousin in Kentucky to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving as I do every year. She is 82 years old and not in the best of health, so I do worry about her from time to time when I don't hear from her.
When she answered the phone she sounded normal. She claimed that she was tired form spending all day in her kitchen making food for tomorrow to celebrate the holiday with her children and grandchildren. Nothing unusual about that.
Within 10 minutes her voice had really tailed off to almost a whisper. I was alarmed but didn't want to show it. She sounded exhausted and I can understand that after she put in all that work today.
After about 15 minutes on the phone, she said that she was tired and was going to lie down for a while. I wished her a Happy Thanksgiving and she said "I Love You" as she was hanging up. I am alarmed because she has never said that before without having me start by telling her that. I hope that I am not reading too much into this, but something inside tells me that she is not doing well at all and just doesn't want to talk ahout it with me.
I hope that I am completely wrong about this. I would gladly take the blame for being an alarmist, but I have gone through situations like this before. All I can do is hope that she will be OK.

Dreamer’s World November 25 2015 - Sleepless Night

This is not how I wanted to start Wednesday. I woke up just after 0100 with my BG plummeting and had to get some glucose into my body. Waking up with low BG is frightening the first few times it happens, but after that it becomes a normal pain in the ass that has to be dealt with. I know what to do to get things back to normal and I know that it will be awhile before I can get back to sleep. Therefore I decided to start my blog post now in order to keep my sanity in check.
I still have my 0600 wakeup to look forward to as well as Hal getting ready to leave for Philly this morning. Today is my early day at work so I will be done by 1530 at the latest. I will probably be splitting my time between the home office and the kitchen as I start cooking things for tonight and tomorrow. I have chicken breasts marinating and I will also be making salmon patties later today as well. The side dishes will happen as they happen.
Hal will be out of here around 0800 this morning, and if I need any last-minute items from the grocery store I will get them immediately after work. I am not going anywhere this evening or tomorrow. My plan is to stay here at home and take care of The Stooges. I will go back to work on Friday morning, thus avoiding the Black Friday madness that grips everyone. I have written before that I have everything that I need, and most of the things that I want aren’t that important when I think about them for more than a nano-second.
In a way, I will be glad to have some time to myself. Working from home does make me complacent in some ways. I will let the change in atmosphere become something to invigorate me rather than let it depress me. It is entirely possible that the TV will stay off the entire time. I find it annoying and just something to make background noise most of the time. What will be heard is music, and lots of it. I don’t know what I would do without music in my life, and I hope I never find out.
I just took a few minutes and made sure that I have everything that I need already in the kitchen for tomorrow, and to my surprise, everything is already there. That negates going to the grocery store after work. I have been awake for over an hour and the BG has stabilized. In a few minutes I will attempt to go back to bed and hopefully I can get some more sleep. Since it is now nearly 0230, I am hoping that the BG episode has completely passed and that I can get some restful sleep at last.
It is now nearly 0900. I did manage to get some rest, but I really did not want to get out of bed at 0600. I started work on time, and I also walked with Hal to catch the shuttle bus that will get him to Metro and on his way to Philly. I immediately came home and started cooking the chicken breasts that had been marinating overnight, so there is no excuse for not having something good for dinner here, if not lunch.
Other than cooking, my main goal will be to stay busy so that missing Hal won’t be my first priority for the rest of the day. At least I have The Stooges to keep me company until he gets home Friday afternoon. I also have my writing to occupy my time between now and then. Work should be relatively light today, I am not expecting too much activity. I am so thankful right now that this is my short day at work.
The chicken breasts are coming along nicely and will be ready before lunchtime here. So far, there are only two meetings that are scheduled for later today. I have minimal inputs for these meetings, so they should be a breeze for me and will occupy most of the afternoon. The afternoon finally ended and I took a nice walk to the grocery store and back. When In got here, I began preparing the side dishes for tonight and tomorrow. Mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and baked beans are all done now and I enjoyed a dinner with those and one of the chicken breasts that I made yesterday. Tomorrow I will make the salmon patties and have those here as well.
After dinner, I started to finally relax. I did hear from Hal and he made it to Philly without any trouble. I probably won't hear from him anymore this evening and quite possibly not until tomorrow night. I hope that he has a wonderful time with his family.
After I rested, I decided that if I was going to make the salmon patties, that tonight was the time to do it. A furious burst of activity in the kitchen produced results and the only thing I have to do tomorrow is warm food in the microwave. It is nearly 2200 and I am going to unwind before bed.

24 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 24 2015 - Privacy

We live in an age where privacy is something to be jealously guarded. With that in mind, I still have to wonder at the phenomenon of people calling with no caller ID. I have a hard time imagining anyone would willingly answer a call from a number that they do not know these days. Whenever I get one of these calls that only shows a city, I allow it to go to voicemail on the off chance that it is someone I know calling from a different number. If there is no voice mail left, I then proceed immediately to delete that number and to block it from calling me again.
I value my privacy, and I do not want it disturbed by people with whom I have no history. If they were calling and it was important, they would have left a voicemail, if they don’t then it is no one that I want to bother with anyway.

Dreamer's World November 23 2015 - Hypocrisy Season is upon Us

As this Monday slowly starts at work, it is obvious that the Hypocrisy Season is upon us. People are taking time off to “be with their families and loved ones”, or so the powers that be would have us believe. In reality, these canned holidays are nothing more than initiated attempts to lure people out to spend more money and buy stuff. Even if it nothing more than some crappy Thanksgiving-themed napkins for the table, it is all about the $.
At least this excess of consumerism allows me to have time to get my own work done without as many constant interruptions. Checking the company calendar reveals that some people are already starting their “family time”, more will do so tomorrow and by Wednesday I will be one of the handful of people actually working. Thursday is the holiday itself, I will be here at home with The Stooges while Hal is visiting family in Philly. I will cook something so I don’t have to worry about what to eat on Thursday, but it won’t be anything spectacular, just enough to not worry about cooking.
I will actually work again on Friday because it gives me time to focus on things. I have never and will never been involved in Black Friday, and this year will be no exception. I will not participate in the chaos on that day. There is nothing I need so badly that I would subject myself to the trouble.
As far as today goes, it will be the busiest day of the week at work for me. Meetings have been shuffled in order to meet peoples’ vacation plans. It works for me since I would rather those people leave and let me get on with what I have to do.
After work today, it will be time to go to Harris Teeter for some groceries and to pick up my prescriptions before things turn to total chaos later this week. I will get some salmon and the ingredients I need to make salmon patties for Thanksgiving Day here with The Stooges. Hal and I have no other plans for this week since he is leaving on Wednesday morning to travel to Philly. He will be back on Friday at some point unless things change between now and then. I simply wish him a safe and pleasant trip.

23 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 23 2015 - Foreign vs Domestic Terrorism

Because terrorism is a worldwide phenomenon I think it is important to look at how these groups operate. On the one hand you have foreign terrorists such as those pictured below:
But we also have to clearly acknowledge that we have terrorists right here at home. These are the real threat to our society. They somehow claim to be “patriots” who defend “heritage” from “outsiders”. The funny thing is that the terrorists pictured above say exactly the same thing.
Our own domestic terrorists have bombed buildings. They have opened fire on innocent people in schools, movie theaters, concerts, churches, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. This has been going on for years without any attempt by the government of the media to investigate. They prefer to react as if these domestic terrorists are all “loners” or “isolated incidents” when in fact they are part of larger groups with their own evil agendas.
Keep in mind that the attacks in Paris are eerily similar to what we have experienced here. Could foreign terrorists finally have adopted the business model that our own domestic terrorists have been using successfully for years?

22 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 22 2015 - Possessions

Sunday has dawned cold and windy, but at least we don't have any snow to deal with around here. I am in my normal debating what-to-do mode for today. Common sense tells me to stay here at home unless necessary, while my impulsive side wants to go out. Normally, I listen to my common sense side and I expect that today will be no exception. I may make a run to the grocery store this afternoon but that will be about it for me. I have to plan what to make for Thanksgiving while Hal is out of town. I have an idea or two but neither involves cooking a turkey. I can never get them done right and it takes too much time and effort to deal with as far as I am concerned.
Today is a day to rest and get things organized around here. I don't need anything else to add to the clutter. In fact, it is about time to purge myself of things once again. When I go through the closet if I find something that I have not worn in over a year, it is time for that to be donated to Goodwill or some other charity. Both Hal and I have decided that we need to streamline things around here in order to preserve a sense of peace and tranquility. I will be doing some serious purging while Hal is away next week.
Speaking of accumulating stuff, I recently was talking with a friend about writing. I pulled out the Chromebook and fired up Evernote while he did the same on his Macbook Air. I suppose that it is human nature, but I was envious of his Macbook Air since it is designed to be eye-catching and popular. He noted my Chromebook and with the natural smugness of a Macbook owner, he made the normal statements that he didn't think that he could ever survive without his Macbook and would never consider a Chromebook as an alternative. I almost immediately lost my case of envy because the comments came across as rather cavalier and uncaring. The fact that I do most of my writing on the Chromebook, and that he actually enjoys reading what I write, seemed to be lost on him. I was just the poor guy who couldn't afford to be part of the in crowd who owned a Macbook. While I was initially hurt and slightly insulted by his remarks I had to also realize that those remarks are nothing more than a reflection of his own personality. He often speaks without thinking, or mnore likely, he just doesn't care that his remarks often come across as rude and offensive. I didn't let the feeling linger, and we moved on to other things to keep the conversation going along.
After we parted company for the day, I started thinking more about how some people let what they have determine who they think they are. I suppose that I have learned a great deal from my financial difficulties and one of the most important lessons is that I can survive and prosper without chasing the ultimate material possessions. I like my Chromebook, I do have an iMac at home, and I enjoy that as well, but I only replaced the iMac after the older one gave up the ghost after 10 years of unrelenting service without a problem. This was the time when I started thinking more about purging. Since I refuse to be defined by what I have, it made sense to begin planning to absolve myself of things that I no longer need or use. The difference between myself and my friend is that I will not do this in order to make room for the latest stuff, I will do it to relieve myself of the burden of having all that stuff around.
I find that there is always some degree of anxiety when I prepare to begin a purge of my belongings until I realize that nothing is permanent. Things that I needed or wanted at different points in my life no longer hold the same value that they once did. We outgrow things in both the physical and emotional sense. The key lies in knowing when to let go of them. Just a prt of growing as a person.

Dreamer's World November 22 2015 - Goodbye, Clara Oswald

"Face The Raven" was last night's episode of Doctor Who. I am a huge fan of the show and have been for many years. Last night marked the second time that one of the Doctor's traveling companions has died as a part of the story arc. The character of Clara Oswald has been on the show for nearly 3 years, and Jenna Coleman, the actress who protrayed her has moved on to bigger and better things.
I hate to break this to the Who-niverse, but I am glad to see the Clara character leave the show. I understand the premise that a companion is the viewer's point of view for the series, but I never thought that the chemistry between Coleman and Peter Capaldi was worthwhile. Clara seemed to be the star of the show and that forced Capaldi to play off her. The Doctor is the main character, and to the extent that a companion enables us to understand the Doctor, she was very good. I contend that the scripts were not written to allow Capaldi to grow into his role as he should.
Clara made an interesting companion to Matt Smith before he left. I think that the age difference between Coleman and Capaldi was something that could not be overcome due to the scripts. This is not in any way an attack upon Coleman, but rather upon the writers and producers of Doctor Who.
Of course, I see things from an American perspective and I understand that Doctor Who has not been as highly received in the UK as it has in the US with Capaldi in the starring role. Even the "death" of Clara seemed unnecessarily long and drawn-out. I did not time the scene, but I was reminded of the Matt Smith regeneration scene because it took forever to get through. I did not see the need for this.
I know some people cried during last night's scene. If I had been tempted to, it would have only been to celebrate the fact that Clara was finally gone!

20 November 2015

Dreamer’s World November 20 2015

Friday is here at last. This week seems to have lasted for over a month. I don’t know why it has worn me out to such a degree, but this has been awful. I am hoping for a quiet Friday that will open up a weekend that is either full of excitement or totally quiet.
Spartacus doesn’t seem to have quite the hard time with this week as I have. When you’re a cat, every day is a weekend.

Hal is in the background going through his email, or Facebook, or something this morning. Spartacus decided that it was time to pose for the camera and I wanted to make sure that I obliged him. Spartacus is one of the older Stooge Brothers, he is 15 years old now. He and Maxwell are such a part of the family, they have always been totally wonderful to be around.
Spartacus has always been more of Hal’s baby, there is no question about that.

Spartacus does enjoy laying in the sun where it is warm, just like all cats do. For once, Hal has closed the bedroom door so Spartacus cannot get to him. Spartacus doesn’t look too concerned about this, does he?
On an unrelated topic, my new Moleskine Evernote notebook arrived today. I am looking forward to using it.

I will try to remember to take the notebook with me when I go out, especially on the weekends so that I can jot down things and not spend my time trying to type on the iPhone. With this notebook, I just snap a picture of the page when I am done, and it is imported into Evernote automatically. It also includes some colored tags that integrate with my Evernote online notebooks. I am really looking forward to using it. I have never given up my love of pen and paper, even in the digital age.
Hal and I have talked about going out after I finish work this afternoon. I hope that is still the case, if not, I will definitely go out tomorrow while he is at work. I need to get away from here for a little while. It is one of the disadvantages of working from home that I am in the same place all of the time. If we do go out, I am stopping at the Apple Store to browse, or if we don’t go near there, I will do the same at Best Buy. I want to see tech toys for a change since I have deliberately kept myself away from them for so long. The trouble is, that the more I think about this, the less enthusiastic I become. I have held back from tech stuff purchases for so long that I am actually kinda gun-shy about actually buying anything unless what I have totally needs replacing. I guess it is s sign of maturity, but it does take the fun out of things for me.

I am glad to report that Maxwell is doing much better after his recent visit to the vet. Since they suspect a kidney infection, we give him medicine with his food every day. He looks and acts much more energetic now and we are hoping that he will put some weight back on. The main thing is that there is nothing terribly serious going on with him. The only we have spent on him in the last month has been worth it to see him feeling and acting better.
It looks like Hal and I will just go to Shooter McGee’s for dinner and then come back home, it is all the way across the street after all. I think this is probably the best solution for this evening. I can always go out tomorrow if I choose to. We always have a great time at Shooters, the food is excellent and the atmosphere is terrific. We are fortunate to live so close that we can just walk over without any trouble.

This was the view that we had when we leftfor dinner. It has turned into a beautiful night here. Dinner was awesome, as we espected it to be. We came back home afterwards and have been relaxing for the evening. I am warching Kentucky play Wright State on TV and hoping that UK continues to improve. Coach Calipari is really on the kids tonight to get them to improve early in the season. They beat Duke earlier this week, and that is a great win, but this is only November. There is a lot more basketball this season.
I don't plan to stay up late this evening, but I do want to get my BG down to a normal level. Early in the afternoon, I had a cup of instant soup that really caused things to skyrocket. I took my medicine before dinner and will measure BG again before bedtime. Once I get things under control I can think about bedtime. Between now and then, I am going to drink plenty of water to detox myself.
There are some possible plans for tomorrow, but nothing major. Perhaps a trip to IKEA for a small laptop table to have here near my desk, but that is about it except perhaps lunch while I am out. A lot will depend on the weather tomorrow morning. I don't know of any inclement weather, but I will check the forecast before I go to bed.
I am wrapping things up for tonight. I hope that everyone who takes the time to read this will have a great evening and an even better tomorrow.

19 November 2015

Dreamer’s World November 19 2015

Friday Eve is here at last! It is a shame that it is such a dreary day, but the clouds will not dampen my mood. Things at work are beginning to slow down and next week should really be quiet. I am looking forward to that. I will make the most of today.

At least Stevie Nicks is here to keep me company. She loves to pose for the camera and I need to take more pictures of her whenever I have the chance. It is rather difficult at times when I am busy, but it is always worth the effort. Precious moments are never available again, a photo is the best chance to remind ourselves of them. If I have one thing that I feel as if I must do, it is to make sure I don’t let moments like this pass me by again.
I am looking forward to the end of this day at work. Just one more day until the weekend, and I really need the rest right now. I feel fine, although I have noted that my BG readings have been more towards the low side recently and I am actually having a lite snack right now to get my BG wishing normal range.

I didn't think this day would ever end! It has been a completely boring evening here at home. I plan on getting to bed early tonight.

18 November 2015

Dreamer’s World November 18 2015

I was going to write some grand manifesto about the state of the world today, but I thought better of it and decided to start over anew. There is one thing to be considered when publishing a blog for all the world to see, and that is whatever you write will always be out there for others to see. Whether the concern is for something about myself, or in this case, about someone else. I took a look at what I had written and decided to scrap what I had and start over.
As I sit outside and enjoy what must surely be one of the last warm evenings we will have for several months, I am introspective and not in the mood to air any dirty laundry in public. Now is the time to relax and think about the good things. There are more than enough bad things going on in the world today and my petty issues pale into insignificance alongside them. I don't need the hassle that writing about certain things would bring down on me right now.
Writing is one of the most important things in my life, but I realize that it can be used in both positive and negative ways. Sometimes it is tremendously important to know that before publishing. Instead of lashing out I choose to look inwards this evening. This is not the time to seek conflict, regardless how right I consider my cause to be. Honestly, I just don’t think I have the energy right now to finish something that I would be responsible for starting. Rather than sit and mope, I have let out all that I want to about the situation, and now it is time to move on to other things.
I am glad that tomorrow will be Thursday and one day closer to the end of the week. I really want some time to just unwind and get away from work for a while. The pressure is on for everyone else to get their own personal projects wrapped up so they can go on vacation for part of, if not all of, next week. I will be working each day other than Thursday of next week. That includes Black Friday, which to me is a huge waste of time and money for far too many people. I am much less driven by material possessions than I have been in the past, and I find that this approach suits me better. I don’t miss chasing the newest fad or fashion these days. I really cannot see myself putting up with thousands of obnoxious people who want to fight over a piece of shit in a store.
I will be here with The Stooges on Thanksgiving. Hal is going out of town to visit relatives, and Maxwell needs someone here since he has been under the weather recently. It will be a change from the normal routine of going to Glen Burnie to visit friends, but I am sure that we will see them at Xmas. I think that the break will do me good, it will give me time to reflect on things here without interruption.

17 November 2015

Dreamer’s World - Fear, Anyone?

Living in the DC area has it’s advantages and disadvantages. There is no shortage of things to do and places to see. This area is full of interesting people from all over the world, and it is always invigorating to find out all the things we have in common.
On the bad side, the traffic here is beyond awful. I am glad that we live “inside the Beltway” and have easy access to the Metro system that can take us almost anywhere in a short time and save us the hassle of driving. I am fortunate because we found a place where almost every necessity is within walking distance of our apartment here in Alexandria. Although we don’t go out as often as we used to, it is still important to Hal and I that the options are always available to us.
I have never understood the appeal of the suburbs, perhaps because I grew up in a small town where there was not a lot to do at the best of times. To live beyond the Beltway seems a waste to me. To get anywhere means dealing with the traffic and taking more time than usual for anything. It is my personal opinion, but I think that the “white flight” phenomenon has become so ingrained into the American consciousness that we deny that it even exists anymore.
Of course, being near the nation’s capital means that we are subjected to the drumbeats of FEAR that the media seems to enjoy inflicting on the population. This week is no exception due to the alleged threat following the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday. My heart aches for those affected and for their families. After that phase of dealing with a tragedy has passed, we are left to deal with the question of how do we respond in the future? Sadly, we seem hell-bent on repeating the same failed policies that produced these terrorists in the first place.
The local media here cannot get enough of the FEAR stories. I truly despise the media on account of actions like this. These stories serve no purpose than to promote a failed agenda which will result in more tragedies in the future. I do not claim to be the smartest person in the world, but I do have my observations.
We have followed a failed policy of military intervention around the world and wrapped it up as “defending freedom”. I question the entire approach. When we invade a country, or bomb it, we always want to claim that we are doing this because we are the “friends” of the people and that our actions are designed to somehow help them.
I question how this can be valid. What does a person think when their country is invaded or bombed. Honestly, I don’t think that their first thought is that this is the action of a “friend”. The bloodshed and destruction that follows are the problem of those people to deal with, we are not affected and our own leaders tell us to live our lives as normally as possible. The implications of these messages are one of the root causes of terrorism, in my opinion.
We balk at sending troops into other countries now, because we seem to have finally learned that ideology and religious extremism cannot be fought with weapons. These are fought with ideas, sadly we seem to have run out of those. When the people try to escape from the hell that we helped to create, we then act as if the “friends” are our new enemies and attempt to have them in the country. Remember that these people are fleeing the terror that we helped to create.
And so, this evening I write this living in an area where so many people are obligated to feel afraid. Everywhere you turn are more reminders of what we have to look out for. Anyone who doesn’t look “American” is a suspect without any evidence necessary. Is this what we want this country to end up as? A paragon of paranoia and FEAR?

16 November 2015

Dreamer’s World November 16 2015 - A Good Day With Hal

Today was a day off work for me. I had a dental appointment to get a permanent crown put in, and I had decided some time ago to just take the entire day off. I am very glad that I did because it enabled me to have the afternoon free to spend with Hal and to get out of the apartment.
I still go to my old dentist in Upper Marlboro, MD even though we moved to Alexandria 5 years ago. When you find a good dentist, you stick with them. I have never had any complaints about Dr. Sowell, and I will continue to go to her as long as my insurance is accepted. The trip was a nice diversion from things because the day was sunny and warm especially for November.
The procedure was quick and painless. The only thing that didn’t go according to plan was that the other dentist was out of the office so my dentist was having to shift quickly between myself and patients of the other dentist who had not been able to reschedule. Even with all that, I was still done within 2 hours. I enjoyed the trip back home and got here just after 1200.
Hal and I decided that we were going to spend the afternoon together. Since it was 70 degrees outside, we spent the entire afternoon out. We enjoyed a nice lunch at La Madeleine and then Hal looked around at all sorts of things that he was interested in. We didn’t make it to the Apple Store or Best Buy, which is probably just as well because I didn’t need the temptation.
Our final stop was at the grocery store. We got home just before sunset and I had a nice spaghetti dinner and sat down to recap the day. There is more to talk about, but it will be in another non-specific-day post. I hope that everyone has had a great day.

14 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 14 2015 - Paris

Once again, the world is reeling from another tragedy that humanity just cannot rid itself of. The constant drumbeat of conflict has reared its ugly head again with the terrorist attacks in Paris. I am not interested in the motives of the terrorists, I am interested in what can be done to address the underlying causes of these events. Terrorists are only a handful of people on this planet, but they command huge influence by committing acts of violence.
The first thing that has to be addressed is religion. I am an Atheist so I want to make sure that is understood up front before I go any further. My perspective is that religion can be warped into a justification for anything that can be imagined. This is true regardless of the religion involved, in this instance they are all the same. Religion is dangerous in situations like these because it provides people with a culturally acceptable excuse to do the things that their own supposed beliefs clearly state are wrong. There is nothing more dangerous than a handful of people with a supposed inside knowledge of what god wants, no matter the name they give to god.
Religion provides these people with an excuse to commit acts of terrorism. Religion is used as their justification, and again, this is dangerous because it absolves the terrorists of actual guilt (in their eyes) for their acts. Being a warrior for god is a convenient excuse for people to use when they want to get their way. It eliminates the ability to reason with these individuals and convinces them of their own infallibility. There are no terrorists other than those we as humanity have

created. The concept of god is just a convenient shield for these people. 

With religion established as a shield for these actions, we now have to look for other motivating factors. Political oppression is one of the big ones. When people in parts of the world cannot live in peace, then violence becomes their norm against which they judge events. The Paris attackers will clearly use the situation in the Middle East as their justification for their actions. Without the religion aspect being thrown in, this is a political attack. When one country uses military force against another, it is called WAR. When the people who suffer from this war cannot respond in any other way, then terrorism becomes their preferred alternative since it basically their only alternative.
I always wonder about the mindset of someone who is willing to kill themselves for their cause. Is it any different to throw oneself against a military force while strapped with explosives or firing a gun than it is to do the same things against civilians in the country that sent those military forces? Obviously from the point of view in the West, it is. The problem is that people in the West have become so accustomed to fighting a war somewhere else that it loses the real impact that it should have on us. While we will bemoan the loss of innocent lives, what make that any different from the innocent lives that are lost every day in those countries where military force is being employed? From the perspective of the terrorist, there is no difference. In their minds, it is simply visiting violence upon others as it has been visited upon them. No amount of trying to complain about innocence will change that argument. Sitting in a cafe in Paris is no different than sitting in a cafe in Beirut or Baghdad or Kabul to them. Sadly, this is a very important point that we never want to address. If we spent the time to reason things out, we would be closer to finding a real solution to the problems that inspire terrorism.
The next item we should look at is the political oppression in these countries. When foreign interests dictate what type of leadership will be tolerated in other countries, is it any wonder why these leaders are not viewed as legitimate by their own people? When these leaders are seen as tools of the nations that would, or already have, use military force to get their way why should we expect them to be respected and viewed as legitimate by the people they allegedly lead? Trying to install a leader that is acceptable to us is not the answer. We cannot impose our values onto another country. This is not because our values are wrong, it is because they will not be viewed as legitimate by the people in the countries where this is attempted. It is a form of colonialism or imperialism in their eyes. We should lead by example within our own countries and not try to impose what we hold dear onto others unless they ask for help as a nation, and not as a leader who lacks legitimacy.
Next on the list of things that have to be addressed in hatred. This ties very closely to the religion aspect mentioned earlier. When one version of god is viewed as superior to another version of god, conflict is inevitable. The problem is once again that religion serves the purpose of absolving terrorists of the blame for their actions. This is true whether the terrorist is a bomber pilot of a suicide bomber. Acting in "god's name" is a means of justifying oppression. It leads to the dehumanization of those who do not share the same belief system.

11 November 2015

Dreamer’s World November 11 2015 - Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is here once again. I am a veteran. I served in the United States Navy. This means that I was never actually on a battlefield. I never heard bullets whizzing past me in search of a target, nor did I send bullets out in search of one. The Navy is a world unto itself when it comes to the military. I have the utmost respect for the Army and Marine Corps whose members are actually in the line of fire. I support them 100%.
Having said that, I also have to say that the military cannot solve every problem that our nation encounters. The military are the last ones to actually endorse war or military action as a means of national policy because they know all too well the price that will be paid. Being in the military means that you surrender some of your rights while you are under contract. You do NOT determine when and where you will be sent. You do NOT have the ability to question your orders.
This sounds harsh to those who have never served. I ask those people to remember that the freedoms that we all enjoy are here because there were people who did serve this country. It is OK to hate the war, but never hate the soldiers, marines, sailors, or airmen who fought in it. As I said, they do not make the policy decisions, politicians do. When politicians are too cowardly to explore every option short of military force, they have failed those in uniform.
Too often, the military is seen as the utility tool of US foreign policy. This is totally WRONG! Any politician who resorts to using the military unless every other avenue is closed is a disgrace to this country. I think that it is worth considering whether or not a politician has ever served when judging their decision to use the military. It seems to be a tragic trend that those who have never worn the uniform are among the first politicians to want to use the military. Politicians who have served seem less likely to want to instantly involve the military, although neither is an ironclad case.
I remember holidays spent at sea, both literally and figuratively, while I was in the Navy. To be separated from friends and family is never easy. Ask any veteran how many children’ birthdays they have missed, how many anniversaries, how many graduations? The military can be a thankless job and it is not for everyone.
Veterans don’t ask for special recognition, but they appreciate a Thank You every now and then.

10 November 2015

Dreamer’s World November 10 2015 - The Price of Writing

I suddenly feel like I have lost an old friend. There is a writer who I have followed, or rather a blogger, for several years now that has decided it is time to stop their blog. I don’t know the reasons behind their decision, they indicated that they has lost anonymity and that was something very important to them. I will miss reading their blog, but I wish them well in whatever they decide to do next.
This got me to thinking about writing and why I write. When I first began writing my own blog I was, and still am, always careful to put only things I want in here. I realize that there is a line that divides what we all want to share with the world and what we wish to keep private. As other people have read and followed and commented on my blog I am very grateful, I have not reached that critical mass point. Writing remains an intensely personal experience for me. There are times when I am sorely tempted to write about things, but I hold back because I cannot bring myself to let every little detail of my life out for the world to see.
I suppose this is a dilemma that all bloggers face at one time or another. My friend seems to believe that they crossed that line and I am in no position to judge them on it. If they no longer find joy in writing their blog then it is the right time for them to stop writing. What does hit me though, is how they described their reaction to some people who chose to comment on their blog. I will have to assume that these posts were unwelcome because they were thinly veiled personal attacks on the writer. I don’t know if there were actual threats made, I certainly hope not.
We can all sit back and rattle away on our keyboards with anonymity. It is only when we begin to open ourselves up to others that we run the risk of being attacked in one form or another. Writing is a joy, it should never bring pain. Writing should be a way to help purge pain at times for all of us. It is at times like this that we find those who we are meant to find, and that is 99% positive. Sadly, there will always be those who cannot be anything but mean and destructive in their observations. How each of will face those times is a personal matter.
For myself, as mentioned earlier, I try to maintain the wall between my personal life and what I write about here. In a way this is limiting when I write, but I am seeing the results of what can happen when negative people decide to attack someone who is brave enough to share more than I would.
I wish that there was something that I could do to dissuade my friend from their decision. Then I realize that as a friend, my position is to support them in their decision. I will miss reading their posts, I wish that I had made even more positive comments than I already have. I wish that I could help them through this difficult time, but we are friends in the cloud only. It should be obvious by now that the name of the blog won’t be found here. That is out of respect to my friend. I hope that they find the strength to return again sometime in the future. Until then, I wish them nothing but Peace and Happiness.

Dreamer's World November 10 2015

The day has started here without incident. I hope things stay quiet since tomorrow is a holiday. I plan to go to the Chiropractor tomorrow morning and then come home to relax with Hal and The Stooges unless Hal wants to do something. A lot will depend on the weather. Right now we are stuck in a cool and rainy pattern which means that the leaves are being stripped form the trees. It seems rather merciless after the recent warm weather, but the seasons are going to change whether we like it or not. I will not let the weather bring me down, because it is out of my control anyway.
I am looking forward to the end of this day. It is unusual that Veteran’s Day falls on Wednesday this year, but it makes a nice break in the week as far as I am concerned. I served in the US Navy and often look back at that time with fondness and anger. The military is not for everyone, but it is a worthwhile occupation if you understand that you willingly give up some rights to object about policies. I am a hard-core Liberal, but I never questioned the things I was asked to do because they were, rightly or wrongly, decided upon by our elected leadership. Remember that the military NEVER started a war, that is done by others.

Dreamer’s World November 9 2015 - Mizzou

I just saw that the President of the University of Missouri has resigned after a weekend of public protests regarding his failure to take action to curb blatant racism at the University. I am not surprised that this has happened, but I am surprised that it happened so quickly. I applaud the students who brought this to everyone’s attention and who organized the public actions to maintain focus on things. Believe it or not, these students just learned a valuable lesson in how to get things done through non-violent protests. This came from ACTION and not from a textbook. Well done, Mizzou!
The sad part to this tale is the totally predictable reaction from RWNJ around the country to the situation. I believe that they are trained to do noting more than take the first piece of shitty disinformation they hear and then parrot it loudly until people get tired of listening to them. The remarks made against the protestors were pure evidence of the racism that they protestors found so repulsive in the first place.
“Take away their scholarships” was the least offensively worded of these remarks. However, that implies that the football players served no purpose being at the University other than to play football in the first place. It further indicates that if these students were NOT playing football that they would NEVER have been accepted at the University. Therefore, according to RWNJ logic (or lack of), the football players are nothing but servants of the University as a whole. According to RWNJ, they have no rights to free speech or expression because they should be spending all of their time either playing or practicing their sports, or they should be on their knees thanking the overlords for the privilege of actually being at the University in the first place.
The same racist logic was more openly displayed on social media and I will never credit those people by reposting what I saw here. If you followed the story, you will have seen some of the hateful, racist, and idiotic things that were said. The football players became the lighting rods for the attention, and that is another reflection on our society for another post. However ,it was not until these young men took a stand that the issue gained national attention. I applaud them for the savvy of using their status to draw attention to the real situation at the University. Once again, another lesson learned in real life that could not be duplicated in a classroom.
Remember that there is a HUMAN BEING who has been on hunger strike that really began this. I hope that the attention can be directed at him, but I doubt that the infoporn merchants from the MSM will ever actually stoop to doing any work, so my hopes are faint. It doesn’t change the fact that the University students, faculty, and athletes decided that it was time to protest in support of this young man because they believe in what he is trying to accomplish, and that is to bring the problems at the University to public attention, and also the lack of response from the University president to the same level of attention.
While the immediate goal has been accomplished, there will still be a tremendous amount of work to do. Sadly ,RWNJ never lie to lose and I predict that there will be more difficulties due to this as things move forward. I will not be surprised by any incidents that are started by RWNJ lunatics who are upset that the status quo that benefitted them has been exposed as corrupt and rotten. I hope that the students at the University will handle these issues with the same determination and grace that they have shown thus far. Remember that the goal of RWNJ lunatics at this point will be to make things as difficult and unpleasant for everyone as possible. Sadly, I think that the students will have to be more on guard than ever now because RWNJ will stop at nothing to have their way. Please be careful and look out for one another as you have been doing.

Dreamer's World November 9 2015

Another week has begun. It started out with the typical drama as Hal told me that he had called to wish a “friend” a happy birthday. The “ friend” called back and let him know that his move to a new home was on hold due to all sorts of issues that arose recently. The word “friend” is in quotes because this is one of the people that I have broken contact with as I put my own life into order this past year.
I hope that whatever the real problems are with the “friend” are resolved quickly and that they complete their move out of state without any more trouble. I don’t wish any ill will on them, but I simply have lost the interest since it was never a mutual thing between us. Hal is the touchstone for that person, and that is fine with me. I simply don’t have the time or the desire to get drawn back into everyone else’s problems anymore when that person has never shown the least bit of interest in me. We have known this person for nearly 15 years, and in that entire time, they have called me exactly twice. Both times those calls were to ask where Hal was. Enough said.
I am nearing the deadline for my decision on Thanksgiving plans. Hal will be out of town to visit his relatives, and that leaves me here with The Stooges. Most years I would go to have dinner and spend time with some dear actual friends, but this year I have not heard from them. Since there are very legitimate reasons for not hearing from them, I am resisting the urge to call and see what is going on. I simply cannot and will not invite myself somewhere. I have my contingency plans ready and I need to make them real in the near future. If I hear something after that, I will just have to politely decline and hope to see them at Xmas.
My contingency plans involve nothing more than figuring out what I will cook here for myself on Thanksgiving. I refuse to cook a turkey since there are only Hal and I here anyway. I will decide on chicken or salmon, or something else that I can make and enjoy on that day.
I don’t feel depressed by any of this. There is no reason to. I am more at peace than I have been in many years as my finances continue to improve. Perhaps, subconsciously, this drives my desire to have time to myself after the years of struggle. Hal and I are closer than ever, and overall life continues to get better and better.
At times, I still feel somewhat isolated. I deal with this by reminding myself of the times in the past when I reached out to others and found nothing more than other needy people who could not see past their own agendas. Experience taught me that these people were toxic, and that I am better off without them. My personality tends to be more all-or-nothing when it comes to friendships, and that seems to be a rare thing these days.
I have already informed the company that I will not be taking any extra time off for the rest of the year. Only Thanksgiving and Xmas days. I refuse to deal with the Black Friday nonsense and I will probably write specifically about that when the time comes. I am an Atheist, so Xmas is a nice holiday away from work and nothing more. I will undoubtedly be one of the very few people working Black Friday and Xmas Eve. That is fine with me, As my birthday approaches in January, I can take time off when I want to and not have to worry about using too much vacation time.
As the day moves past the halfway point, I am making progress with things and will be spending the rest of the afternoon here. It feels good to know that whatever I accomplish will just put me further ahead of things.

08 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 7 2015 -The Peanuts Movie

As you can probably tell from my avatar that I use every day with this blog, I am a huge fan of Peanuts. I grew up with the characters every day in the newspaper and I learned from them. As I grew older, the meanings of things finally set in for me, and that bonded me to the characters even more. I remember being heartbroken when I heard that Charles Schulz had died. The decision to stop the strip at that point was the right thing to do.
In the years since, the Peanuts characters have never gone away. They are too central to generations of Americans to just be forgotten.
When I heard about the movie, I was torn between nostalgia and dread. I wanted to see the characters again, but I was afraid of any attempt to “update” them. I am glad to say that this didn’t happen with the movie. There was no attempt to bring things into 2015. From the typewriter on top of Snoopy’s doghouse to the old desktop telephone, the familiar things were there.
I had some tears watching the movie. The theme of always trying to do the right thing and somehow never getting it right are universal.

04 November 2015

Dreamer’s World November 4 2015 - So Glad That I Left Kentucky

I was born and raised in Kentucky, in the western part of the state that bears little resemblance to the eastern part in more ways than one. For a start ,the western part of Kentucky is less mountainous, and in most places almost prairie when compared to the hills in eastern Kentucky. The people are different as well. The area I grew up in along the Ohio River was much more rural, although a large city in Indiana, Evansville, was right across the river from my hometown.
Although the demographics were limited, and diversity was not as great as other places I still didn’t feel that I was raised to look down on or to disapprove of anyone. It probably helped that both my parents had moved to the area from somewhere else as well. It was the 1970s when I was a child, things were more liberal then, even in western Kentucky. The religious extremism that is so blatant today was openly laughed at when I was a kid. I don’t know exactly when or why, but things began to change in the early 1980s. I was graduating from high school and on my way to college in Lexington at the time, so I wasn’t too aware of the changes because Lexington was another rather liberal area.
I did begin to notice that there were some groups on campus that were totally wicked out on religion. One of my dorm roommates became infected with this disease and it quickly became apparent that I, the Atheist, and he, the RWNJ lunatic would not be able to coexist in the same room for more than 2 semesters. In hindsight, I suppose that the rumblings that these lunatics were making should have alarmed me more, but they didn’t seem like the type of people that could be taken seriously.
After graduating from college, I left Kentucky to make my way in the world. I did return for about 18 months during 1994 until early 1996, and I was struck by the way that things had changed even in a place like Lexington. The new RWNJ religious mantra was “Compliance is Freedom”, “Hate is Love”, and “Close you mind to those who are different”. It was like I had moved to a Fascist country or something. I left again and never looked back. Having seen the rest of this country and the world, I knew that I would never be happy living in Kentucky with those people making every effort to gain political power in order to transform the place into a cult camp.
Fast forward to today and think of the whole Kim Davis saga. To someone who isn’t a part of the hive mentality, the issue is ridiculous regardless of whether or not you happen to agree with the decision on same-sex marriage. The issue has been decided, but these lunatics cannot accept that and move on. Speaking of marriage, I find it so predictable that the lunatics have a gun fetish as well. To them, there is no divide between Jesus and a gun. Apparently, Jesus packed heat at all times and would kill anyone who was a perceived threat. Funny, I never remember hearing that growing up.
So what you have now in Kentucky is a population that is so mind-controlled, or terrified of those who are mind-controlled that is incapable of moving forward or making any real progress on anything. The racism that exists just magnifies the problem. Recently, voters in Kentucky were all full of praise for Kynect, but they hate Obamacare. I will leave it to minds wiser than mine to explain to these lunatics that the Kynect system IS part of Obamacare. And yet these deluded lunatics just voted to end the program that allowed them to have healthcare! The mind reels over things like this. It is an indicator of how dangerous religion can be when allowed to inject its venom into politics. Personally, I think religion is a MINDFUCK and a means to control gullible people. Kentucky seems to indicate that it is a very effective way to get people to vote against their own self-interest.
I am so glad that I left Kentucky when I did. I feel terrible for the people there that live in a state that is more like Jonestown than America. Sadly ,this mess is of their own making. I am not overly confident that they will wake up and see reality anytime soon.

Dreamer’s World November 4 2015 - Time For Some Reality In My Life

Social media can be a wonderful thing. I use it to write, obviously, and to stay in touch with friends old and new. Occasionally, I have to step back and re-evaluate my involvement with things, and now is one of those time frames. It often can be rather painful and frustrating to determine what steps to take, but that doesn’t negate the need to do so.
Now is the particularly relevant time to do this because it is the 1-year anniversary of when I finally returned to FaceBook after an absence of many years. While this time has been more successful and enjoyable, it has not been without its own difficulties. I used FaceBook to attempt to reconnect with some people I grew up with. We haven’t spoken in many years and I cannot say that I expected much. With a few notable exceptions, I have been proven right. As I look at the list of “friends” I have I always recognize that this is not really a truly descriptive term. “Friends” on FB indicates nothing more than someone who you are following and who followed you back. There is no true indicator of how much interaction there is between you, if any at all. When you have to struggle to remember any interaction, I know now that it is time to cut the ties and move on. When someone has been on my list for approximately 1 year and has yet to have any direct contact or online interaction with me, there is no loss at all.
This is not rocket science. One example of what used to really upset me came when I actually did speak to a friend I grew up with. I mentioned our time together in elementary school. I remember names and faces, he didn’t. After a few minutes, he actually said that he did not remember me at all and that he was going to have to dig out his yearbook because he felt uncomfortable talking to someone who remembered him but he honestly “had no idea who you are”. That person left the list immediately. My life has taken me far from my hometown, I never claimed to have made a tremendous impression there, but to be completely forgotten is not something I need from anyone. That simply indicates to me that it is time to move on from that person and not look back.

This is also the anniversary of losing one of my best friends. This keeps FB in its proper perspective for me. Alleged friends are quite useless when you think about it. No amount of online interaction can replace talking face to face or actually talking on the phone. I miss my friend dearly, nothing can ever bring him back, but I cannot and will not attempt to create a relationship with anyone else who doesn't value actual, as opposed to virtual contact.
As I grow older, and hopefully, wiser I realize that friends should never be taken for granted. Never put off talking with or visiting someone because it might inconvenience you. When a true friend is gone, your heart will ache beyond repair. When a FB contact doesn't respond just delete them and move on. A small number of true friends trumps an infinite number of social media contacts every time.

02 November 2015

Dreamer's World November 2 2015 - Thank You, Anonymous

Late last night as I was watching the World Series and a fantastic comeback by the Kansas City Royals to claim the championship, I began noticing on Twitter that Anonymous was releasing the information on some members of the KKK. My attention was spilt between the two events and I was able to see what was going on. By the time the game ended and I was ready to go to bed, I was completely enthralled by the job Anonymous was doing.
As I woke up this morning, I see that Anonymous has been continuing their efforts to expose members of the KKK to the public. I am excited by this. These people do not deserve to hide when they advocate hatred and discrimination. Their privacy, especially for those in politics or law enforcement, is outweighed by the need of the public to know exactly who these people truly are.
So far, there have been US Senators named as KKK members, as well as mayors and law enforcement officials. Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is silent about this. My own personal theory is that they themselves are about to be implicated as members and aren’t sure what to do or how to respond.
I am also not surprised because the effort to find and identify these people is not beyond the capabilities of a teenager with a computer. The fact that the mainstream media has never thought to do anything like this indicates, at leasts to me, that they are complicit in the obscene power structure. My disdain for the mainstream media is well known. I cannot trust them to ever report anything of importance unless it is forced down their throats by their corporate masters.
The mainstream media is nothing more than an infoporn factory that vomits out bullshit disguised as news in order to keep people from actually asking the tough questions that concern us all. Even this morning, they refuse to acknowledge what is going on in the netherspehere, but if this was something to do with the fucking Kardashians, the mainstream media would be generating wall-to-wall nonstop coverage.
I want to congratulate Anonymous for what they are doing. When the supposed bastion of the press fails in their responsibility to us, it is left to groups like Anonymous to provide the truth that we need to know. Keep up the good work, Anonymous!

01 November 2015

Dreamer’s World November 1 2015 - To Brunch, Or Not To Brunch. That is the question.

Since I have already posted this morning about the awful state of UK football. Now it is time to have the internal debate about brunch. Should I go to have a nice brunch nearby, or should I simply save the money and stay at home? Both ideas have merit, and I always have to make decisions like this on the weekend while Hal is at work. More often than not, I decide to stay at home and save the money. That is probably what will happen today because I find that I truly dislike going somewhere and eating alone. I would much rather have Hal with me, but he does have to work and no amount of wishing will change that.
Years ago, we used to go to brunch on a regular basis. We always had a great time and then we would do something to pass the time during a Sunday afternoon together. Since Hal retired from his old job and got his LMT certification and began working at that job, the weekends are the best opportunity for him to make money. On the other hand, I have always worked the traditional Monday through Friday schedule on my jobs since leaving the Navy. I really cannot imagine working weekends anymore.
And so, that is a brief background to explain the dilemma that I find myself in every weekend now. There are really no other people that I would want to meet for brunch. Experience has taught me that those people usually want something from me. Whether it is attention, or more likely, money or financial help, I have no time for them. I never truly did. I just dislike getting involved in their issues and problems. I grew tired of them and their behavior very quickly.
The decision is not a hard one to make. I am staying home. It saves me some money and it keeps me centered on what is important, and that is all right here.

One of the things that I dislike is when we change the clocks. It is now 1800 and Hal is home and it is already dark outside. I stayed home today, I feel the same as I do this time every Sunday. I am glad that I saved some money, but at the same time, I regret not doing more on the weekend. No amount of thinking about this will change it. What is done, is done.
Hal and I have talked about the upcoming holiday season. He is going to visit family in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving and this will leave me alone with the Stooges on that day. I will just plan to spend the day here. If that is what happens, then I am still very lucky to have this nice place and The Stooges to spend my time with.
As for this evening, I will watch the World Series and see if the Kansas City Royals can win it all tonight. I don't have to worry about commuting in the morning before I start work, and from what I currently know, it will be a full day for me. I hope that everyone will have a wonderful night and an even better tomorrow.

Dreamer’s World November 1 2015 - End of college football interest

It has turned from October into November now. My interest in college football is officially dead after the train wreck that started a dumpster fire at the trailer park known as Commonwealth Stadium last night as Tennessee beat the shit out of Kentucky in the annual massacre. How appropriate that this happened on Halloween, as Kentucky looked like the scantily-clad coed who investigates the scene of the murder armed with nothing but a shoe. That is what it was like last night. Honestly I didn’t watch the game, but friends kept pulling me away to tell me the latest awful news from the game. If I expected anything positive from UK football, it would have ruined my Halloween, fortunately I am smarter than that and always expect the worst when UK takes the field in order to pose for the police-tape outline.

If I cared anymore, I would be calling for Coach Mark Stoops to be fired. I simply don’t care anymore. The most damning evidence was the empty stadium during the 3rd quarter. Well, that isn’t exactly true, the Tennessee fans stuck around to see how bad the result was going to be. The UK fans had already left. We have seen this shit before, it never changes. Always the promise to be competitive that amounts to nothing. The permanent statements that “UK is getting better in football” without UK ever ACTUALLY getting better in football. All the false hopes. All the padded schedules to attempt to get eligible for a bowl game where the only palm trees are in the hotel lobby, and they still cannot manage even that.

I wish I cared enough to say fire the coach. I don’t, not anymore. My life moves on and I cannot wait until UK Basketball when we can actually EXPECT to WIN, and not just HOPE to AVOID another terrible loss.