Dreamer's World November 30 2015 - A Day Off

November is nearly over with. This year is flying past with no signs of slowing down. I took today off in order to take Hal in for his annual eye exam, and now I am waiting in the parking lot of the office because it is still too early to go anywhere else right now. Plus, as soon as I get somewhere, Hal will call and let me know his appointment is over and that he is ready to be picked up.
To make this even more boring, this office and surrounding area are on the fringes of a cellular dead zone and there is absolutely no wifi available here. I just hope that this note saves properly in Evernote so I can continue working on it later. We never realize how good things are until they disappear from under your nose and you are left without them.
Hal’s appointment was at 1000. He finished around 1115 and we are back home now at 1215. We might go out once again today before the afternoon rush hour, but that is up to Hal. I am going to try and relax as much as I can for the rest of today.
A few minutes after writing that last sentence, I felt terribly ill. I wasn’t sick to my stomach or anything like that, but I had to go and lie down. 4 hours later I woke up. I never do this during the middle of the day. I hope that I am not coming down with something, but at least if I am I won’t have to miss as much time at work since I work from home anyway.
Before I went to bed, I did order Hal’s Xmas present, and it should arrive by Wednesday. We never put up a tree or do anything like that, so when he gets his gift he can immediately open it and that will be a part of the holiday for us.
I had thought about going to drool over tech toys with Hal this afternoon, but my unplanned illness put a stop to that. I doubt that we will go anywhere now, and perhaps that is for the best.
I know that I will be watching the UK game this evening. I am never disappointed when I watch UK basketball, UNLIKE UK football which is a constant letdown.

No matter how under the weather I feel, I can always count on one of the Stooges to cheer me up. In this case, it was Stevie Nicks, who decided to pose and get me to take her picture. Hal told me that she slept with me all afternoon as well. If it had not been her, Maxwell or Spartacus would have done something cute to take my mind off the worn-out feeling I have right now. The fact that it gets dark so damned early doesn’t help things, and is another sure sign that we are home for the evening here.
Once the UK game is over with, I am going to get ready for bed and hope that I feel better tomorrow.

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