Dreamer's World November 7 2015 -The Peanuts Movie

As you can probably tell from my avatar that I use every day with this blog, I am a huge fan of Peanuts. I grew up with the characters every day in the newspaper and I learned from them. As I grew older, the meanings of things finally set in for me, and that bonded me to the characters even more. I remember being heartbroken when I heard that Charles Schulz had died. The decision to stop the strip at that point was the right thing to do.
In the years since, the Peanuts characters have never gone away. They are too central to generations of Americans to just be forgotten.
When I heard about the movie, I was torn between nostalgia and dread. I wanted to see the characters again, but I was afraid of any attempt to “update” them. I am glad to say that this didn’t happen with the movie. There was no attempt to bring things into 2015. From the typewriter on top of Snoopy’s doghouse to the old desktop telephone, the familiar things were there.
I had some tears watching the movie. The theme of always trying to do the right thing and somehow never getting it right are universal.

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