Dreamer’s World November 25 2015 - Sleepless Night

This is not how I wanted to start Wednesday. I woke up just after 0100 with my BG plummeting and had to get some glucose into my body. Waking up with low BG is frightening the first few times it happens, but after that it becomes a normal pain in the ass that has to be dealt with. I know what to do to get things back to normal and I know that it will be awhile before I can get back to sleep. Therefore I decided to start my blog post now in order to keep my sanity in check.
I still have my 0600 wakeup to look forward to as well as Hal getting ready to leave for Philly this morning. Today is my early day at work so I will be done by 1530 at the latest. I will probably be splitting my time between the home office and the kitchen as I start cooking things for tonight and tomorrow. I have chicken breasts marinating and I will also be making salmon patties later today as well. The side dishes will happen as they happen.
Hal will be out of here around 0800 this morning, and if I need any last-minute items from the grocery store I will get them immediately after work. I am not going anywhere this evening or tomorrow. My plan is to stay here at home and take care of The Stooges. I will go back to work on Friday morning, thus avoiding the Black Friday madness that grips everyone. I have written before that I have everything that I need, and most of the things that I want aren’t that important when I think about them for more than a nano-second.
In a way, I will be glad to have some time to myself. Working from home does make me complacent in some ways. I will let the change in atmosphere become something to invigorate me rather than let it depress me. It is entirely possible that the TV will stay off the entire time. I find it annoying and just something to make background noise most of the time. What will be heard is music, and lots of it. I don’t know what I would do without music in my life, and I hope I never find out.
I just took a few minutes and made sure that I have everything that I need already in the kitchen for tomorrow, and to my surprise, everything is already there. That negates going to the grocery store after work. I have been awake for over an hour and the BG has stabilized. In a few minutes I will attempt to go back to bed and hopefully I can get some more sleep. Since it is now nearly 0230, I am hoping that the BG episode has completely passed and that I can get some restful sleep at last.
It is now nearly 0900. I did manage to get some rest, but I really did not want to get out of bed at 0600. I started work on time, and I also walked with Hal to catch the shuttle bus that will get him to Metro and on his way to Philly. I immediately came home and started cooking the chicken breasts that had been marinating overnight, so there is no excuse for not having something good for dinner here, if not lunch.
Other than cooking, my main goal will be to stay busy so that missing Hal won’t be my first priority for the rest of the day. At least I have The Stooges to keep me company until he gets home Friday afternoon. I also have my writing to occupy my time between now and then. Work should be relatively light today, I am not expecting too much activity. I am so thankful right now that this is my short day at work.
The chicken breasts are coming along nicely and will be ready before lunchtime here. So far, there are only two meetings that are scheduled for later today. I have minimal inputs for these meetings, so they should be a breeze for me and will occupy most of the afternoon. The afternoon finally ended and I took a nice walk to the grocery store and back. When In got here, I began preparing the side dishes for tonight and tomorrow. Mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and baked beans are all done now and I enjoyed a dinner with those and one of the chicken breasts that I made yesterday. Tomorrow I will make the salmon patties and have those here as well.
After dinner, I started to finally relax. I did hear from Hal and he made it to Philly without any trouble. I probably won't hear from him anymore this evening and quite possibly not until tomorrow night. I hope that he has a wonderful time with his family.
After I rested, I decided that if I was going to make the salmon patties, that tonight was the time to do it. A furious burst of activity in the kitchen produced results and the only thing I have to do tomorrow is warm food in the microwave. It is nearly 2200 and I am going to unwind before bed.

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