31 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 31 2015 - Not A Care in the World

     There are times when we all have too much stress in our lives. Whether the reasons are money, relationships, or something else, we all have times when we wish that all of the distractions would just go away and leave us alone. These are the times when we should just remember what life was like when we were children and we didn't have a care in the world. Saturday afternoons were occupied with games and playing outside. We felt no need to rest because we were so exhausted from the rest of the week. Even in school, we learned to cherish our weekends and to exhaust ourselves having fun before returning to the daily grind on Monday.

    Remember that nothing has changed except ourselves. We altered ourselves to suit the demands of a society that demanded conformity from everyone. I say that we should rebel against this tyranny! Take the time you have, whenever you have it, and enjoy yourself. DO what makes you happy until you are completely exhausted. You can always rest later.

    Thanks to Maxwell for reminding me about what is important.

Dreamer's World January 31 2015 - Things Change

     It is a constant in life that change happens. Sometimes it is hard to understand why, and at other times the meaning is crystal clear to us. This is especially true when change relates to other people and their relationship to us.
     Change is either a reactive or a proactive event in our lives. As we live and learn, experience teaches us whether or not we should take the initiative, or wait for something to happen. There will always be exceptions to this approach, but in the long run, it is the best course of action to take.
     When a friend makes the decision, consciously or otherwise, to drop out of your life the best thing to do is to simply let them go. Explanations aren't required, no justification is necessary. There will never be any peace if both parties aren't truly interested in working to maintain a friendship. Vanishing from someone's life is a pretty good indication that one of the parties has already made their decision.
     Bitterness and regret won't help. Just wish then the best in a silent thought, and cut the cord. This is the way that one accepts these types of changes in one's life. Let the hurt and disappointment go as well, they will only drag you down.
     Remember that change can also be a positive thing. When one thing changes in a bad way, there is always the opportunity for a more positive change that you aren't even aware of yet.

30 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 30 2015 - Relief

    As I close out another week at the office, I realize just how fortunate I have been. For the first time in forever, my head is well above water financially and I want it to stay there. I survived a medical expense for one of the cats (Spartacus) that would have thrown me into a panic in the past, but it was manageable this time.
    I had always pointed to 2015 as the year when things would get better for me, and it is off to a good start. I already have my taxes done and can look forward to building my savings throughout the rest of the year. I can also finally get some cosmetic repair work done on the Beetle, which I had been putting off until things were better.
    I find it hard to believe that I have reached this point. For nearly 10 years, I have been working to achieve this degree of freedom. I still have things left to pay off, but I have proven to myself that I can get this done. The self-sacrifice has been tremendously difficult, but obviously worth it in the long run. I hope that I can maintain the same amount of discipline for the future.
    I think that I am off to a good start. I have thought about upgrading my cell phone, but have decided against it. I want to finish the installments on the phone I have to lower my monthly bill. Plus, there is no interest on the amount for the phone, whereas my credit card has a hefty interest rate. Any money that I have left over at the end of a pay cycle that I feel comfortable with spending is better served to go towards the credit card. I find that the temptation to get something new is very small when I look at the larger picture.

29 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 29 2015 - Through The Window

    As I am at the office this morning. I took a look through the window and this is what I saw

     The plant on the inside of the window is my bonsai tree. I have been caring for it for almost a year now. You cannot see but there is a rock in the base that says "Peace". I always associate the care for the tree as an analogy for the constant effort we all must make to provide Peace to our worlds,
    Next is the brick paved yard of the townhouse office. This poorly laid brickwork represents the efforts that we all make to hide what is underneath the surface. I find it amazing how almost every effort to do so only serves to draw attention to that which we seek to hide. This represents a lack of Truth to acknowledge who we are, warts and all because we fear rejection if people know too much about us. We only present what we want them to see.
     There is still some snow left over where the sun never quite has the opportunity to melt it. This reminds me that Winter is not yet over. We still have 2 more months to endure before Spring finally arrives and banishes the cold. This represents reality that cannot be changed, it has to be accepted and dealt with on it's own terms.
    Across the first part of the street, in the median, is a Bradford Pear tree that shows every indication that Winter is still upon us. This tree will not begin to show signs of life again until Spring has arrived. This represents surrender to circumstances, it stands alone between the sections of the street as a warning that isolation leaves us defeated and alone. We might stand proudly in our own minds, but to others we are stubborn and isolated.
    The cold gray pavement symbolizes Now since that is the time of year that we are in. It doesn't change with the seasons and represents stability and constancy in Life. The pavement will be hot or cold, much like our emotions throughout the year.
    On the far side of the street is a tree that stubbornly clings to it's leaves as if to defy Winter until the very end. This reminds me that we must always be looking towards something. We do not always have to give in to the present as long as we have Hope.

28 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 28 2015 - Stevie Nicks

     No, not the singer, but she is a real Diva.
     Stevie Nicks came to live with us after one of our cats, U.K., passed away in 2011. We have 2 other cats, Maxwell and Spartacus that were having a terrible time adjusting to life without their big brother around. We realized that they both needed another cat to interact with, since that is what they had dealt with their entire lives.
    We looked far and wide for a cat that was going to be good with other cats, and was not so old that he/she couldn't learn to cope with Maxwell and Spartacus. Eventually, Hal and I went to the Arlington County Animal Shelter in Virginia and looked at some of the cats that were up for adoption there. Of course, the kittens were the most adorable, and might have been the easiest choice, but we kept searching through the cages until one of the volunteers suggested a 1.5 year-old female that had been named Stevie Nicks when she was brought in.
    I still remember the time waiting in the visiting room as they went to get Stevie Nicks and brought her to me. She looked as beautiful as in the picture. She was put on the floor, and she walked right over to me and began to talk. I think that she was probably saying something about the scents of Maxwell and Spartacus that were all over me. She sniffed a few times and then climbed into my lap and let me rub her head and scratch her behind the ears. Within 2 minutes she was almost asleep on my lap and I knew that I had found the perfect cat to bring home.
    Little did I realize that Stevie Nicks would be the adventurous cat that she has turned out to be. We kept her in a separate room for the first 24 hours after bringing her home in order for Maxwell and Spartacus to adjust to having her around. This plan ended when Spartacus barged through the door as we were bringing food to Stevie Nicks. Spartacus arched his back and began hissing at Stevie Nicks. Stevie Nicks stopped washing herself and looked at Spartacus as if he had lost his mind! When Spartacus hissed again, Stevie Nicks flew after him like a rocket, tackled him and they began to fight! Spartacus ran away as quickly as he could, and Stevie Nicks went back to the food we had brought her. Hal and I both agreed that her "introductory" phase was over.
    Within a few minutes, Stevie Nicks also met Maxwell face to face. The results were the same as they had been with Spartacus. As time went on, Maxwell and Spartacus adjusted to having Stevie Nicks around, the fights became playful and continue that way to this very day. We were happy that Stevie Nicks had proven that she could stay with us after all.
    Hal then had to make a trip out of town. I was at home with the cats one evening and I heard a huge crash from the other room. Stevie Nicks had climbed a spiral staircase type of plant stand and brought the entire thing down around her! Dirt was everywhere on the carpet, and Stevie Nicks looked as if she was about to die. I started laughing, and I called Hal to tell him what had happened. He found it funny as well. Stevie Nicks has never climbed where things are that precarious again without being scolded.
    As the 3+ years have passed, Stevie Nicks is still my baby. Whenever I get home, she wants to curl up on my lap and have her head rubbed. Most of the time she goes to sleep in my lap, other times she gets her attention and then wanders off to see what she can get into. I adore her regardless which choice she makes.
    Pets are special. If you don't feel that way, please don't get a pet. I look forward to going home from work each day to see Stevie Nicks, as well as Maxwell and Spartacus. Hal enjoys them all as well. I don't know what life would be like without Stevie Nicks, Maxwell, or Spartacus. It won't be easy, but we have learned that there is always room for one more. Love is plentiful and that makes everything OK.
Spartacus, Stevie Nicks, and Maxwell

Dreamer's World January 28 2015 - Under the Weather

     It is very seldom that I feel really unwell. Today is one of those times. I woke up feeling that something wasn't quite right. I came into the office and cannot shake this feeling that I have not had in such a long time. It is that washed-out feeling that often precludes something worse. I certainly hope that I am not about to have to deal with the Flu or anything like that.
    In order to protect myself and everyone else, I have already announced my plans to call into the weekly meeting with the client this morning. The last thing that I need is to be out in the cold this morning waiting on the bus. At least I can get some work done here at the office, and if I really start to feel worse, I can always go home and rest.
    I cannot recall the last time I felt this bad. I am normally the last person to catch whatever is going around, and most of the time I never catch it at all. The idea of going into a closed building with recirculated air is not appealing to me and that is one of the other reasons I am not planning to attend the meeting in person. I am there often enough that I can miss a meeting now and then if I am available to call in instead.
    I will have plenty to do around here to keep myself busy throughout the day. It sounds contradictory, but I will go to get something hot for my lunch today, I just feel that it will be good for me. I hope that my instincts are correct about this. Until then, I have other conference calls that I have to dial into, as well as the one that I am missing in person this morning.
    I just got all my email notifications out about missing the meeting later this morning. I hope to be able to make it through the day here.

27 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 27 2015 - A Weird Start

     I wrote yesterday afternoon how tired I was. I did go to bed and slept for over 6 hours. While that was wonderful, now it has me awake at midnight struggling to get back to sleep. I hope that I'll be able to get back to sleep by 1 am.
     We finally got the snow we were threatened with. Probably no more than 2 inches, so I am planning on going to the office in the morning.
     Of course, it can be difficult to go back to bed when Stevie Nicks decides that she wants some extra attention. I don't mind showing her some love before I attempt to sleep again. It relaxes me to spend some extra quality time with her at any time of the day or night. She is very special to me, and I cherish each moment, and every loving gesture she makes. Trying to type with her tail constantly hitting me is a challenge, but I will persevere.
     So, this week has really started off on what I would call the wrong foot. Tuesday I hope to get things back on track and be all caught up by the end of the day. I am waiting on payday later this week as well as my tax refund. Those will both come in handy for me. My plan for the refund is simple, and that is to put all of it into savings and let it stay there as long as possible.
     With luck, the week will start looking up soon. As tight as money has been after taking Spartacus to the vet, at least I didn't have to put anything on the credit card. That was a tremendously wonderful feeling. For such a long time, I would have had no choice but to use a credit card that already was carrying a high balance.
     2015 is the year in which I will make a real dent in that credit card balance. That is my primary financial goal for this year. I have already been planning the best way for me to attack the balance and get it reduced as quickly as possible. I have already made some noticeable progress, and I want to continue.
     Stevie Nicks has finished with her help on this blog post, and has wandered off to explore something else. This is a sign that I can try to go back to sleep, at least I hope to. The first goal will be to not wake Hal as I go to bed. I am going to smoke a cigarette and then head off to bed. I will resume this post later in the day.
     Just hot home from work and had some soup as a light dinner. Hal and I are watching "Saving Mr. Banks", the movie about the woman who wrote" Mary Poppins ". All I can say is that she was a bitch on wheels!
     Anyway, I hope to get a good night's rest again so I can start tomorrow off right.

26 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 26 2015 - Teleworking Nightmare

    I decided that it was best for me to stay home today and telework since the weather forecast was not that good. Rain was supposed to turn to snow during the afternoon, and that would adversely affect the commute home after work. Naturally, the rain fell and fell until it finally stopped without any snow. Now the forecast says the snow will occur tonight.
I got some things done today, but I do not like to telework. The connections were spotty at times and some of the applications that I normally use were unreliable. The worst part was that I really have not felt well all day. I hope it isn't the flu or anything like that. At any rate, I am going to lay down and if I fall asleep, I will be in bed for the rest of the night.
     I feel sorry for the people in New England and New York, but I am glad that most of the snow will miss us here. I hope that I feel better by tomorrow. If I am able I am going into the office rather than spend another day not getting enough stuff done here at home.    

25 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 25 2015 - A Place for Me

    I have traveled the world and I have been many places. There are beautiful spots where I would love to live. I have reached a conclusion that the place that I am the happiest is the place that I am right now.
    My home is the place where I feel happy and safe. I have found that place after searching for many years after leaving where I was born. It is important to realize that we often miss the place we belong due to forces exerted on us from outside ourselves. Greed, envy, and sadness will conspire to keep us searching for a place to call home as we grow older. It makes so many of us miserable because we feel that if we only had a few more things, or met another person, that we would finally be happy.
    That type of thinking is something that happens to us all. A long time ago, I was taught that being Happy was a CHOICE that we all have to make at some point in our lives. Happiness starts from within, and not from without. When we are finally able to let ourselves relax and enjoy life, then we have found our home.
    For some people, this means a life on their own. For others it means a life shared with someone very special. I am so glad that I found that person just over 15 years ago. Up until that time, I was constantly chasing "something" that was supposed to make me truly happy, but I could never say exactly what that was. Relationships came and went, but there was never any indication that any of them would be what I sought.
    Opening yourself up to another person is not an easy thing. As we get older, we become more creatures of our own existence and model our lives to fit the conditions we find ourselves in. A real relationship means sharing everything and as always with something so profound, there is the very real chance that we will get hurt in the process. Sometimes things just don't work out as incompatibilities become apparent. This means that things have to be untangled and we start all over again.
I finally found the person I am supposed to be with. Home is now the place where we are together as much as possible. That is the place that I have been searching for, and I am fortunate enough to have found it.     

24 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 24 2015 - A Much Needed Quiet Day

    Today was Saturday, and I decided that I was not going to leave the apartment. I had food here, the Stooges to keep me company, and time to rest for a change. I got Hal out the door and on his way to work in the morning and almost immediately went back to bed for a few hours.
    I woke up around 0930 and showered. After that, I began a blog post that really crashed and burned within a few minutes. I just couldn't get my thoughts to line up properly as I tried to write them down. Eventually, I gave up and decided to watch some basketball on tv. By the middle of the afternoon, guilt began to set in about my lack of progress with the blog. I attempted to rewrite the post a few more times, without success.
    Hal got home and we talked and had dinner. After a while, I decided to scrap the post and just write about the day I had instead. Here it is!
    The good news is that UK beat South Carolina today. I plan to get out for a few errands tomorrow and if the weather forecast deteriorates, I will drop ny the office to get my laptop and prepare to work from home on Monday morning. I don't think things will be that bad however.
At any rate, I have absolved myself of the guilt about not getting a blog post written today. I hope that tomorrow my process will be smoother.     

23 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 23 2015 - Spartacus

    Spartacus recently had to go to the Vet because of an ear infection. He is doing fine now. Hal and I wash his ears out twice a day and administer drops in his ears each evening.
    I am glad to report that SPartacus is doing much better now. The financial hit from the Vet was substantial, but Hal and I managed to get it taken care of. I am glad that I was able to handle my half of the expense without incident, and this goes back to my financial discipline that I have written about in the past.
    There was never any question about taking care of Spartacus. He is part of the family. I cannot imagine what we would have felt like if we knew he was not feeling well and were unable to do anything about it. There was never any doubt from Hal or myself that we would find a way to take care of him. Spartacus has been with us for nearly 14 years, and we hope to have him for at least 14 more, although that probably isn't realistic. Regardless, we are going to nurse him back to health and treasure our time with him as we have done for the last 14 years.
    It is amazing how attached we become to our pets. Without children, they are the most important things in our lives, or at least they should be. I honestly cannot watch the tv commercials about animals that have been abused. People who torture animals deserve to have the exact same thing done to them!
    Spartacus is doing great after a few days of treatment. The first day he was just not happy about the digging in his ears with a cotton ball soaked in medicine. The ear drops didn't go over too well with him either. Now, he willingly accepts the ear washing without complaint because he realizes that he feels much better afterwards. Hal can hold him and he won't squirm or struggle at all after the second day.
When Spartacus walks around the apartment now, he loos and acts like he is 5 years younger. That is reward enough for Hal and I and also confirmation that we have done the right thing.     

Dreamer's World January 23 2015 - Fake Friends

    For the most part, I am a very pleasant fellow. There is one thing that I do personally detest and that is what I call "fake friends". These are the people who are always promising to call, or to get together, but never follow through. It takes a lot to get onto this list of "fake friends" because I know that everyone has a life of their own, so I normally have to see about 3 months of inactivity before I start to feel the need to classify someone as fake.
    I don't claim to be superior to anyone, or better in any tangible way. I do try my very best to maintain communication and contact with my friends. If I am caught at a bad time by a phone call, I will always call back at the earliest opportunity. I make it a personal point of honor to never leave a friend wondering whether or not I value their friendship. This is also probably the reason for my willingness to classify someone as fake. I am judgemental because I see things according to my own rather rigid standards. That is why I feel that 3 months is plenty of time for someone to be able to find the time to stay in touch if they were interested in the first place.
    I have changed my outlook on this through the years. When I was younger, I would always take a lack of interaction personally. I would attempt to re-establish contact with the person only to be disappointed. This is turn made me feel worse about myself. It took time to realize that if someone doesn't want to be a friend, then that is their choice and I have very little to say about it.
    I also realized that by trying to build something that wasn't based on a solid foundation, I was cheating myself and also failing to acknowledge that I was also having a real problem. I couldn't see that I was clingy, once I realized that things began to get better. Not in the sense that the existing problems were solved, but rather I was more comfortable in seeing things as they are and not how I wanted them to be.
    And now, for people that I meet in person, I will work to maintain a friendship with the internal understanding that it might work out, or it might not. When the initial contact fades away and the interaction becomes less frequent, I no longer sweat things. A rule is that when I attempt to contact them and they are not available, I leave a message indicating that I want to get in touch. That leaves the choice up to them and I choose at that time to put the timer on them. When the 3-month window closes, they are out of my contact list. I am not saying that this is a perfect solution, but interestingly, no one has ever surfaced and contacted me after that time has passed.
    Perhaps this means that I am not the person that I claim that I am. I doubt that. What I think it means is that myself and the other person simply do not have enough in common to warrant a real friendship. Their loss, I would say, but it is never an easy thing to admit that people are not always meant for each other.
    To make sure that this doesn't come across as completely depressing or angry, I have a great circle of friends that do maintain regular contact. I would do anything for these people, and I am certain that they feel the same way about me. If I am destined to have only a limited circle of friends, then I will do my very best to make sure that they are aware of how much they really mean to me.

22 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 22 2015 - Chromebook My Writing Tool

    Today is a day that has gone rather smoothly for me. I suppose that is because I have developed a routine that I can manage without too much difficulty here at the office. It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that things are done unless there is some extra tasking that arrives in my inbox. As I get more comfortable with writing, it takes far less effort to find the time to open up the Chromebook and start a blog post on the spur of the moment when things are up to date around the office.
    Several people have asked me what it is that I like about having a Chromebook rather than a PC or a Mac laptop. I always start with the price. A top of the line Chromebook will cost less than $300, much more affordable than the alternatives. I also find that for the purposes of blogging, web surfing and checking emails that the Chromebook is more than adaquate. I used to really wish for a MacBook Air, but I could not afford one. I think that they are awesome machines, and I am sure that they are worth the money, but when one doesn't have that money available it becomes a non-starter.
I have often watched people at Best Buy looking at the Chromebooks. I can tell that they are questioning if this is the laptop that they should get. Occasionally, I will venture over to them and start u a friendly conversation about the Chromebook that I have.
     Most of the time, the people are interested when I tell them about my experiences with the Chromebook, and how much I enjoy using it but I have never seen them decide to purchase one right then and there. At least I have given them an alternative to consider for the future.

21 January 2015

    As 2015 gets started, I find that I am enjoying writing more and more each day. While there are times when ideas for a post seem to escape me despite my best efforts, I keep on writing until something useful finally emerges. Part of this is the discipline that it takes to actually sit down and write. Forcing myself to do this wasn't easy, but it has been worth it to me. I cannot describe the joy that I feel when I write, it fills me up inside as I sit here typing. I suppose that there is no real reason to question a good thing. I will just go with the flow.
    I have tried and failed several times to start a blog and keep it going. Each time in the past, I always thought that if I put too much pressure on myself to write that I would lose the joy, therefore I allowed weeks to go by without bothering to sit down and compose a blog entry. This time it just feels different to me.
    I have come to cherish these times when I sit and write. Things that seemed more important in the past now appear in their proper perspective. I am sure that this blog will continue to evolve as time passes by. I am just enjoying the ride, and having the time of my life.
    I feel that if I miss a chance to write, that I have cheated myself. I am not planning on writing the Great American Novel, just a blog that I can call my own. The knowledge that I am actually accomplishing something is truly incredible to me.

Dreamer's World January 21 2015 - Being 51

    Now that I have had my 51st birthday pass, I have to admit that I don't really feel a year older. Today doesn't feel any different than yesterday, or the day before. I suppose that is because I never associated myself with any particular age group. It feels odd to me when I fill out a form that asks me to specify what age group I fall into. This is a sham that is used to try and market things to me that I am supposedly interested in. Good Luck with that!
    I still think of myself as young. No, I am not the athlete I used to be, but I feel young in my mind and my heart. I just don't fit into the usual categories that a 51 year-old man would find attractive. I am still a die-hard liberal, conservatism holds no interest to me whatsoever. I still believe in the power of people to overcome any problem that confronts them, provided they are allowed the opportunity to pursue those solutions.
    I have watched friends fall into this mid-life crisis and I want to scream a them to "WAKE UP and LIVE", but so far very few have ever attempted to follow that advice. I attribute this outlook, as unorthodox as it is, with keeping me young. If I surround myself with only people of my own age, or with people who think exactly as I do, I feel that would be the beginning of a slow and painful death. I do not claim immortality, but I do believe that remaining young in mind and spirit is the key to not growing old on some corporate-driven schedule. I prefer to grow old at my own pacce and break all the rules along the way!

20 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 20 2015 - The Big 51

    Today I start my 51st year on this planet. All things considered, it has been, and continues to be, a good ride for me. I am grateful for so many things. I have my health and my friends and family. I am out from under the tremendous burden of debt that was crippling to me for several years. I am looking forward to the next 51 years!
    My life would not be nearly as complete without Hal. We just celebrated 15 years together earlier this month. I have found my soul-mate, and we are on this journey together for the duration. Of course I am also very thankful for the Stooges. Maxwell, Spartacus and Stevie Nicks make every day much more enjoyable for Hal and I. Nicola Beasley and her kids are our adopted family, and they mean the world to us.
    Of course there are those people that I miss. My friend Donald Beasley, who died in November. I hope that I was always able to convey how much his friendship meant to Hal and myself. Hal and I have pledged to do everything we can for Nicola and the kids. I also miss some friends who have drifted away over the last few years, but we all have to follow our own paths in this life. I wish them well.
    I don't have any real resolution for this birthday of for this year other than to be the best friend and partner that I can possibly be. I want to be a positive influence on as many lives as possible.
    I actually feel refreshed today, other than waking up with some aches and pains :) The idea of a new mattress has crossed my mind LOL. I am enjoying this day at home with Hal and the Stooges, and that is enough for me.

19 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 19 - 2015 Fortune Cookie Wisdom

"Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation".

     It isn't often that I take what is said in a fortune cookie seriously. This one caught my eye because it actually does contain more than a little wisdom. Perhaps whomever is responsible for writing these things has actually been paying attention to the world around them recently.
     Discontent arises from frustration and anger at things as they are. When Justice is denied, as in the cases of Trayvon Martin, and Mike Brown, and Eric Garner, and countless others then there is going to be a reaction. When the system responds by persecuting and harassing those who have spoken out, the Moment of Truth arrives. If the discontent were not genuine, then those protesting it would fade away. We all know that the media in this country are in bed with the big corporate interests, and the stories of protest are always framed to present the protestors in a negative light.
    Discontent is the natural outcome of situations like this. The need to point out injustice itself is a form of discontent. To reject ehe discontent is to admit that you are happy with things as they are because none of this affects you directly. Contentment leads to complacency and that leads to stagnation. Discontent is necessary for us to continue to grow as individuals and as a society. Change is inevitable, and if we do not struggle to make change for the better, change for the worse will surely come quickly.

18 January 2015

A Day To Rest

     Today was a day to rest after a fun and interesting Saturday night. Friends took Hal and myself out for a dinner to celebrate our recent 15th anniversary and my upcoming birthday. We had a wonderful dinner with everyone and then most of us went back for movie night at our place.
     To make the night even more special, I also heard from a dear friend who called to wish Hal and I a very happy anniversary. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful time with friends.
     Now my attention shifts to Monday. I have the day off and am taking advantage to visit the chiropractor in the morning. This will give Hal and I the rest of the day and evening together. Perhaps we will take a day trip somewhere after my appointment. We seldom have time off together, so we try to make the most of instances like this.

17 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 17 2015 - A Good Day

     Today is a special day. Hal and I recently celebrated our 15th anniversary, and my birthday is coming up on Tuesday. Some friends have offered to take us out for dinner this evening and we're looking forward to it.
     Honestly, it doesn't seem like 15 years have passed since I first met Hal. These have been the happiest years of my life. Through the ups and downs, we have always been there for one another. We have made a life together that we are both very happy with. I wouldn't change a thing.

16 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 16 3015 - Starting the Weekend

    As Friday night rolls on here at home, I am glad to start the weekend. The exhaustion that I have been feeling should start to subside and I can catch up on some rest. Work has been very trying recently, there was a huge project that was facing a looming deadline. Luckily, the project has been completed. I am very happy and ready to celebrate.
Tomorrow I really begin my 4-day weekend. I have Monday off for MLK Day, and my birthday is on Tuesday, so I am taking that day off as well. It is a tradition that I take the Tuesday off after a Monday holiday, and my birthday just made the choice even easier. Hal and I are getting together with friends tomorrow for a combination anniversary anf birthday celebration. Our 15th anniversary was on the 6th of January, and my birthday falls on the 20th. We have always combined the events rather than have people make 2 sets of plans so close together.
     I will rest during the day tomorrow, and be ready for the dinner in the evening. Hal has to work tomorrow, just like every other weekend which is too bad but can't be helped. The dinner will not run late since Hal also has to work on Sunday. This actually makes things run rather smoothly without being too drawn out.
     At any rate, I am relaxing this evening and looking forward to bedtime very soon. First I will have a nice shower to relax myself even more before going to bed. I hope that everyone has a great evening and a wonderful weekend. 

Dreamer's World January 16 2015 - The Little Things

Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most. When I arrived at the office this morning, I found this on my desk. It is from another tenant of the townhouse office where I work.Since my birthday is Tuesday, I had no idea that they were aware of this. I arrived here with the express goal of getting through this day and then starting my weekend. My mood is considerably brighter now, thanks to this person. I spoke with her as they arrived at work after I did, and she said that she wanted to thank me for the help I have given her throughout the year and to wish me a Happy Birthday since I will not be back at the office until next Wednesday.

15 January 2015

Dreamer's World January 15 2015 - A Blah Day

    Some days just defy classification. They are not perfect, yet they are not awful. Today is one of those days for me.  The weekend is getting closer, but is still another day away. The desire to do something other than be at work is strong, but I honestly have no idea what I would do if I were to just leave the office. Days like this can only be described as BLAH.
    Hopefully, things will improve when I do leave here at 1530. I would like to at least get out some this evening and perhaps go to dinner. I have been very good and stayed home and cooked for the last few weeks. Perhaps I just need a break and a change in scenery to brighten my mood.
    I am finished with lunch and am also done with the conference calls for today. I have decided that Hal and I are going out to do something after work in order to break out of this routine before it causes the blues to set in. We will have a nice dinner somewhere at the very least. Less than 2 hours until quitting time here for me, and I am ready to go. This will hopefully be a quick afternoon around here.

Dreamer's World January 15 2015 - When I grew up

I have deliberately been taking time away from the news recently. Things just get to be overwhelming at times. As I near another birthday, I thought about this.
I was born in the 1960s. I won’t go on about how things used to be better or anything like that, but I was amazed when I sat back and thought about........
  • I grew up without color tv. We didn’t get a color tv until I was about 8 years old.
  • I grew up without cable tv. We had the networls and PBS broadcasting over the air. There was no 24-hour news cycle that constantly pumped out information, or more accurately, inforporn designed to reinforce and agenda.
  • I grew up before computers were everywhere. Computers were something that I have had to learn and adapt to, rather than something that a child born today would take for granted. I am still amazed at times when I think back to ym childhood. We never would have predicted things being as they are today.
  • I grew up before cell phones were invented. We had to use the rotary-dial landlines.
  • I grew up when records (33 and 45) were still the way to listen to music. Then the technology shifted to cassette before CD and then digital music that we have today.
  • I grew up before there were micorwave ovens in every kitchen. If we wanted to warm food, we left the oven on low and put the plates in there.
  • I grew up before religion was used as something to beat people over the head with, We managed to respect each other and get along.
  • I grew up without McDonald’s based on where I lived as a child, although they later moved into the area.
  • I grew up without Starbucks.
  • I grew up without a shopping mall.
  • I grew up without a care in the world.
  • I grew up when popcorn was made in a pot on the stove.
  • I grew up when AM radio was not filled with RWNJ lunatics, there were stations that actually played music.
  • I grew up when we actually had to read to learn things and not just access Google. Somehow that made learning more fun if we chose to make it that way for ourselves.

Having said all that, I am amazed at the advances we have made, and at the same time, disappointed with some of the choices that we have made as well. I believe that we have sacrificed too much of our freedom, not to the government, but to the corporations. We have gradually allowed ourselves to become nothing more than consumer units for the corporations to stuff full of over-priced and under-quality crap. We have invented pseudo-justifications to explain why we are overworked and underpaid. We have allowed scapegoats to be identified by the media to explain why things are not better than they are. The cycle of stress is killing us, but more importantly to the corporate masters, it keeps us too exhausted to see what they are really doing to us.
Blame someone else for whatever is wrong in your life, the media will provide any number of possible scapegoats. Religion gave up long ago on the whole souls thing and now chases the money just as ruthlessly as any other corporation. This is why religion has no place in my life, the lie they tell is one that strikes through the heart of what so many want to believe and that offends me.
All of our technological advances have actually taken control away from us under the guise of making our lives easier. The freedom of information really means that there is too much to process and so many people just turn off thinking altogether and wait for the media to tell them what the media wants them to hear.