Dreamer's World January 31 2015 - Not A Care in the World

     There are times when we all have too much stress in our lives. Whether the reasons are money, relationships, or something else, we all have times when we wish that all of the distractions would just go away and leave us alone. These are the times when we should just remember what life was like when we were children and we didn't have a care in the world. Saturday afternoons were occupied with games and playing outside. We felt no need to rest because we were so exhausted from the rest of the week. Even in school, we learned to cherish our weekends and to exhaust ourselves having fun before returning to the daily grind on Monday.

    Remember that nothing has changed except ourselves. We altered ourselves to suit the demands of a society that demanded conformity from everyone. I say that we should rebel against this tyranny! Take the time you have, whenever you have it, and enjoy yourself. DO what makes you happy until you are completely exhausted. You can always rest later.

    Thanks to Maxwell for reminding me about what is important.

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