Dreamer's World January 8 2015

    Today is extremely cold here in the DMV. I had to travel off-site for work this morning, and I was freezing at the bus stop. I managed to get things accomplished and then endured yet another freezing wait for the bus to get me back to the office. I will soon be venturing out for lunch, but at least I won't be waiting on another bus, although the Beetle will be freezing. I guess the theme here for today is that if I go outside, I will be freezing :)
    After lunch, I will get the stuff done that has to be completed by tomorrow morning. This should get me through the afternoon until quitting time as I prepare my slides for tomorrow morning's meeting to keep everyone up to speed on what I have been doing here. After work, I plan to go home and prepare to cook. This will probably require a stop by the grocery store, but that is something that I can handle in order to make some meals in advance and not have to go out for lunch more than necessary. I have been saving quite a bit by bringing my lunch. That is, when I remember to actually bring it and don't leave it sitting in the kitchen like I did this morning.
    Back at the office. I actually picked up some pork chops and have them here in the office refrigerator to take home with me so I can marinate and cook them tonight. This way I won't have to make the extra stop on the way home after work. I have less than 1 hour remaining here at the office and am looking forward to getting home.
     I have also managed to get everything done that was on my schedule for today. There is nothing more that I can do until tomorrow morning so i can relax and write some.
     I think that I have found the perfect picture to place on each of my blog entries. My Snoopy perpetual calendar can always show the correct date as I post something, and it is an item that I have had for a few years now. I prefer the simplicity of this calendar to an electronic gadget. Looking at it actually relaxes me to a degree because I know that if I don't change it, then time stands still, at least for Snoopy :)
     It is entirely possible that I will write more this evening. Perhaps after dinner I can focus more on a topic that is of interest to me today. Right now work has had me going crazy all day, and even though I am finished for the most part I just cannot get my head wrapped around anything outside the office.  

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