30 April 2015

dreamer's World April 30 2015 - Insomniac Clarity

    I suppose that one of the benefits of insomnia (if such a thing truly exists) is that I can write in total peace and quiet, without all the noises and distractions around me. This helps me to focus like at no other time. It is on these quiet moments that topics and inspiration flow more freely within me.

    The topic that has entered my sleep-deprived mind is the tragic situation in Baltimore involving Freddie Gray. It is a direct indictment of our society that this can be applied to so many other victims in so many other cities, but the Baltimore situation is the latest and most sharp in our memories. The police have KILLED someone without justification. If there is any justification for ever killing someone on the street, or in the police wagon, as in this case it should involve the public raping of a Nun or some other horrific crime that is universally repugnant. Sadly, this is never the case with these police killings. Whatever crimes these persons might or might not have committed do NOT justify DEATH if they had gone through the normal justice system. This is the problem. The plice are acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner without fear of being called to account by society.

    Why is this? Something so abhorrent should make us all rise up in anger and protest, but so many of us are conditioned to accept any obviously fraudulent or lame excuse put forth by the government and the police after the fact and just carry on with our lives. We are conditioned to accept that those in authority must have done the right thing under the circumstances, and this is dangerous to us as a society that prides itself on freedom.

    I believe, especially in my sleep-deprived state, that what the police, media and government are actually doing is defending their interests. I believe that the police, the media and the government are conspiring to protect the criminals in the police force in order to preserve the system that is in place. This is the reason that every time the police act out of line that the victim is always the one to blame. It is a very neat trick, put someone on trial after they are dead and expect them to defend themselves. I don’t think that will ever fail as long as we are so willing to accept this practice as normal.

    The role and perception of the police has radically changed over the last 30 years. The police are now seen, correctly, as the defenders of those in power rather than as the protector of the citizens. We see and hear CNN openly weep over the destruction of a CVS, while adding almost nothing to the thought of Freddie Gray because he is dead. The media only invokes the name of Freddie Gray in order to associate him with the people who are protesting in the streets. I think it is beyond a coincidence that the media makes certain that they are at spots where the police are determined to provoke crowds to get a response from them. In effect, the police are providing a ready-made story for the media.

    Then we hear from the government. There are the calls for Justice to be done, but once again, that Justice seems to be focused on the people who were provoked by the police into violence. It is seldom that the phrase “Justice” is used in terms of dealing with the police officers who killed Freddie Gray. The politicians go on about addressing the root causes of the violence within the community without addressing the violence from the police against that community. They want to buy calm with promises of useless trinkets when the people are demanding justice instead.

    These 3 forces (police, media, and government) have no interest in really solving the problem of police brutality. It provides them with a platform to convince the population that they are somehow being protected against the fringe elements of society. Hence the cavalier use of terms like “thugs” that are clearly used as a racist dog whistle to alert the more feeble-minded that whatever the problem, it cannot be the fault of the police, and to blame the victims instead.

The good news (if it can be called that) is this charade is becoming more and more ridiculous every time it happens. Too many people are waking up to the practice of police brutality. The endless acquittals and lack of action against the police can no longer be accepted as it once was. Too many people can see and record these events. Pictures speak louder than words, and this is a good thing. More and more elaborate distractions and lies are becoming necessary as the police, media, and government try to cover up their dirty work. These pathetic excuses are ripped apart by the citizenry that was supposed to accept them without question. The authorities are scared, and they should be.

    The practice of having an occasional sacrificial lamb victim of police brutality to ensure a subdued population is ending. What we are seeing in the case of Freddie Gray is an example of this. The old lies won’t work anymore, people aren’t going to accept them anymore. The media is not trusted anymore, and the government is not in these cases either.

    The defense of a corrupt system is a crime in itself. To add the murder of individuals to the list of crimes to protect that system shows the desperation from those in power. The tide is turning, and they know it.      

29 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 29 2015

Today marks the first day that I had to travel from the home office to meet with the client. I am happy to report that things went exceedingly well. The transit time is almost identical getting there, getting back home takes a little longer, but it is nothing that I cannot manage without any trouble.
It is a beautiful day here, and I am glad to be working from home to enjoy it without an office closing in around me. I am still waiting to hear about the desk delivery that is scheduled to take place tomorrow. I need to hear from them about a more exact time frame for things to happen.
Once my workday ends, I will see what Hal would like to do this afternoon/evening. It would be a shame to waste such a beautiful day.I might have spoken too soon, Hal came home from work and has gone to take a nap, This is usually a sign that there will be nothing going on for the rest of the day. If that is the case, it will be OK with me. I will just enjoy the sunshine on the balcony and make any short trips that I might need to.
I ended up taking a nap because I am really feeling the burn from yesterday’s workout. I disassembled the old computer desk to clear out the space for the new one arriving tomorrow and am totally wiped out. I will try to do better with tomorrow’s entry.

28 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 28 2015 - Making Changes

    As I am now approved to work from home full-time, there are changes that will have to be made to the area where I normally set up the computers from the office. The first thing that I have to do is to make this are more comfortable since I will be spending at least 8 hours a day in this location. It is something that I had considered for some time, but now the issue has been resolved and I am beginning to make the necessary changes.
    The first thing that has to go is the old computer desk. It is far too small to be useful with the new machines here now. I purchased a new desk and am awaiting delivery on it later this week. I chose to have it delivered and assembled (extra cost) because the boxes wouldn't fit in the Beetle, and I am getting too old to try to put something together only to find that the parts to the desk don't fit the way they should! I decided to save myself the trouble and get it done this way.
    Until the desk arrives, I am taking some time to go through the things I brought from the office as well as things that are already in place here and determining what I do and do not need. This purging is necessary again due to the lack of space and I don't want a pile of items to just sit and look awful in the room. This effort is one that I am taking rather slowly. There is no point in rushing through this now, but I will complete it before the new desk arrives. I am finding items that are duplicates of what I already have here in terms of the normal desk accessories, so that makes part of the decision extremely easy.
     The more difficult part is going through items that are stored in this room. There is far too much old paperwork, items that I had forgotten that I even had and will never use again, and things that I simply have no idea about how they got here! Once again, the process is the same. I have to go through, decide what is important enough to keep and then make sure that there will be a new place for it. Then I have to get rid of the stuff that I have no further use for in order to make more available space in the room.
     I am convinced that this room will look totally different by the end of this week when I am finished with the reorganizing. I am purposefully trying to eliminate any clutter and to keep spaces open and accessible for a change. Since the transition to working from home is permanent, I want a pleasant and enjoyable place from which to work. The last thing I want to see is a bunch of stuff that doesn't have a home and needs to go away.
     I will be spending time each day before the new desk arrives getting things out of the way around here. It won't interfere with my working, since I will do it when I take breaks throughout the day. One step at a time, and this place will look awesome!
     I suppose that this is something that we all have to do in our lives, metaphorically speaking of course. We all need to take time and get rid of the old baggage that clutters up our lives. This enables us to look forward and not back. I believe that the Greek word is Catharsis, at least as it relates to a purge of things. I suppose that the emotions attached to the items we choose to discard might make this a more apt description after all, but it isn't really that important in the big picture.
     I have gotten quite a bit cleared away during my break time today. With some effort each day, things will be definitely be ready for the new desk later this week.
    Tuesday begins and I can see a big difference in the place already. There is less clutter as the cleanup continues in preparation for the new desk arriving on Thursday if all goes according to plan. I am already looking forward to the new setup, right now I have a laptop sitting on the bed because there is no more room on the desk for it. This makes for extremely uncomfortable viewing when I need information from there. I do not want to keep this setup any longer than I have to.
     The clutter is even less visible now. Things are looking great as room opens up for the new desk. Since I have to travel tomorrow morning as part of the job, I want as much done as possible today. Since I am going to plan on disassembling this desk either tomorrow evening or Thursday morning. Now I am preparing for the afternoon full of conference calls before quitting time. Glad to say that things are moving along rather nicely. Once I get through this last conference call, I am going to the gym with Hal as I attempt to get back into shape. The benefit of working from home is that I am not nearly as tired these days. Hopefully, with Hals help, I can get in an hour or so of good work today.

27 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 27 2015 - Why?

    I often find myself wondering why things happen. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us when we are expecting a fastball. We all strive to make the last-minute adjustment and hope to make contact with the ball rather than an empty swing that makes us look foolish. Such is Life.
    The thing to remember is that we all swing and miss in our lives. Each mistake that we make is a learning experience that shapes us into a better person as the game goes along. We all start out totally incompetent, and only by learning through trial and error do we ever advance.
     Having said this, it does make one wonder why we seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The issue of Police Brutality leaps to mind almost immediately. We have an epidemic of Police Brutality in this country, and yet we cannot seem to identify and overcome the problem. Too many people are being killed for this problem to be ignored any longer. And yet, nothing seems to change and it leaves me wondering what it is that we need to do to make things better.  
     How many more people must DIE at the hands of the police before we take this seriously? It is nearly impossible to believe that this is not a racial issue, because the vast majority of the victims of police brutality are African-Americans. It is not a huge leap to think that if the victims were White, that the outrage would be beyond belief.
     I am afraid that the problem runs very deep. Judging from the way in which the victims of police brutality are betrayed in the media, it is obvious that Black lives matter less than White lives. This is WRONG! There should be no difference between the two, but sadly, there is.     

26 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 26 2015

It is Sunday morning. I got Hal off to work this morning, the sun is finally out, and I am getting ready to start my day. I have to get gas in the Beetle and then run by the office to pick up the last of my stuff from there. After that, I will be going to look at the computer desk I mentioned yesterday. I want to get the exact measurements on it before a final decision is made.
I have finished with everything that I had listed above. It feels great to come home and just relax for a while with The Stooges. Hal will be home soon, and there is a chance that we might do something early this evening, but there is nothing planned at this time obviously. Now I can write for a while, and make certain that I get rested up for tomorrow working from home without having to submit all the telecommuting reports.
I honestly had to take a break from the news cycle today, I just needed to enjoy a beautiful day for a change. I periodically do this, just like I periodically purge my social media of people that are so tragically predictable every single day. I realize that I am that way to a degree, I am political by nature and that makes me easy to predict at most times. I was referring to people who have the same old stories and routines every single day.
One of the unintended benefits of my working permanently from home will be no longer having to not say anything about the place I worked for the last 4 years. The situation just became untenable from a personal point of view, and financially untenable from the company's point of view. This means that I can sleep a bit later in the morning :)

25 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 25 2015 - A Day Of Change

    Today is Saturday. My early morning started off by getting up early in order to make sure that Hal got off to work on time. It sucks that Hal works on the weekends while I have a Monday thru Friday job. I have a few errands to run today, including a trip to check on a new computer desk. In addition, I will actually be going by the office.
    Normally, the last place I would go would be to the office, but this is an extraordinary time for me. After a long struggle over the conditions at the office, I have finally managed to convince the company that it is time to close the office for good and work from home. This struggle has been going on for over 3 years. What began as a relocation of 3 people eventually dwindled down to just myself, since the other 2 coworkers had already decided that they would rather work from home as much as possible.
Due to the network equipment that was installed in the office, it was not easy to convince them to finally close the office down and permit me the same luxury of working from home. Since I was the last one to request this, it proved a much more difficult task to accomplish than I had imagined. I brought up this subject numerous times, but it wasn’t until recently that a new supervisor took a renewed interest in this story.
At first, it felt just like starting all over again with everything. I had to explain the situation, gather information (already saved) and submit this to the new supervisor as if this was day 1 of the process. While I never doubted their desire to help, I had no illusions about anything actually happening. Imagine my surprise when, after only 3 weeks, I was told that the decision had been reached!
So now I am getting ready to take a shower and then I will probably go by the office to pick up some of my personal items, as well as a monitor and cabling to make working from home more comfortable. After that, I am going to look at a larger computer desk to give me more workspace here at home. I am not going to try and rush through everything today, the desk might not be purchased for a few days, but that remains to be seen.
It is now early afternoon and I made a trip to the office and brought home all of the suits, ties and shirts that I wear when I travel to meet with the client. I will be making those trips from home now, so I had to get those personal items out of the office. Tomorrow I will go in and make sure that I get any other personal items and secure everything before I leave. I also will be bringing an extra monitor home with the company’s approval. The other 2 coworkers are on their own as far as their stuff is concerned. I feel a great weight is already off of my shoulders, and tomorrow will be a total relief to me.
I am waiting for Hal to get home and see if he wants to go and check out the desk from IKEA that I am very interested in since I will be working from home.

This desk is one that can be raised or lowered hydraulically, so I will not be forced into a sitting position all day.That is something that is very important to me since I often get up to stretch and this is a type of desk that I have always wanted. Whether of not we actually get the desk later today will depend on some final measurements of the desk in order to see how well it will fit into the space I already have. This should not be an issue, but I definitely want to be sure before buying and assembling!
    Hal came home and he is exhausted. I doubt we'll be going to IKEA this evening after all. I will go there tomorrow while he's at work to make my measurements to be certain about actually buying the desk. Hal is asleep, and it wouldn't be fair to wake him. I will fins a way to occupy my time this evening before bedtime. Besides, it is rather cold and rainy, a good night to stay at home.

24 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 24 2015 - A Break in the Routine

    Sometimes, a change in our daily routine is exactly what we need to clear our heads and see things more clearly for a change without the clutter of everyday blocking our view.  I had deliberately chosen today as what I like to refer to as a "mental health day" in which I just take a day off work and away from the office.
Today, Hal and I went back to Upper Marlboro, MD. THis is where we lived for 9 years when we first moved to the DC area. It was so nice to see the place again. Although it has grown, it remains very much a quiet country town less than 20 miles from Washington, DC. Hal and I decided to make the trip on my day off in order to just spend time together and reconnect with each other. We had a wonderful day, and arrived back home early this evening exhausted, but well satisfied with our day.
Too often we get caught up with daily things. By the time we realize this, and try to make a change, the change itself becomes just another chore on our to-do list. I believe that takes away the spontaneity of life, and that is very sad, because the spur of the moment decisions are often exactly what we need to break out of the prison of our everyday lives.
I wanted to do more today, but I realized that we had already done so much more than I would have thought possible. The most important thing was the time that we spent together with each other without a care in the world. We relived some memories and made some new ones today, and that is what made this such a wonderful day for both of us.
Tomorrow is Saturday, and that means that Hal goes to work. I have some tasks to keep me busy. There are plenty of other things that I can write about, but they will wait until tomorrow or later. I just wanted to let everyone who reads this know that you should just take a day and get away from the routine. Just live and enjoy it. Spend time with someone you love, and enjoy being together.

23 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 23 2015 - Resisting Injustice

     There is so much going on right now that really impacts me in a deep way. I am saddened and stunned by the ongoing problem of Police Brutality that is sweeping across the country like a plague. I am not directly affected by these tragedies, but it does not lessen my hurt that I feel when I hear about them.
     I know that part of this has to do with who I am and with something that others might find not that reliable. I am a cusp, born on January 20th. When I see my astrological profile there is always something there that speaks about my strong sense of social justice. I simply cannot stand to see others being subjected to abuse and not speak up. It is something that appeals to my inner being, so to speak.
     I was brought up in a relatively small town in Kentucky and because I am white, I was taught to respect the police. Not to TRUST them, but to respect them. My parents were under no illusions about giving the police carte blanche in terms of motives. I was taught to never answer anything but a direct question if I ever had trouble with a law enforcement officer, and to keep my answers to a short “yes or no” as much as possible. Later in life I found that my African-American friends had been taught the same thing by their parents, so it seemed rather normal to me at the time.
     As I grew up, there was never any trouble with the local police that I was aware of, but I never forgot what I had been taught. I had a cousin  who worked as a police officer and I remember asking my parents about his job because he always seemed on edge around his own family, as well as around extended family like myself. My parents told me that this was a result of being a police officer. They explained to me that I had to see the bigger picture. I had to realize that if being a police officer in a small town like ours could adversely affect someone, that the problem would only be worse when I ventured out into the larger world. My parents were absolutely right in this assessment.
     When I went away to college at the University of Kentucky, I found myself in a much larger city. The behavior of the pp;ice seemed to be the same at first. I soon realized that because I was just a student,the police there perceived me as being a different class of citizen. I would be more suspected of having done something wrong because I wasnt local. This was my first experience at being perceived as an object by the police rather than as a person. Once again, my African-American friends and I felt the same way. I do NOT mean to say that I felt the sting gf racism as most of them did, only that we perceived the police as being less than trustworthy.
     Once again, I return to the astrological aspect of my life. Judging from my profile, I have a problem with accepting authority without proof of their intention. That is based on behavior rather than respect for a title. I realize that this makes me a somewhat difficult person when it comes to authority, my time in the Navy is proof of that, but I just cannot accept someone having control over me without them demonstrating their ability to handle such an important position in a fair and honest manner. Respect has to be earned, it cannot be given before that, as far as I am concerned.
     Fast forward to now. We have police that are out of control all over the country. The only obvious problems that can be identified are all very troubling. We either have the issue of selecting people for law enforcement who are basically unfit for those positions. This explanation fits the facts and also fills in the problem rather nicely. The trouble with this blanket explanation is that it does not dive deeply enough to uncover exactly WHY these people are unfit. Their behavior demonstrates not only dangerous instability and lack of self-control, it also becomes apparent that these flaws are too often directed at minorities. This indicates a tendency of law enforcement to hire people who harbor racist tendencies and views.
     The second explanation is that the current problem of police brutality is planned. Most RWNJ politicians play on peoples fear of others and are already well-known for their own racism. When they gain control of local governments, it makes perfect sense that they would hire those who share their views and put in place policies that would make the police less accountable to the community at large, particularly the minority community. This possible explanation fits rather nicely with several RWNJ points. Treating minorities as criminals and arresting them and charging them disproportionately help to achieve a goal of restricting the franchise of minorities, who seldom vote for republican or RWNJ candidates. There are numerous attempts by RWNJ politicians across the country to purge voter registration rolls, and those are all directed at minorities. It seems to be a perfect match for them to automatically eliminate minority voters by having them classified as criminals.
     The third explanation ties in with the first two. It is up to each of us to determine if they are all in fact one big problem, I tend to think so. The police are being directed to attack minority communities in order to placate the racists that we have mistakenly elected to office at the local level around the country. This creates a false sense of danger to the white populace, and an implicit understanding that “something has to be done”, and “desperate times call for desperate measures” mentality. This also covers the RWNJ refusal to believe that there is a problem because "if they would do what the police tell them to, then none of this would ever happen". This is the true lack of acknowledgement of the problem, and is typical of RWNJ refusal to accept evidence and FACTS about anything that they disagree with.
    A rather sinister aspect to all of this is the reaction, or lack thereof, from the media. Unless things turn violent, the media will NOT truly cover these tragedies that happen every day. Like shootings, it now takes something truly spectacular for them to take notice. The media has bent over backwards to remove the blame from the police for each of these tragedies. This smells like complicity, if not outright cooperation, between the police and the media to me.
    I could be totally wrong about all of this. I only say that these explanations fit the pattern that we see. The outlook if any of these explanations are correct is disturbing. For my own perspective, I can honestly say that I trust the police less now than I ever have. The color of my skin offers some protection, but I cannot accept that protection and forget about those who are the victims of police brutality on an everyday basis. We are all in this together, and to ignore the problem simply because it does not immediately apply to me is a coward's way to avoid the real problems mentioned above. I am NOT a coward, and I stand with those who are resisting this epidemic of police brutality. Where do you stand on this?

22 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 22 2015 - Getting Things Back On Track

    One of the given things in Life is that whenever we think that we have everything under control, only to have reality slap some sense into us just to prove that we aren't as in control as we would like to be. It is something that we are always striving to achieve, yet almost never truly achieve. Despite our best efforts, we slack off at times and then find ourselves struggling to catch back up.
    I have almost reached the point of missing my writing deadlines. I have taken the worst possible option, and that is to write something that really is meaningless just to make myself feel better about having written something. The mundane details of my daily life are hardly Pulitzer material, and I continually try to break out of that habit before it becomes permanent. I want to expand my writing ability and confidence, not just meet a goal to write each day without any real effort to make each entry unique and enjoyable for someone else to read.
    I will have to open up the vault of self-discipline once again and set aside a block of time to write each day on something that is of interest to me. The Type B side of me (the majority) hates this imposed effort because it feels like I am constraining myself artificially. In reality, I am doing this to rein in the free spirit side of me to a degree in order to channel that energy into my writing. This is a delicate balancing act and it will work as long as I establish the routine. Once I have created that inner routine, I won't have to settle for a set time each day.
    My daily routine plays a part in this dilemma. There are plenty of days when I cannot take the time to write until evening rolls around. I do not have the luxury of being able to take time out of my day solely based on when inspiration strikes me. I think that this will change more as I continue to telework 4 days each week, but I am still adjusting to the new routine overall. My first priority remains my job during the hours that I am assigned to work, and I understand that writing has to take a back seat to this.
     I feel better already having written this much. Without too much imposition on myself I have managed to take my time and focus solly on my blog. Victory for one day, at least. The challenge will be to keep my focus as I move forward.

21 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 21 2015


     Today has started out rather well, all things considered. I am getting quite a lot done at work and have been relatively uninterrupted all morning long. This is good because the afternoon has more conference calls in store for me. I am going to try to have a nice lunch here at home and relax before the conference calls turn my brain into soup. There is plenty to do here after work is complete, starting with picking up the Beetle, which I HOPE will finally be finished today. There has been a major problem getting the right part in to complete what is not a major repair, and I am tiring of the whole thing.
     Now the daily conference calls begin right after lunch. This is the most boring part of the day since it never seems to end. I still have note heard anything on the Beetle, but there are still several more hours for this to be corrected. I need the car tomorrow without any doubt at all. The garage has been very cooperative and stayed in touch with me.
     t least, I am only on the conference call and not trapped in the room with these people. I honestly don't know how I would respond if that were the case. After all, I want to maintain my good rep :)
     The workday is finally over. I just called and the Beetle will be ready by 1700 this evening. I am ready to have it back and completely repaired. Plus, I will need it for my weekly trip to the office tomorrow.
     I had a great evening with Hal. I also have the Beetle back, and it is running perfectly now. I really need to get back to focusing on this blog for at least 30 minutes each evening before it is time for bed!
     Until tomorrow, have a great evening everyone.

19 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 19 2015 - Knowing When

    One of the benefits of Age and Wisdom is Experience. It is the accumulation of a lifetime of experiences that provides us with guidelines on how we should proceed in the future. We all carry the weight of our experiences, and it is up to us to determine when to listen to those experiences when we make our decisions now.
    I have come through some incredibly difficult financial troubles over the past several years. These were the result of bad decisions on a personal and professional level that left me with a mountain of debt. Only a concentrated and disciplined approach allowed me to get things back under control. Now, it is up to me to remember what I have gone through when making decisions about my present and my future.
    Why do we seem to insist on making Experience our best teacher? It is because we all make mistakes. We are all human and subject to the foibles and imperfections that go along with this condition. When we are young, we believe that we are going to be the person that changes everything, and that to some degree that we are invulnerable to the mistakes that others have made. We will observe our parents and see things that we admire and things that we dislike or despise. We swear to ourselves that we will not make the same mistakes. Fast forward a few years and we find that we have usually flirted with or crashed right through those same mistakes ourselves.
    As I have emerged from the avalanche of debt, I have struggled to maintain the discipline that got me out of trouble. For the most part, I have succeeded, although there are times when I find myself ready to make decisions that directly contradict that discipline. I find myself trying to rationalize why I should allow myself a bit of flexibility since things are better. This is the danger zone.
    Recently, I had to make some necessary tech upgrades in order to be able to work from home more often. Although the decision seemed rather straightforward, i analyzed it completely before moving ahead with those plans. It did involve spending some money to prepare the computer area in the apartment. Eventually, I decided that it was worth the cost in the short term to provide me with relief from an unpleasant office environment and that the costs would be offset rather quickly by the savings on transportation. The point is that I continued to follow the discipline that had improved my situation in the first place. Experience taught me that I did not have to spend a lot of money to make the situation workable to telecommute. In the past, I would have wanted completely new this and that in order to make the place as much like the office as possible. Scrutiny allowed me to see that I could accomplish things at a fraction of the cost and do well.
    With that episode behind me, I knew that I had not placed myself in jeopardy as I pay off my remaining debt. But then, the voices inside my head started talking to me again. When I was making the few purchases for the telecommuting project, I saw that Apple MacBook Air laptops were on sale. These are the unsold 2014 versions that are being cleared out in order for Apple to make more money by selling the new MacBook Air laptops. Corporate America on full greedy display.
    I have had an iMac for years, and I would never consider anything else for my main home computer. Through the years, I have wanted a MacBook Air for myself, but the cost was always too prohibitive. I learned to do with a Chromebook, and I have been very happy with the results over the years. In fact, I am composing this blog entry, like all of the rest, on my Chromebook. I found myself trying to justify making a trip back to the computer store just to "look" at the on-sale MacBook Air laptops.
    This is when I realized that I was getting myself into trouble. I had to clear my head of the desire to get the MacBook Air and return to listening to the voice that had gotten me out of financial trouble. I quickly realized that I had no business getting a new laptop. The opposing voice in my head continues to sulk at having been denied, but it will fade away. If it decides to be stubborn, alcohol should help to flush it away :)
    The key point to all of this is that we have to learn to listen to Experience that has come with our Age. This is called Wisdom, and it is definitely something that we should take full advantage of.

18 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 18 2015 - A Good Day

     I am so glad that the weekend is here. I am sitting in the living room with Stevie Nicks paying attention to me, and I know that all is right with the world, or at least my part of it.

     I don't understand how anyone could mistreat an animal. Of course, Stevie Nicks has been with us most of her life, but I feel the same about all animals. Of course, I share the guilt thing every time I see a picture of an animal that is raised for food. I am not a vegetarian, although I must admit the idea has some appeal to me.
     The kind of animal cruelty I'm referring to is the sick depraved thing of deliberately hurting an animal for absolutely no valid reason.

    The day turned out to be a good one. I got everything done that I needed to, and was able to spend some rime out with Hal once he got home from work. The Stooges all performed ar one point or another during the day. I did check out a new Kindle when I was out with Hal, but I have decided against upgrading for the foreseeable future.
    Tomorrow will be a new day to experience. There is not anything pressing that has to be done, so I will have the time to myself while Hal is at work. I will see what happens when it happens.

17 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 17 2015 - Unexpected Response

After my recent post about people who renounce friendship, I received a lot of feedback from my existing friends. It felt good to know that some of the things I write are not in vain.
Some of the responses were hilarious, asking if they were the person I had referred to. Obviously, this was not the case for them. I have not, and never will, reveal the name of the person that prompted the posts in my blog. That isn’t my style, but I did feel the need to write about it because it had happened to me, and that made it important to me. The high road is sometimes hard to get to, but worth it once you make it there to continue your journey through life.
The interesting thing was the response from my friends, as I started to say. It has been 100% supportive and that means a lot to me. I never take friends for granted, and I realize that some people like to be in touch more than others. The variety of people makes things worthwhile to me. Apparently, I didn’t measure up to what the person in question defined as friendship, and that is OK with me. I learned a long time ago that there are people that enter our lives for a short time and then move on and vanish from our lives. Just a part of life for me.
I wish them the very best as they continue on. There are no hard feelings from me. Misunderstandings happen to the best of us, but sometimes words said cannot be undone or forgotten. I suppose that if I have a breaking point, it is when someone chooses to use the phrase “no longer friends”. That is a definitive statement to me that signifies it is no longer worth taking the time or effort to correct whatever they see as being wrong. Perhaps some of that misunderstanding was my fault, if so I accept that responsibility, but I will never attempt to maintain friendship after the “no longer friends” statement is issued.
All of these feelings are a normal (for me) reaction to things that happened. I accept the fact that I have been excluded from someone else’s life without qualms or regrets. At that point in time, my responsibility becomes myself and the friends that I already have, in addition to the new friends I will make as life goes on. Like coming to a fork in the road and having to make a decision on which way to go, I never see any advantage to going back where I have already been.
I want to thank everyone who has offered support (always welcome) and those who have voiced their continued friendship. The offers of support are tremendously inspiring, and in a way, have served to strengthen the bonds that are already there with those people. I have a hard time cutting off a friendship, but I understand that there are those who do not. The hardest lesson I had to learn years ago was that I cannot do anything to change someone else’s mind and to let them go. I realized that I actually came to despise myself for feeling so weak that I would try to correct all the wrongs (real and imagined). This was not a healthy way to live, so I consciously changed my behavior in circumstances like this as a result. This is not the first time that I have had to apply the cold logical analysis to a situation like this. It does get easier to let things go after the first time.
In closing, thanks for the support. I am doing fine. I wish them well in their future. I have made the choice to be happy in my own future.

16 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 16 2015 - Moving Right Along

As I move on with my week, the failed emotional sabotage of yesterday is fading in my rearview mirror. It is a beautiful morning here as I work from home and there is so much to look forward to as the weekend approaches. A few items still need to be addressed, such as the last repair on the Beetle, and that should happen today or tomorrow with any luck.
I am still adjusting to working from home. There is always some new setup item for the workplace that needs attention so I will be totally comfortable with the setup here in terms of placing laptops in the most convenient places, etc.
I am already looking forward to the weekend, but there is still the matter of getting through today and tomorrow. I don’t anticipate any major difficulties based on what has happened so far.
I have plenty of things to look forward to as Spring has arrived. Once the Beetle has the undercarriage shield replaced that will replace the part that protects the oil pan from punctures. A necessary thing to take care of, to be sure. It is possible that I will make some road trips as the weather improves. It has been forever since I have made any trips, even day trips out of the area.
As the workday closes here, I have still not heard that the part has arrived for the Beetle. Hopefully, it will be in tomorrow. I will check with Hal to see if he wants to do anything this afternoon or evening. He needs a break from the coursework he is doing. He has been diligently studying and taking online exams all day. I think he can relax for a while, but that is entirely up to him.
I will try to put down some more thoughts this evening, but for now, I am done with this entry until later.
I ended up eating some pizza for dinner before settling down to watch some hockey this evening. Hal is taking a break from his courses and resting this evening, so things will be quiet. I am already looking forward to tomorrow. It should be an interesting day on the job with some of the tasking that started to arrive late today.

15 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 14 2015 - Strange Days Indeed

I was unable to get this blog post out yesterday.

There are always days in which nothing seems to go right, or at least to go the way that we want it to. Today has been one of those days.

No matter in the long run because lunch will be delicious. I am having one of the pork chops that I cooked yesterday along with some nice sides. Another advantage to working from home is the easy access to the kitchen, and not forgetting to pack something in the lunchbox.
Tomorrow I will go back to the office since I have to travel to meet with the client anyway. Plus, the cleaning ladies will be there tomorrow during the afternoon. I suspect that I will soon find that I get so much more work done from home than I ever did at the office.
Lunch was delicious. I am getting ready for the daily conference call grind that will go through the afternoon. I am also waiting for word on the Beetle. The garage didn't have time to get to it yesterday, so hopefully there won’t be any bad news today. Although it is after 1400, I still have not heard from them. This is getting critical because I will either need the Beetle for tomorrow or I will have to call in to the weekly meeting and not go to the office.

13 April 2015

Dreamer's World April 13 2015 - Working From Home

Today is the first day of what I hope will become permanent teleworking from home. It will be an interesting adjustment, but one that I am gladly willing to make now. I can do small things like drop the car off for service about a block away without any trouble. I can also do some cooking during the day rather than wait until after work, which is very nice!
Working like this also allows me more time to do some writing in between phone calls and normal tasks. I can do this on my own machine which is a great comfort to me.
I am also noticing that time seems to be moving much faster today than on a normal day at the office. This is another great benefit to working from home. In fact, the only drawback is the reporting on activities that is required. With luck, I will be able to change my work location to “other” in the future and do away with all this tedious timekeeping. It doesn’t really matter to me any longer. I am going to keep this schedule, and I will go to the office on Wednesday of each week.
I am also enjoying the fact that the cooking is nearly complete. I will not have that to take care of this evening. This is especially beneficial since I have my Chiropractor appointment this evening as well.
The afternoon has arrived much more quickly than I expected. I am sitting through the conference call, having already provided my inputs and planning out the afternoon work until I have my 1-1 meeting with my supervisor at 1500 this afternoon. After that, I am done for today and can relax. It is time for a well-deserved break right now. It is a nice day to take that break on the balcony.
Got some more work done and am now waiting for the meeting with my supervisor. After this, I’ll sign off work and call to see about the Beetle before planning my trip to the Chiropractor this evening.