Dreamer's World April 8 2015 - Another Wednesday

    So much for Spring. Today feels like the return of Winter around here. At least I got a good night of sleep last night and have felt prepared to take on the day here at the office. I made my weekly trip to meet with the client and thankfully, it didn't rain on me for either part of the trip.
    I am back at the office and having my lunch. This afternoon involves the usual conference calls, including one that is scheduled to start when I am supposed to be leaving at the end of the day! I will talk to my team lead about this problem. If I spend an extra hour here today, I want that hour back on Friday afternoon. Either way, that will work itself out eventually.
    Not much other personal stuff to report on today. Still waiting for a decision to be made on teleworking full-time as this office continues to suffer from lack of corporate interest. I have a self-imposed timeframe in which to get a decision before I just walk away and telework without any decision being made.
    I will be looking for inspriation for another blog post later today.

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