Dreamer's World April 25 2015 - A Day Of Change

    Today is Saturday. My early morning started off by getting up early in order to make sure that Hal got off to work on time. It sucks that Hal works on the weekends while I have a Monday thru Friday job. I have a few errands to run today, including a trip to check on a new computer desk. In addition, I will actually be going by the office.
    Normally, the last place I would go would be to the office, but this is an extraordinary time for me. After a long struggle over the conditions at the office, I have finally managed to convince the company that it is time to close the office for good and work from home. This struggle has been going on for over 3 years. What began as a relocation of 3 people eventually dwindled down to just myself, since the other 2 coworkers had already decided that they would rather work from home as much as possible.
Due to the network equipment that was installed in the office, it was not easy to convince them to finally close the office down and permit me the same luxury of working from home. Since I was the last one to request this, it proved a much more difficult task to accomplish than I had imagined. I brought up this subject numerous times, but it wasn’t until recently that a new supervisor took a renewed interest in this story.
At first, it felt just like starting all over again with everything. I had to explain the situation, gather information (already saved) and submit this to the new supervisor as if this was day 1 of the process. While I never doubted their desire to help, I had no illusions about anything actually happening. Imagine my surprise when, after only 3 weeks, I was told that the decision had been reached!
So now I am getting ready to take a shower and then I will probably go by the office to pick up some of my personal items, as well as a monitor and cabling to make working from home more comfortable. After that, I am going to look at a larger computer desk to give me more workspace here at home. I am not going to try and rush through everything today, the desk might not be purchased for a few days, but that remains to be seen.
It is now early afternoon and I made a trip to the office and brought home all of the suits, ties and shirts that I wear when I travel to meet with the client. I will be making those trips from home now, so I had to get those personal items out of the office. Tomorrow I will go in and make sure that I get any other personal items and secure everything before I leave. I also will be bringing an extra monitor home with the company’s approval. The other 2 coworkers are on their own as far as their stuff is concerned. I feel a great weight is already off of my shoulders, and tomorrow will be a total relief to me.
I am waiting for Hal to get home and see if he wants to go and check out the desk from IKEA that I am very interested in since I will be working from home.

This desk is one that can be raised or lowered hydraulically, so I will not be forced into a sitting position all day.That is something that is very important to me since I often get up to stretch and this is a type of desk that I have always wanted. Whether of not we actually get the desk later today will depend on some final measurements of the desk in order to see how well it will fit into the space I already have. This should not be an issue, but I definitely want to be sure before buying and assembling!
    Hal came home and he is exhausted. I doubt we'll be going to IKEA this evening after all. I will go there tomorrow while he's at work to make my measurements to be certain about actually buying the desk. Hal is asleep, and it wouldn't be fair to wake him. I will fins a way to occupy my time this evening before bedtime. Besides, it is rather cold and rainy, a good night to stay at home.

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