Dreamer's World April 16 2015 - Moving Right Along

As I move on with my week, the failed emotional sabotage of yesterday is fading in my rearview mirror. It is a beautiful morning here as I work from home and there is so much to look forward to as the weekend approaches. A few items still need to be addressed, such as the last repair on the Beetle, and that should happen today or tomorrow with any luck.
I am still adjusting to working from home. There is always some new setup item for the workplace that needs attention so I will be totally comfortable with the setup here in terms of placing laptops in the most convenient places, etc.
I am already looking forward to the weekend, but there is still the matter of getting through today and tomorrow. I don’t anticipate any major difficulties based on what has happened so far.
I have plenty of things to look forward to as Spring has arrived. Once the Beetle has the undercarriage shield replaced that will replace the part that protects the oil pan from punctures. A necessary thing to take care of, to be sure. It is possible that I will make some road trips as the weather improves. It has been forever since I have made any trips, even day trips out of the area.
As the workday closes here, I have still not heard that the part has arrived for the Beetle. Hopefully, it will be in tomorrow. I will check with Hal to see if he wants to do anything this afternoon or evening. He needs a break from the coursework he is doing. He has been diligently studying and taking online exams all day. I think he can relax for a while, but that is entirely up to him.
I will try to put down some more thoughts this evening, but for now, I am done with this entry until later.
I ended up eating some pizza for dinner before settling down to watch some hockey this evening. Hal is taking a break from his courses and resting this evening, so things will be quiet. I am already looking forward to tomorrow. It should be an interesting day on the job with some of the tasking that started to arrive late today.

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