31 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 31 2016 - Update On Project Fi And Writing Again After A Self-Imposed Break

Friday I finally made up my mind that I am fully committed to nProject Fi for my cell phone service. I have paid off the balance on my equipment from my current provider and am waiting for the billing cycle to close before canceling my service. I underestimated how much I would save by switching to Project Fi, so this really became a no-brainer decision for me. The upfront cost will be offset in just a few months by the savings I will accrue.
The fact that I am going through with this says a lot about Project Fi and how pleased I am with it. The thing is I was very satisfied with the service and support from my old carrier, but the cost each month was getting ridiculous. I can put the money spent on cell service to much better use.
I don’t feel that I have necessarily been screwed over by this because technology constantly evolves and Project Fi is the new standard that the carriers should ascribe to. Project Fi has the advantage of not being a traditional carrier, so their overhead costs are much lower. This allows them to pass along those savings to the consumers.
As of Friday afternoon, I am 100% onboard with Project Fi. I feel as if a weight has been lifted (and it has) in terms of the bill that I was paying each month. I underestimated how much I will be saving, it will be over $200 per month as a result of the switch!
The relief that I feel now is palpable. I know that I will have that extra money to take care of other things from now on.
As for the weekend, it has been a quiet one. I am debating whether or not to go to brunch. Part of me wants to, another part says why bother since I would be on my own and I really don’t enjoy sitting around groups of people who planned to get together as I sit alone. Perhaps I will go somewhere for more fast-food this afternoon rather than deal with the depression of brunch.
I suppose that Burger King counts as “brunch” in the widest definition of the term. At least I avoided the uncomfortable situation I mentioned above. The trip did get me out for a while since Hal (person) is at work and won’t be home until early this evening. FOr the remainder of the afternoon, I will probably be here at home spending time with The Stooges and resting.
I am continuing my boycott of the news. My mood is better as a result. I have taken the steps of blocking those on social media who have nothing constructive to say about my choice to support Dr. Jill Stein in the election. It is quicker and more appropriate to just block those people who accuse me of supporting the dumpster fire from the republiKKKan because I will not pledge allegiance to the corrupt and ineffective democratic candidate. A walnut or a damp mop should be able to beat the dumpster without any trouble, and the fact that Clinton seems to be having trouble in this case is an indictment of the democrats and their rigged primary system rather than of my refusal to be complicit in their charade.

The evening is here, and another weekend is gone far too soon. Let’s make the upcoming week a great one!

27 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 27 2016 - It's The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine

First of all, thanks to R.E.M. for the inspiration to today’s blog post. The title fits exactly how I feel today. I have not watched the news in several days and I am feeling great as a result. I find that I can get the information I need through social media without the pontificating that pollutes the airwaves these days.
The song sprang into my head as I was searching for a title for this post. I wondered what it would be like if I turned the news on and watched. The title of this song just summed up what I think I would feel. I am so tired of all the hatred and negativity in the world around me, I want to do whatever I can to NOT contribute to it. Instead, I want to take every opportunity to make the world a BETTER PLACE for a change.
My day consisted of talking with people at the client’s office who are perfect examples of the automatons the media produces. The usual subjects of politics and terrorism came up and their attitudes were clearly lifted right from Fake Noise. Rather than get involved with their conversation, I simply hummed a tune inside my head and then walked away as soon as it was polite to do so without my exit making any kind of statement.
The temptation to interact with people on subjects like that is still very tempting, but experience has taught me that most people are incapable of changing their minds even when confronted with facts. Therefore, I walked away and kept my own inner happiness and peace intact.
I wonder how long these people can subsist on their hatred and intolerance of anyone who doesn’t agree with them? I believe that eventually that hatred will consume them and their health as well. My health was one of the reasons I chose my path of not being constantly stimulated via corporate propaganda, thus becoming nothing more than a measuring stick to determine who well the intended message is received among the proles. I have been happier and more at peace since last Friday than I have been in years.
The world does indeed seem to be spinning out of control towards some type of chaotic event. As I removed myself from the stimulation tank, I came to recognize that this has been the case for a very long time. The message of hate and fear is nothing new, but the delivery system for this cancer is. The 24-hour info-porn channels thrive on chaos and violence. They feed on the fears that they themselves plant in the heads of their test subjects. Everything after that is just experimentation to see how outrageous they can become.
There will always be another crisis. There will always be the calls for vengeance and revenge. The sad part is when people don’t realize that the cycle is simply repeating itself over and over with no way to stop it short of wrecking the entire damned system. My vote is IN FAVOR OF wrecking the whole damned system! Those who are taught there is nothing to learn are the ones who will never learn anything, it is as simple as that. Turn OFF the media. Take time to live for yourself. No one else will do this for you, it is the ultimate act of rebellion against the system, and that is to refuse to take any further part in this charade.

Let everyone else argue and hate and spew their venom whenever they have the chance. My action to not take part is my own act of rebellion, so I will nurture it and carefully grow it. I think this will be an excellent adventure but it one that we can all take together if we choose to do so.

26 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 26 2016 - Slow Down

As I began work this morning, I was startled to hear a sickening crash outside my window. Without even thinking I began to replay the events in my mind.
We live across the street from a fire station. It is a regular occurrence to hear sirens as the ambulance and fire trucks announce their arrival at the intersection in order to get onto the main street. Most people heed these warnings, but there are always those who will try to get through the intersection just before the emergency vehicles begin to make their way onto the street.
I heard the siren this morning, but it is such a regular event that I tuned it out. It was during this that I heard the crash. It was the out-of-the-ordinary sound that drew my attention. Since there is a beautiful old tree that blocks my view of the intersection, I immediately grabbed my phone and headed downstairs, out the front door, and down the hill to see the intersection.
I was greeted by the sight of two cars that had indeed crashed. One of the cars was sitting immobilized in the middle of the intersection with the ambulance that had been responding to a call instead having to deal with injuries. The second car had been knocked off the road and into a support pole for the traffic signals. The ambulance was still at the intersection and was NOT involved in the accident, but was having to respond to what had happened right in front of them.
The EMTs were responding to both vehicles. They had brought out stretchers and were removing one person from the car that had crashed into the traffic light pole. I didn’t linger because I didn’t want to be ghoulish and I also had to get back to start work. I hope that no one was seriously injured in the collision.

After I completed my usual morning rush of email responses added to a problem with my laptop that required a phone call to corporate IT, I began to think about what had happened. What is it that makes people so blatantly disregard the things they see and hear all around them?
What were these drivers thinking? What could possibly distract them so much that they either didn’t hear the ambulance, or that they would think that they were so important that they could get through the intersection first?
Aside from the obvious cautionary tale about being alert when driving, what else does this accident say about us? We have become so self-absorbed that we ignore the world around us and the people in it. Our humanity is disappearing every day. We have become so callous to others that we demand the world accomodate our needs alone, and to hell with anyone else.
I thought to myself, what was the emergency that the ambulance was responding to? I am sure that the person who called the ambulance was not interested in this accident. Did the delay in dispatching another ambulance result in still another tragedy? I have no idea, but I hope that another ambulance was available right away.
Take some time to THINK! Each and every day we make decisions that affect not only us, but others around us. Try to show a little more concern about the world around you and a little bit less about the things that only affect you.

24 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 24 2016 - A Quiet Day

Sunday is hot once again here in the DMV. I made a trip to Harris Teeter and am back home to stay out of the heat as much as possible. Hal The Cat is feeling the heat as well, and that makes me feel bad for the time when he was a stray and had no real cook place to go to on days like this. He just followed me when I went outside for a smoke break and almost immediately begged to go back inside where he could lay down and cool off again.
Hal (person) is at work today and won’t be home for a few more hours. I hope that he has a good day on the job but I predict that we will stay here this evening. I really need to get some sleep tonight as well because I have stayed up late for the last 2 nights. I have enjoyed the weekend so far, and I hope for a quiet and peaceful evening later.

The temperature has topped 100 degrees again this afternoon and shows no sign of cooling off much this evening. I think that it is best that we stay here at home and take things easy. Hal (person) agrees since he has returned home from work.

23 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 23 2016 - Removing myself from the News Cycle

As the first step in my 2-day quest for peace on a personal level, I am going to take the time to write about things that are solely about my life and not as much about the world around me. As I woke up and rolled around in bed this morning I wanted to find a subject that would allow me to do this. Fortunately, the subject/s were right all over me and they are The Stooges.
First of all, there is Spartacus. He is the elder cat and has been with us ever since he was a tiny kitten. Spartacus is now nearly 16 years old. He has never been mistreated or abused. He has always known love and affection and it shows with him every day.
We adopted Spartacus soon after my Mother had passed away. I chose the name because Spartacus was the runt of the litter. Actually, we also adopted his brother Maxwell at the time. Sadly, Maxwell left us last December due to illness.
Spartacus was heartbroken when Maxwell died. He had never been without his brother, and it showed for about 2 weeks. It was a huge adjustment for him, and both Hal (person) and I tried to help him through it as best we could.
Spartacus has always been more of Hal’s (person) little friend due to the dynamics of things through the years. When Hal (person) retired several years ago it meant that he and Spartacus spent much more time together. To this day even though I work from home now, Spartacus will always find his way onto Hal’s (person) lap before he will onto mine.

Spartacus will be 16 next year and that is an important event because it closely aligns with how many years Hal (person) and I have been together. Spartacus has moved with us multiple times and has always known that home is wherever we are all together. Spartacus has never known anything but life with us, and we love him dearly.
Next up is the Diva, Stevie Nicks. We adopted Stevie Nicks in 2011 after my wonderful cat U.K. passed away at the age of 19. Stevie Nicks’ past isn’t quite clear. She was about a year old when we adopted her. We suspect that she might have spent part of her life on the street, but we just aren’t sure. She is a wonderful girl, playful and mischievous in so many ways. She became the Alpha cat once she arrived here. Stevie Nicks took time in adjusting to the surroundings with Spartacus and Maxwell. That is because introducing a female into the mix was always going to be rather tricky, but she has fir in nicely ever since. For anyone who thinks that a cat can manage to fit into their name, Stevie Nicks is the diva to prove it.
Finally, we come to Hal The Cat. When Maxwell died, we went by the local shelter. We did this because we were sad and because we knew that we would adopt another cat in time, but we didn’t realize it would be so soon. Hal The Cat already had his name when Hal (person) ran into him at the animal shelter. Ever since I have had to distinguish between the two when I write :)
Hal The Cat was a true stray. He was estimated at 2 years old, He instantly formed a bond with Hal (person). The funny thing was that Hal (person) never bothered to look at the name tag to see who he was so enthralled with :)
Hal The Cat took some time to adjust to life with us. While Spartacus accepted him without any trouble, Stevie Nicks turned into raging diva and made Hal The Cat miserable for almost a week before she finally relented and realized that Hal The Cat was here to stay. For the first two weeks Hal The Cat would always look around as if he suspected that somehow everything was a dream. You could see happiness, but you could also see doubt. Since he had been a stray, we believe that he might have been the target of abuse because he is jet black. Trusting is something that Hal The Cat was able to do instantly, but there was some hesitation in him that took a while to lose.
Hal The Cat is a happy member of the family now. He has become my buddy along with Stevie Nicks. Both Hal The Cat and Stevie Nicks treat Spartacus with respect, which is nice because Spartacus deserves his own peace and quiet at his age.
I honestly do feel much better today as I keep my energy focused on things here. This is the peace I have been working for.

Dreamer's World July 23 2016 - The Quest For Peace

    I am going to do my best to enjoy this weekend. If that means turning the TV off, so be it. I am tired of the shitstorm of a world we live in right now. I am tired of the lies and deceit. I am tired of the self-righteous pricks who would destroy the world in order to please their imaginary god. I am tired of the hatred and the racism that is killing us all.
    I want peace. I want that peace to start with me, but for that to happen I must cleanse myself of all the negative energy that the world produces in abundance. Therefore I resolve to let the fires rage all around me for 2 days in order to give myself that peace I so desperately crave.
FUCK TRUMP. FUCK CLINTON. FUCK TERRORISTS. FUCK RELIGION. FUCK THE MEDIA. Saying those things is the first step towards Enlightenment. Get all that negative energy out of my system. That is the beginning of something new. That is the acceptance of the peace I am seeking.

    I want to go out and take pictures of the wonderful things around me. I want to write about those things without the old shit creeping back in for 2 whole days.

22 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 22 2016 - Another Day, Another Massacre, And The Cycle Goes On

Once again, the world cannot get through a week without some lunatic/s killing people somewhere in the world. The events in Munich are tragic, but I realize that we only hear about these events when they happen in a “Western” country. There are countless tragedies around the world, but for some reason we only focus on those in the US or Europe. I don’t think it is necessary to accuse the establishment and the media of racism, I think that is painfully obvious already.
Once again the media has gone into a public display of on-screen masturbation when it comes to allegedly reporting on the tragedy in Munich. The first opinions are always that this is the work of Muslim religious lunatics. I think that those who really would love to strike at the West must be laughing their asses off if they had nothing to do with this. It is a reflex action of the media to assign blame without facts, because as with all Conservative groups, facts just tend to get in the way. If this is determined to be the work of some other group, the media will never issue an apology for smearing an entire group of people. We already know that if this is the action of some European or Caucasian lunatic that they will be attributed the the “mentally disturbed individual” or “lone wolf” category since White people are never terrorists according to the media.
This brings up a very interesting and important point. The very notion that a White person would act out individually, and be given the blanket defense of mental instability whereas a non-White would be labeled with a guilt by association tag is extremely dangerous. It attributes lesser humanity to those who are not White. There is a word for this and it is RACISM.
Take the example of the WHITE shooter who killed NINE PEOPLE at a church in Charleston, SC in 2015. The WHITE shooter exhibited the pattern of exposure to RWNJ propaganda and RACIST material and Christian propganda, he posed with Confederate flags and guns. Disregarding this evidence, he was labeled as a “disturbed individual”.
Any time that the terrorist is non-White, any associations this person had are used to lead to the conclusion that they were “radicalized”, especially their religion. “Radicalized” is a new word for people who are non-White. Their motives must be clear to everyone, which infers that non-Whites are less capable of determining right from wrong than Whites. This is a textbook definition of RACISM.
So long as we continue this RACIST and destructive pattern of dealing with people, we will have no peace. The eternal call for vengeance against people who had nothing to do with the terrorists other than they look similar, brings nothing but more hatred and racism and violence.

When the US “accidentally” kills 85 civilians who happen to get in the way of our “righteous” ordnance, we ignore this and instead talk about our “heroic struggle” against terrorism. This conveniently ignores that FACT that we ourselves are committing terrorist atrocities against innocent people. And yet we act personally wronged when someone attacks us. The hypocrisy is staggering once you get our head unwarped from the media BULLSHIT that we see each and every time one of these events occurs in a “Western” nation.

Dreamer's World July 22 2016 - Religion Fucks Things Up

     Friday has arrived at last! This has been a week full of hate and bigotry from the republiKKKan party, nothing new about that except that it has been forced down the nations throats by the media. At least today there is no more of the Nazi freakshow from Cleveland, and for that we can all be grateful.
     The most disturbing thing about the republiKKKan Nazi party is how they tie religion to their political agenda of hate and intolerance. This is always a dangerous combination. Just ask the people of Turkey who are seeing their rights taken away by a rush of religious fervor masquerading as politics.
     People who will throw away their freedom in order to please what they thing some imaginary being wants all need to be psychologically examined. They are dangerous because they are never satisfied with living their own lives according to whatever religious sect they belong to demands of them, they want to take the freedom of everyone else away to live as they choose. The religious aspect simply makes them more fervent about doing so.
     Religion is a MINDFUCK, or a cancer, on the world. For all the talk we hear of freedom, there is always as much, if not more, talk about pleasing this god or that god. I find it interesting that for all the talk of "peace and love" that those who profess to be so damned holy are some of the most hateful, ignorant and intolerant people on the planet because their god tells them to be that way.
The whole "hate the sin but love the sinner" BULLSHIT would make Orwell proud.
     If we are ever to move forward as a people, the human race, on this planet, it will be because we reject religion in all its forms. Morality isnt based on religion, religion usues morality and then tries to justify itself as the source of that morality. This is because religion is a human construct, and as such it is subject to close examination because it historically has been used to justify hatred and oppression.

21 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 21 2016 - Sunshine In The Morning

     There are few things more calming and relaxing than warm sunshine in the morning. Regardless of how I feel when I wake up, seeing the sun always makes me feel better. Even during the winter I enjoy seeing the sun outside the window no matter how cold it might be.

     I wonder if this is some primal instinct left over from the earliest days of human consciousness? The realization that we had survived another night with all the nocturnal predators that lurked around our ancestors must have triggered a sigh of relief, and that feeling still remains within us to this day.

19 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 18 2016 - The last time there was this much TOXIC WASTE in Cleveland, the river caught on fire!

Every 4 years, the American people are treated to a freak show put on by both political parties in which certain selected and favored people gather in some American city to have collective orgasms over the candidate that they feel will be our next President. It does make one wonder why we have to go through 2 years of BULLSHIT just to get to this point, but it is all about publicity and visibility.
The “media” does their best to follow breathlessly along with these freak shows without actually giving the public any real information, but this is no surprise since that is all that our “media” is good for these days. We will be subjected to speeches from people who we have never heard of, or worse yet, those who we no longer even care about, as they struggle for some grasp at relevancy before they once again fade rapidly into the obscurity they so fully deserve. These sad people will be presented as “news” because that is the way our society operates. To give credibility to these morons explains a lot about why this country is in the mess we have today.

Having said all that, the republiKKKan RWNJ Nazi freak show is attempting to out-crazy the most bat-shit crazy people among us. This should not be reported as “news” unless it is described as the “outbreak of mental instability in Cleveland”. Sadly, this won’t happen and this shitstorm will be given a measure of credibility that it does not deserve.

Dreamer's World July 18 2016 - My Thoughts on the Turkish Coup

And now, the week starts once again. If we haven’t managed to commit planetary suicide overnight, Monday will have started far too soon. I wish that I had enjoyed the weekend more, I think that in the future, I will just keep the TV turned OFF during the weekend in order to preserve what is left of my sanity.
Between Friday afternoon and last night we had a coup attempt in Turkey and police officers shot and killed in Baton Rouge. Since everyone else is writing about Baton Rouge, I will focus on Turkey.
I believe that the culprit behind the coup is NOT the USA. I believe that the culprit is Erdogan himself. Yes, I think that he staged the entire thing along with his security forces. The why is obvious, it allowed him to appear to crush a coup that was never really a danger to him and thus consolidate his power even more.
If I were writing the scenario, I would guess that Erdogan and his security forces convinced some mid-level officers in the Turkish Army to attempt the coup. This guaranteed that the planning would not be sufficient to carry the coup out successfully. The officers involved simply lacked the organizational skills and the influence necessary to get the job done. It would have been a failed plot from the start.
This allowed Erdogan to appear to be under threat to the rest of the world, while that was not really the case. All he had to do was to renounce the coup and call for his supporters to go into the streets. Obviously this was a successful plan.
Initially, I wondered why citizens in places like Istanbul, where Erdogan is not as popular, would go along with this call for taking to the streets. After about an hour researching things, I have to conclude that even the anti-Erdogan segment of the population was tired of seeing the military attempt to take control as they have so often in the past in Turkey. Politically, this was a master stroke for Erdogan, who then appeared to be the legitimate leader of a widely-supported resistance campaign that ultimately defeated the botched (intentionally) coup.
Of course, over the weekend we saw the real Erdogan agenda begin to take shape. Thousands of people who very likely had NOTHING to do with the planned coup have been arrested. Erdogan has attempted to identify the US as the instigator of the coup, without any evidence to back up that claim, but then again, Erdogan doesn’t need proof, innuendo is enough for him.
And of course, the “people in the street” are calling for executions. Erdogan will appear to not be in factor of this, but will relent and proclaim that the “will of the people” must be obeyed. Actually, it comes as no surprise at all Erdogan will take this course because I am certain that the “people in the street” are taking their orders from Erdogan in the first place.

I hope that the EU rejects Turkey’s candidacy as a result of this RWNJ blatant power grab by a homicidal lunatic named Erdogan. When we read the stories from the past 2 years, it had been obvious that something like this was going to happen.

17 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 17 2016 - The Never-Ending Nightmare of Violence

     Apparently, the "new normal" has arrived. The days of simply enjoying a beautiful Summer day without yet another "breaking news" story about another senseless killing are a thing of the past. Will we tell our children or grandchildren about what life was like before this? Will they even believe that we could go for days, weeks, or if you are old enough to remember, months and even YEARS without these attacks taking place? Or will they look at us as if we have lost our damned minds?
     Is this the type of world that we WANT to leave to the next generation? How will we be able to explain to them that we could have done something, or HELL EVEN ANYTHING to stop this problem, and yet we did NOTHING? How can we tell them that unless we ourselves are in a state of denial about how bad things have gotten?
     Lots of questions so far. Not enough answers. Beware of those who have the "simple" answers, because they are never the ones that truly work. Violence is the result of many factors. Economic injustice, social injustice, lack of treatment for psychological conditions, racism in all its ugly forms, religion in all its ugly forms, politics that are nothing more than appeals to the most disgusting base instincts, lack of compassion, lack of understanding, greed, and privilege are just scratching the surface of why we are so damned violent.
     These factors combine to produce a generation of Americans who believe that only violence is the answer. Complex and critical thinking skills are a lost art. Communication with others to resolve differences has vanished from our societal discussion. Everyone exists in their own little social media bubble, surrounded by only those they agree with. Disagreements are not welcome. Unpleasantness is encouraged and rewarded by these micro-societies, and our isolation from one another only increases as a result.
     Our "leaders" speak only to those groups who will support their message. This is yet another reason violence is on the rise. The selective coverage of violence by the media attempts to convince us that there are only certain groups that are responsible for these atrocities. When someone outside of those specific groups is responsible, the media and our leaders are quick to bring out the "lone wolf" or "disturbed individual" labels.
     The media are quick to blame and slow to investigate. It has become a game to see if the media will EVER issue corrections after their "reporting" has been proven wrong time and time again. Accuracy is NOT the goal of the media these days, FEAR is the goal. FEAR to make us afraid to talk to our neighbors. FEAR to even interact with people who look different from ourselves. FEAR of those who came here from somewhere else. FEAR is a BU$INE$$ and BU$INE$$ is booming!
     The next time you try to comfort a child who is afraid because they are too innocent to know anything better, remember these things I have said. Is this the type of world that we want to leave to them? We are FUCKING THINGS UP and apparently have ZERO INTEREST in stopping anytime soon!

15 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 15 2016 - Project Fi Update

After approximately 2 weeks of using Project Fi, I figured it was time for an update. I absolutely LOVE the service! With the exception of the battery life on the Nexus 5X, which I expected, everything is outstanding. Even the Nexus 5X battery issue can be overcome by having a charger handy if you are out. The camera on the Nexus 5X continues to truly amaze me. I read lots of reviews that stated the camera was sub-par, but I have not found that to be the case, I am more than happy with the results I have.

I have had zero problems making or receiving calls on the Nexus 5X. Everything sounds sharp and clear with no distortion. The only hassle is I switched my Google Voice number to this phone so most people I know don't recognize the phone nuumber and I have to leave them messages before they will call me back, but that is something I take the responsibility for.
     As for the Project Fi pricing, I am extremely pleased. I signed up for 3GB of data, and at the halfway point in this first billing cycle, I am at 0.2 GB used without making any change to the usage of the Nexus 5X as compared to the iPhone with my current provider.
This means that my current $50 Project Fi plan can be scaled back to as low as $30 in the future, which will save me even more once I get out of the obligation to my current provider. This will give me well over $100 in savings per month.

Dreamer's World July 15 2016

     For just once, I would like to experience a long period of time without another attack on innocent lives by some lunatic or lunatics somewhere in the world. Yesterday the lunatics struck in Nice, France. Yesterday the weapon was a truck that plowed through a throng of people who were gathered to celebrate Bastille Day. I cannot understand the level of hatred that exists in some people. I don't want to ever experience that level of hatred towards any person or group of people because to do so is to basically die and keep living as a shell of a human being.
     I am already tired of all the calls for "revenge". If revenge was such an effective response, we would not continue to experience these monstrous crimes against humanity. I hate to say this, but I almost believe that the leaders who inspire the lunatics and the leaders of the countries who continually demand military actions to extract "revenge" are secretly sitting around a table laughing all the way to the bank because they are invested financially in the war industry. Cynicism just comes naturally to me at times like this because I cannot follow the drooling herds that are calling for more war to solve this problem.
     The struggle for PEACE is a long one, it has lasted for thousands of years. It is fed by fear and division amongst the human race. Remember that when a leader calls out a group of people to take the blame for the actions of a few, or of one. That leader is unfit to lead because their own words identify them as a part of the problem. We have tried their way and it has been a complete and utter failure. Bombing some country halfway around the world doesn't make us any safer, it creates the next band of lunatics that will incite the lunatic attacks in the future. Politically attacking people of one ethnicity here at home does the same thing.
     Over a decade ago, one of our own home-grown lunatics proclaimed "Mission Accomplished". The real meaning must have been to create a permanently unstable world, because that is what his irresponsible actions did. That is why we still have our brave men and women stationed in that part of the world to this day and cannot seem to get out of our own way.
     After 9/11, I read through interviews with the now dead lunatic who was in charge of that operation. One thing that struck me was his prediction that if he was ever able to strike directly at the USA, he knew what the response would be and he predicted the quagmire that is the outcome we are experiencing right now. To be reduced to the role of the rat in the maze should be a wake-up call about how we are all being manipulated. The 9/11 lunatic is dead, but that hasn't brought peace. Each and every death only results in some person calling for "revenge" and the cycle repeats all over again.
     If we want peace, we first need to look more closely at those in charge. What do they gain from continued instability? Who provides them with their financial backing? Why are any voices that call for a new way of thinking so instantly and effectively ostracized from the political processes around the world?

     When we discover the answers to those questions, we will be closer to the day when we won't wake up to another lunatic massacre of innocent lives almost every single day.

14 July 2016

Dreamer’s World July 14 2016

    As I near the end of my first week back at work after vacation, I find myself taking stock of things in my life once again. We have talked recently about moving to a larger apartment when our lease is up next Spring. Right now, this is purely in the discussion phase, but still worth taking into consideration right now.
     I know that another factor in all of this has been my decision to transfer my cell service to Google Project Fi as soon as I can pay off the remainder of my current provider contract. A little temporary pain that will lead to long-term prosperity is how I see it. Hal (person) is now acting more and more interested in switching his own service to Project Fi, although he is more heavily invested in his current plan than I am with mine. I suspect that after the next generation of Nexus phones are released with the Google Daydream VR software, and any new headsets hit the market will be the time when Hal (person) will really get serious about switching over. That will be his decision to make, and I am not going to press him on it.
     Personally, I don’t care for the VR thing. I spend enough time on the computer at work and with my personal writing to want to obligate even more time to that each day just to put on a headset. Normally, I am all about new tech toys, but VR simply hasn’t drawn my attention in the way that other things have.
     Those are some of the things that have gone into the consideration about moving to a slightly larger apartment. One thing that I would be in favor of would be a larger kitchen, particularly one that is open to the living area so I would not be closed off from everything while I cook. Subconsciously, I know that is one factor that keeps me out of the kitchen now even though I should be cooking more here. Plus, having more storage in the kitchen would be a tremendous bonus as well.

That is all in the future as far as the apartment is concerned. It will be almost a year before we have to make that decision and things can change a lot between now and then.
     If we do get out, I will try once again to get something to cook nup at home from the grocery store. If not, tomorrow is Friday and I can get the items then. For the remainder of the workday, I have several more meetings to participate in, although at least one of those is more of a passive participation on my part.
     If we do go out after work, it will be HOT. THe temperature is expected to approach 100 degrees this afternoon with lots of humidity. I still have no idea if Hal (person) will want to go out at all, I will check with him after I finish here at work.
     I am ready to attend the last meeting of the day now. It is never a good sign when the other people haven't shown up at the appointed time.

13 July 2016

Dreamer's World July 13 2016

     Wednesday is here at last. This first week at work after vacation will soon be halfway over, and I am glad of that. I am still somewhat disappointed by the news yesterday about Bernie Sanders, but life does go on. On the personal side I am not traveling to meet with the client today due to ongoing track work with the Metro system that really messes up the commute that I would have to endure. This would be especially true of my return trip later in the morning because all of the contingency plans are made for the morning and evening rush hours. With that in mind, it made more sense to ask to be dialed into the meeting rather than spend a lot of extra time getting there and back.
     Apparently, there was not a meeting this morning. I never received a call from the conference room. From time to time, there isn't a Wednesday meeting and I don't know about it until I arrive at the client's office. I am not worried if there was one since I did submit my status report in writing yesterday afternoon.
     I am glad that today is my early day. I didn't sleep that well last night and am really looking forward to a nap immediately after work ends at 1530 today. I normally don't take naps, but I really feel the need for one today after work. Since the weather looks like storms are on the way, it will be a good afternoon to make a change to my routine. Until then, I have work to do, and also I have to make sure that Hal (person) is ready to go to his job later today.
     I had neglected to mention that the free data-only SIM card arrived from Project Fi (at last) after they tore a hole in FedEx regarding the delayed delivery. I took my iPad and removed the carrier SIM and replaced it with the Project Fi SIM and was immediately back up and running. Any data charges that I incur while on the Project Fi network will become part of my phone data allottment, but since I almost never take the iPad anywhere without WiFi, I shouldn't notice any increase in my data usage, but it is free and still nice to have the Project Fi coverage now.
     I am saving money to completely remove myself from my current provider and switch to Project FI full-time as soon as possible in order to save well over $100 a month on my phone bill. I wish that I had made the switch sooner, but I was hesitant about it. On the other hand, it would have cost me so much more to complete my obligation with my current carrier as well. Another example of living and learning as life goes on.
     I just notied that the iPhone is completely dead since I haven't charged it in at least 4 days. I have my calls set to forward to the Nexus 5X, and I have had zero difficulty in the switch back to Android, as I predicted. This gives me more confidence that the time to wrap things up with my current carrier is rapidly approaching.
     I wish that there was something incredibly interesting and exciting to write about that is going on around here, but things are quiet. The Stooges are all doing well, and I love having time with them throughout the day. I really wonder at times if I could ever go back to working at an office every day, knowing what I would miss by working from home. Watching Stevie Nicks and Hal The Cat as they wrestle with each other throughout the day is priceless. I remember how I would come home from the job totally exhausted and struggle to find the time to pay attention to the Stooges, but now that isn't a problem for me.
     Hal (person) just left for work. I hope that any storms we might get will hold off until after he gets back home, or at the very least they will pass through while he is at work. Driving in the DMV is an adventure at the best of times, when there is inclement weather these people simply lose their damn minds!  
     I will think about lunch in a few minutes. My BG is back to normal this morning after a weird day yesterday. The BG fluctuation probably explains why I was unable to sleep well last night. I will keep a close eye on it for the rest of the day as I get things done here at work.
     I keep thinking about getting back into the kitchen on a regular basis to do some cooking, but I always seem to forget about it. At the end of this week, I will try once again to make myself get what I need from the store and then use the weekend to do the cooking that I want to do. After all, it isn't like I will be missing out on lots of really interesting things because I almost always stay home on the weekend anyway.
     The day is over with and the nap is clearly calling out to me. I wish that I was feeling energetic enough to do something, but clearly, I need the rest and will stay here at home. There is enough food in the refirgerator to get me through today and tomorrow without any trouble. My first goal will be a nice hot shower to help relax me before laying down. With luck, at least one of The Stooges will spend that quality time with me. I don't plan to sleep through until the morning, I just need about an hour or so to recharge.
     The weather has not turned nasty, in fact, the sun has come out this afternoon. It is warm, but not oppressively hot outside so I should be comfortable enough when I get out of the shower and take my nap. Hal (person) hasn't come back from work yet, but I guess that he had some errands that he had to take care of after work.

     Hal (person) made it home, and sure enough he had gone to the store after he left work. Now I can completely relax and get ready for that shower and nap I promised myself.