Dreamer's World July 15 2016 - Project Fi Update

After approximately 2 weeks of using Project Fi, I figured it was time for an update. I absolutely LOVE the service! With the exception of the battery life on the Nexus 5X, which I expected, everything is outstanding. Even the Nexus 5X battery issue can be overcome by having a charger handy if you are out. The camera on the Nexus 5X continues to truly amaze me. I read lots of reviews that stated the camera was sub-par, but I have not found that to be the case, I am more than happy with the results I have.

I have had zero problems making or receiving calls on the Nexus 5X. Everything sounds sharp and clear with no distortion. The only hassle is I switched my Google Voice number to this phone so most people I know don't recognize the phone nuumber and I have to leave them messages before they will call me back, but that is something I take the responsibility for.
     As for the Project Fi pricing, I am extremely pleased. I signed up for 3GB of data, and at the halfway point in this first billing cycle, I am at 0.2 GB used without making any change to the usage of the Nexus 5X as compared to the iPhone with my current provider.
This means that my current $50 Project Fi plan can be scaled back to as low as $30 in the future, which will save me even more once I get out of the obligation to my current provider. This will give me well over $100 in savings per month.

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