Dreamer's World July 23 2016 - Removing myself from the News Cycle

As the first step in my 2-day quest for peace on a personal level, I am going to take the time to write about things that are solely about my life and not as much about the world around me. As I woke up and rolled around in bed this morning I wanted to find a subject that would allow me to do this. Fortunately, the subject/s were right all over me and they are The Stooges.
First of all, there is Spartacus. He is the elder cat and has been with us ever since he was a tiny kitten. Spartacus is now nearly 16 years old. He has never been mistreated or abused. He has always known love and affection and it shows with him every day.
We adopted Spartacus soon after my Mother had passed away. I chose the name because Spartacus was the runt of the litter. Actually, we also adopted his brother Maxwell at the time. Sadly, Maxwell left us last December due to illness.
Spartacus was heartbroken when Maxwell died. He had never been without his brother, and it showed for about 2 weeks. It was a huge adjustment for him, and both Hal (person) and I tried to help him through it as best we could.
Spartacus has always been more of Hal’s (person) little friend due to the dynamics of things through the years. When Hal (person) retired several years ago it meant that he and Spartacus spent much more time together. To this day even though I work from home now, Spartacus will always find his way onto Hal’s (person) lap before he will onto mine.

Spartacus will be 16 next year and that is an important event because it closely aligns with how many years Hal (person) and I have been together. Spartacus has moved with us multiple times and has always known that home is wherever we are all together. Spartacus has never known anything but life with us, and we love him dearly.
Next up is the Diva, Stevie Nicks. We adopted Stevie Nicks in 2011 after my wonderful cat U.K. passed away at the age of 19. Stevie Nicks’ past isn’t quite clear. She was about a year old when we adopted her. We suspect that she might have spent part of her life on the street, but we just aren’t sure. She is a wonderful girl, playful and mischievous in so many ways. She became the Alpha cat once she arrived here. Stevie Nicks took time in adjusting to the surroundings with Spartacus and Maxwell. That is because introducing a female into the mix was always going to be rather tricky, but she has fir in nicely ever since. For anyone who thinks that a cat can manage to fit into their name, Stevie Nicks is the diva to prove it.
Finally, we come to Hal The Cat. When Maxwell died, we went by the local shelter. We did this because we were sad and because we knew that we would adopt another cat in time, but we didn’t realize it would be so soon. Hal The Cat already had his name when Hal (person) ran into him at the animal shelter. Ever since I have had to distinguish between the two when I write :)
Hal The Cat was a true stray. He was estimated at 2 years old, He instantly formed a bond with Hal (person). The funny thing was that Hal (person) never bothered to look at the name tag to see who he was so enthralled with :)
Hal The Cat took some time to adjust to life with us. While Spartacus accepted him without any trouble, Stevie Nicks turned into raging diva and made Hal The Cat miserable for almost a week before she finally relented and realized that Hal The Cat was here to stay. For the first two weeks Hal The Cat would always look around as if he suspected that somehow everything was a dream. You could see happiness, but you could also see doubt. Since he had been a stray, we believe that he might have been the target of abuse because he is jet black. Trusting is something that Hal The Cat was able to do instantly, but there was some hesitation in him that took a while to lose.
Hal The Cat is a happy member of the family now. He has become my buddy along with Stevie Nicks. Both Hal The Cat and Stevie Nicks treat Spartacus with respect, which is nice because Spartacus deserves his own peace and quiet at his age.
I honestly do feel much better today as I keep my energy focused on things here. This is the peace I have been working for.

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