24 March 2017

Dreamer's World March 23 2017 - Getting Closer To The Weekend

Thursday has arrived and I am happy to be one more day closer to the weekend. Hopefully the weather will warm up tomorrow and over the weekend so it will be truly enjoyable. I am looking forward to finishing work this afternoon although I have to take Hal (person) to work and then pick him up this evening.
While Hal is at work I will stop to get some more e-juice for my vaping, and then I will practice guitar before going to pick him up. I feel better about my practicing now, the callouses are starting to form on my fingertips. They still are tender, but I don’t overdo things.
I did order a gig bag that will hold both electric guitars. I ordered it from Sweetwater Music, the same store that I got my left-handed Jackson guitar from since they have been completely supportive since I began this journey. I will keep practicing and learning more as time goes on. I am looking forward to the new place where I will be able to make ROOM to practice more comfortably. THe apartment is now slowly filling with boxes and space that was already scarce is becoming harder and harder to find. At least by this time next month we will be in the new apartment and setting things up. One of my priorities will be to have a space in one of the rooms where I can have a place to practice without being squeezed to death at the same time.

At any rate, the move will eventually happen. We are both looking forward to the new place and will do our best to make it our home along with The Stooges. Each day that passes makes me more ready to move and get this over with. I will not miss the fire station less than a block away and all the resulting noise, that is for certain.

Dreamer's World March 23 2017 - Daily Prompt "Symptom"


The Daily Prompt is “Symptom”. The indicator that something is wrong. IT could be physical, as most people would automatically think when they see this word, but it can also mean other aspects as well. A “symptom” is just the visual indicator that something is going on. Whether it be the look that someone has when they are planning a surprise party for you that you don’t know about. You notice something is different in their mood and actions but all it tells you is that there is something going on that you don’t know about.

22 March 2017

Dreamer's World March 22 2017 - Something To Be Grateful For

    I am extremely grateful this morning. I have finally paid off the loan on the Beetle and my next paycheck will be fatter as a result. I still remember the trepidation I felt 5 years ago when I obtained the money to get the Beetle. It seemed like a long way into the future, but now it is behind me and the Beetle is still running fine 5 years later.
I did manage to get through the day at work as Hal (person) continues to pack boxes all around me. I even got in 30 minutes of guitar practice after work without too much difficulty. I admit that I am slowly getting more comfortable learning the song that I set out to learn. The dexterity is developing in my fingers and I will keep the practice routine going as often as possible. I am hoping to make this a daily routine, we will see if that holds up.

Dreamer's World March 22 2017 - Daily Prompt "Acceptance"

The Daily Prompt is “Acceptance”. This is one of the most powerful and important words we have. I don’t mean that “acceptance” should only imply that we cannot change things and should just be content with how they are. I use the word “acceptance” to signify that we cannot delude ourselves about conditions, and that by “accepting” reality we can then work to change it because we then understand the point from which we are starting the process of change.

It is impossible to better ourselves or our society by ignoring what actually “is”. There has to be a point at which we rebel against the way things are, otherwise all effort is wasted.

21 March 2017

Dreamer’s World MS Word to Blog Test Post

This is a test to determine how well I can post from Word to Wordpress and Blogger without a lot of reformatting and cutting and pasting.

Dreamer's World March 21 2017 - Feeling Better

Thankfully I was able to sleep last night. It came as a huge relief for me because by the time I got home after picking Hal up from work at 2130, I was almost dead on my feet. I deliberately waited until after getting back home to take a nice shower and that helped me to feel more refreshed and ready for bed. I hope that the unwelcome visitor (insomnia) has left for good because the visit was unpleasant.
Today has started out cloudy and dreary with the forecast to remain this way for the rest of the day. For once I want to stay at home after work is over this afternoon and try to practice guitar and go to bed a little bit earlier than normal if at all possible.
The guitar practicing is coming along nicely. I am becoming more comfortable with the song that I am trying to learn one riff at a time. I am very patient with this because I know that it will take lots of practice in order to play the song proficiently. The main thing is to not lose my motivation. Another key factor is knowing when not to practice. If I am too exhausted, I know that practice will not go well and that I will end up frustrated. Since I am not on a deadline, I can factor this into my normal attempts to practice for at least 30 minutes per day. This goes much more smoothly when I feel good and am not exhausted.
I hope that today stays relatively calm at work. I have several projects going right now in addition to my writing and learning the guitar on the personal side. Planning for the upcoming move is also taking more and more of my time as we enter the last month before the big day. I am doing all that I can to keep juggling these efforts and prioritizing them as circumstances change. It does make life more interesting to be sure.
One of the things that is rapidly approaching us here in preparation of the move will be the Purge. This is when Hal and I decide on what NOT to take with us. We always try to give as much to charity as possible rather than just throwing things away, but there are always some items which we just put with the trash. This helps us to minimize the extra stuff that we have to account for each time we move. With the way that Hal is already boxing things up, it had better happen soon.

Thankfully, today has gone smoothly. I will see if Hal does want to do anything when I am finished here at work. Other than that, I have these last meetings to go through before I quit for the day at 1600. I will do whatever he wants to do. I will make about 15-30 minutes tonight to practice guitar as well before bedtime.

Dreamer's World March 21 2017 - Daily Prompt "Minimal"

The Daily Prompt is “Minimal”. How much do we really need in our lives? Is there a point at which we accumulate so much that we finally will scream “ENOUGH”? I begin to doubt this because we are living in a materialistic world and are constantly being bombarded with messages describing what total and complete failures we must be because we don’t have the latest and greatest of this or that.
I know of people my age who have pursued the “American Dream” as much as they possible can. Now in their early 50s, many of them have houses that they are still paying for and so much shit that their garages are overflowing and they cannot park their cars in them. I asked about the situation and was always told that they kept what they needed. I find this extremely hard to believe, and it flies in the face of what “Minimal” is all about.
We are drowning in stuff we don’t need. I always enjoy watching the TV show “Tiny House Nation” because this is always the toughest part of the show for the people who are willing to downsize their lives. They quickly come to the realization that they simply cannot account for everything that they have in order to justify keeping it. This is a good exercise that we can all go through from time to time. Because I have never bought a house, I always go through a purge of items whenever we move from one apartment to another. Items that haven’t been used or unboxed from previous moves are always the first things to go. I find that the 6-month rule is a good one to follow:
If you haven’t used something for 6 months, what is the justification for keeping it any longer?

For this reason “Minimal” is a dirty word for too many people. The association of material possessions with success is a hard one to break, but the freedom that comes after the effort is truly amazing.

20 March 2017

Dreamer's World March 20 2017 - An Unwelcome Visitor

Last night brought an unwelcome visitor. Insomnia showed up without being invited and spent the night tormenting me. I simply could not fall asleep at all, not matter what I tried or how much I wanted to. This means that I am starting Monday feeling like shit.
Insomnia has not shown up here for many months. I have no idea why it chose last night to barge into my life again. If I could prevent it from ever appearing again, I would gladly do so because it just takes the life and energy out of me.
It doesn’t matter that I had this unwelcome visitor last night. I still have to get through today and make the best of it.
I made it through the day without collapsing. This is just as well since I have to take Hal to work and then pick him up later this evening. I am trying to finish things here at work and stay busy rather than give exhaustion a chance to catch up with me. I already have some exercises lined up for guitar practice while Hal is at work and that should keep me occupied.

I really hope that there is no unwelcome visitor this evening.

Dreamer's World March 20 2017 - Daily Prompt "Label"

The Daily Prompt is “Label”. A “label” is something that we seem to spend our entire lives either pursuing or trying to escape. As small children we are “naughty” or “nice”. When we start school we are either “smart” “average” or “dumb”. By the time we get to high school we are “jocks” or “nerds” or “popular” or “cool” or “losers” or whatever.
We can be “pleasant” or “disagreeable”. We can be “beautiful” or “handsome” or “average” or “unattractive” or “fugly”. We are constantly at the mercy of those who place labels on us. It seems only fair because we do the same to those around us. Don’t deny it, even those who try so hard not to are just “tolerant” or “polite”.
Why do we have to put each other into categories using “labels”? It is something that we are taught from an early age. While we are taught to be individuals, that lesson often erases the knowledge that we all have more in common than we realize. By the time we come to understand this we are faced with trying to undo a lifetime of labeling others and either accepting or rejecting the labels placed upon us.
The whole concept of labeling people is fucked up because if it were so awesome and terrific, no one would ever reject a label that has been placed on them by others. By trying to convince someone else that they have mislabeled us we spend time that should be used to better ourselves, so there is little or no value in the whole concept of labeling each other.
I am sure by now that I have acquired several labels from those reading this. Have fun assigning a label to me because it doesn’t affect me in the least.

A song to remind us:

19 March 2017

Dreamer's World March 19 2017 - A Blue Day

I am waiting for the UK game this afternoon. This is a game that has me nervous since the opponent, Wichita State, is tremendously talented and very capable of beating UK if UK fails to take them seriously. An ongoing concern about this UK team is the lack of 40 minutes of real intensity. They seem to play to the level of their competition far too often and most recently this has meant that they play to a lower level than one would expect from them.
I hope that UK manages to find a way to cure this lackadaisical attitude that has plagued them since late January because now is not the time to suffer from a lapse in either concentration or effort. A loss now means that the season is over with. Whatever happens will happen regardless of how I feel. I am not on the team, nor am I on the court to make an actual difference. Instead, I will watch and suffer and hopefully rejoice at the end of the game.
As for myself, I am rather tired today. I think that the dinner from last night disagreed with me slightly. I am staying home and resting before and after the game. I hope to get a good night of sleep as well so I am watching my BG extra closely today.

The basketball game was one of the best that I have seen in a long time. Thankfully, UK managed to pull out a 65-62 win and is on to the Sweet 16. I managed to not lose my mind only because I deliberately broke away from the #BBN group on Twitter. They were working on my last nerve with the whining about officiating and how everything was stacked against them. I watched the second half of the game and was able to simply enjoy it for the great game that it was.
Hal (person) just got home from work and says that he has no plans to do anything this evening other than to rest. I am still tired, so I won’t object to this. I will probably skip the guitar practice for this evening and resume tomorrow while Hal is at work in the evening. So we will be here for a quiet night at home before bed. The last thing I need right now is more basketball. Instead we will watch Bette and Joan later and then get ready for bed.

Tomorrow marks the 5 week point before we move. I am looking forward to the new place already and so is Hal.

Dreamer's World March 19 2017 - Daily Prompt "Conquer"

The Daily Prompt is “Conquer”. I like this word because it signifies that one has overcome the obstacles and succeeded at a task. The military connotations of this word are rather obvious, but I prefer to use “conquer” in a personal context as it relates to daily life.

The struggle to “conquer” is the important thing. This is where we learn the lessons that will help us along the way as life goes on.

18 March 2017

Dreamer's World March 18 2017 - Saturday

Today has been both relaxing and wonderful. I did manage to get out earlier today and took care of some errands. After Hal (person) got home, we had a nice dinner and are relaxing at home now.
I also took some time to practice on the guitar while Hal was at work and I will do so again tomorrow, although tomorrow I will be scheduling things around the UK game in the afternoon.

Nothing more to report from here. I just wanted to get something down for the day in order to keep my daily posting up to speed.

Dreamer's World March 18 2017 - Daily Prompt "Controversy"


The Daily Prompt is “Controversy”. A word that means conflict and a disagreement on something that has happened. The presidency of Der RimpenFuhrer is an example.

17 March 2017

Dreamer's World March 17 2017 - A Perfect Way To End The Week

Friday is always a great day. Today is even better because it is St. Patrick’s Day and also March Madness. UK plays this evening and I will be watching intently even though it will be a late game. My hope is to finish work without incident this afternoon, grab some dinner and possibly go out if Hal (person) wants to, and then relax at home for the game. Unlike some people, if there is any adult beverage consumption, it will be at home so I don't have to worry about driving.
I might manage to find time to practice guitar, but I have to admit that it doesn’t seem likely especially if Hal wants to do something after work. If I cannot practice today, I will definitely do so tomorrow. In the meantime, the day will be busy with work.
The weather is slowly warming up after the late winter storm earlier this week. Hopefully the weekend itself will be sunny and warmer so I can enjoy it even more.
    Hal told me that he didn't want to go anywhere when I finished work. This means I will be stuck here at home even though I would have​ loved to get out for a little while. I might try to practice on the guitar later, but honestly the desire isn't there right now. I know this is because I really wanted to get out, and although I'm not really sulking, it could easily be seen in that way. I just enjoy getting out after working from home all day because, after all, I do work from home.

I will simply do my best to get out tomorrow and enjoy the day while Hal is at work.

Dreamer's World March 17 2017 - Daily Prompt "Luck"

The Daily Prompt is “Luck”. I have always believed that “luck” is what you make of things around you. I am not a spiritual person, but I do support the notion of karma. Whatever you do to others will eventually come back to you. It is often a long and drawn-out process, but if you are kind and decent and supportive of others you will find those people who will treat you in the same way.
Life is full of people who fail to understand this “luck” or karma. They go through life on a never-ending quest to accumulate more of everything, regardless of how their behavior impacts others. They often see other people as nothing more than impediments standing in the way of what they want. Therefore people are treated like disposable objects.
If you live your life in this way, you may enjoy some short-term gain, but you will never find happiness. These people might become rich but they find themselves surrounded only by people who cannot be trusted because they also see others as nothing more than opportunities to be exploited.
I suppose I see “luck” very differently than I see greed. Someone who works hard and obtains success really cannot attribute their success to “luck”. It is a result of their hard work and dedication. How they get there is the key. If they trample others on the way, the karma will eventually come back to them in a negative way. If they succeed by improving themselves and others at the same time, then their karma will be different and more pleasant.

Remember that “luck” really exists only in your own mind. Also remember that karma can be a real bitch.

Dreamer's World March 16 2017 - A Much-Needed Day Off


This has been a day where I could not find the time to really write. I spent the day traveling to and from my dentist and chiropractor. My neck is still sore after the adjustment as I type this evening and get ready for bed. I hope that tomorrow I will have more time and feel better.

Dreamer's World March 16 2017 - Daily Prompt "Massive"


The Daily Prompt is “Massive”, and that means huge. It doesn’t have to refer to a physical thing, it can mean our perception of something. I can safely say that the disappointment of not feeling up to writing yesterday was, indeed, “massive”.

15 March 2017

Dreamer's World March 15 2017 - Daily Prompt "Instinct"

The Daily Prompt is “Instinct”. The trend of introspective prompts continues. “Instinct” is the most basic level of behavior and understanding that there is, which makes it rather tricky to define. We tend to think of ourselves as mature, sophisticated human beings when we are basically just evolved animals. We can easily see what we call “instinct” by watching other animals and observing their behavior, but we do so while completely forgetting that we also function on “instinct” whether we want to admit to it or not. We see another animal fight to defend its territory and we clinically observe that behavior. We, as human beings, fight wars to protect our country. Isn’t this the same thing? We just put different terms onto the same behavior.

We do have our own peculiar “instincts” that separate us from the other animals. My favorite is the cell phone. I find it rather amusing that an “instinct” we have developed in the recent past is that we cannot function for more than a few minutes without checking our cell phones just in case we miss a call because we forgot to turn the ringer volume ON, or we might have missed a text. Worse yet we might have missed a FaceBook post of a kitten that is adorable because it is behaving exactly as a kitten should, that is to say that the kitten is following its own “instinct”.

Dreamer's World March 15 2017 - Still Exhausted, But Good News On The Guitar

I tried going to bed early last night. I simply could not relax and get any quality sleep. I dozed off a few times, but was always awake again within 2 hours at the most. I saw midnight, 0200, and then 0400 on the alarm clock. After the 0400 wake up, I could not get back to sleep at all before the alarm sounded at 0600. Therefore, I will be sleepwalking through this day at work and hoping for an industrial dose of caffeine to keep me going.
The weather has improved, that is to say that is is not sleeting and snowing like yesterday. It is still very cold outside, but I am determined to get out at the end of the workday. I might go to Guitar Center and check out some gig bags for the new guitar if we don’t do anything else. The main complication with the new guitar is that it is left-handed, and the Jackson headstock makes it important to find the right gig bag to store it in. I don’t want any damage to this guitar so protecting it with the right case/gig bag is extremely important to me. Since we are moving in less than 6 weeks this becomes even more important to me. I plan to transport my musical gear in the Beetle rather than turn it over to the movers at any rate.
Guitar Center might have something that I like and can afford. If not, I can always go through Sweetwater Music, the place that I purchased the guitar from in the first place.
Jackson JS32L Dinky Headstock.jpg
I know that it sounds pompous to say that I have a personal rep at Sweetwater, but I like the way that they conduct their business. Whenever you contact them for the first time, the person that you speak to becomes your dedicated rep whenever you deal with the company. You get their phone and email rather than the corporate bullshit from other companies. This personal touch means a lot.
I am dreading the afternoon meetings that will drag on forever. At least I know that I will have tomorrow off for a dental and a chiropractic appointment. I know that I will feel better after seeing the chiropractor, and hopefully the dentist visit won’t be too bad.
We did go out late in the afternoon, after I had finished work and I did pick up a case at Guitar Center that will suit my needs for the time being. When we got home I spent about 45 minutes practicing on the new left-handed guitar and it felt amazing! I made much more progress than I have using the right-handed guitar like I have in the past. I am now more certain than ever that the purchase was the right thing to do.
Now it is time to get a shower and prepare for bed. I hope that everyone will have a great night and a better tomorrow!

Dreamer's World Narch 14 2017 - Lots of Sleet And Freezing Rain, But I Got My Guitar Last Night

This is a day when I am grateful to work from home. The Winter Storm did not dump a massive amount of snow on us so far, but we have gotten something worse. We have had freezing rain and sleet falling here all night that has been mixed with snow and this will make things even more dangerous as the day goes along.
Almost everything is closed. Schools, business and even the Federal Government is on a 3-hour delay this morning although I suspect that most people will take leave rather than attempt to drive in this mess. With these conditions expected to continue through the afternoon, I am expecting some major power outages around here.
Last night when I went to bed I could hear the freezing rain and sleet hitting the window and I knew that today was going to be awful. The power has already gone out at least once overnight because the microwave clock was blinking at me this morning when I entered the kitchen. The first thing that I did after waking up was to turn the heat up so we won’t freeze if the power does go out. Thankfully, the local power company is very good about getting power back on quickly when things like this do happen. It is hard to tell exactly how much snow we did receive last night, the main factor is the freezing rain and sleet.

On the bright side, after I took Hal to work yesterday evening, I did stop at the FedEx office and picked up the new Jackson JS32L Dinky guitar. The pics are from when I got it home and I had not attached the whammy bar.

Of course, Stevie Nicks thought that the new guitar was just for her.
I didn’t get the chance to practice on the new guitar, hopefully I can do so after work today. I am glad that it arrived yesterday and is not stuck in delivery with this nasty weather. Knowing me, I would have foolishly ventured out to pick the guitar up if it had arrived today. The only thing lacking is a decent case/bag for the guitar since it is a left-handed model and some cases and bags just done allow the guitar to fit comfortably in them. I will probably visit Guitar Center over the next few days and check out what they have in stock. I have already Googled a few cases and think that I have a good idea what I am looking for.
I spent some time today emailing my Sweetwater Music tech about a good case for the guitar. It is so nice to have a person that represents me whenever I have a question rather than being shifted from one person to another. This is the reason I will continue to go through Sweetwater Music for all my future needs.
The bad thing about working on a day like this is the constant and unending stream of meetings that go on because the people running them are on the West Coast and not affected by any of the winter weather. At least I don’t have to be out in the weather trying to get back and forth to an office and then get drawn into all these afternoon meetings. I honestly believe that there are far too many people who are in “process-worship” mode when it comes to these meetings. There are far too many of them, in my opinion.
I am still tired today. I will do my best to get to bed early this evening, but first I want to practice on the new guitar for about an hour or so if I am not completely exhausted by then. I have already decided that I am going to skip my travel tomorrow to meet with the client. Since this is a weekly affair there is no problem with me letting them know that I won’t be there occasionally. I am going to enjoy the evening regardless of the weather.
A brief burst of snow was followed by an outbreak of sunshine this afternoon. I do hope that the temperature will warm up enough to melt some of this stuff before nightfall and the resulting temperature drop back below freezing. A brief discussion with Hal (person) has indicated that we have no plans to go out regardless if the weather warms up or not this afternoon after work. This is OK with me although there are a few things that I would like to do, but there is nothing that cannot wait until another day.

Dreamer's World March 14 2017 - Daily Prompt "Immerse"


The Daily Prompt is “Immerse”. To completely submerge oneself into something that has a passionate interest for the person. I “immerse” myself in many interests and hobbies, including music and writing. “Immerse” gives me an image of calm and serenity like I was floating in a pool without a care in the world. It is a comforting word to me.

14 March 2017

Dreamer's World March 13 2017 - Daily Prompt "Record"


The Daily Prompt is “Record”. An interesting word that means you have left proof of something that you did that others can see. I was thinking at first about a “record” in the sense of what we used to play music on, then I realized the double-meaning of the word. We can “record” something to preserve evidence of it, and that therefore becomes a “record”. If you are old enough to remember, the “record” just spins round and round from one meaning to another.

Dreamer's World March 13 2017 - Waiting For The Winter Storm

Monday has arrived as we await whatever the onrushing winter storm will deliver to us starting tonight. We are getting forecasts from 2-10” of snow and won’t know for certain how much we will get until it stops snowing and they can measure it. Typical DC weather forecast.
I found out that the delivery of my new guitar has been accelerated and I might get it today if I am lucky. I will have to go the FedEx office here in Alexandria this evening after I take Hal (person) to work. Of course all of those things depend on the weather as well.
As lunchtime approaches, the skies are mostly clear with the snow expected to begin later tonight. Hopefully, this will allow me to take Hal to work and pick him up before the weather turns nasty as well as pick up my new guitar while he is at work.
Meanwhile, things are rather busy at work. This is good because it keeps my mind occupied. I am still tired from the weekend time change for some reason, although I know that part of this is due to wanting the new guitar to arrive here at last since I am looking forward to trying it out. As 1500 arrives, the skies are still mostly clear but the snow isn’t forecast to arrive until around 2200 or so this evening.

I am starting the last hour here at work really looking forward to the end of said hour. This week will be rather busy although I do have all day Thursday off for a dental and then a chiropractic appointment. It helps to have some time off to get myself centered again and back into a better frame of mind.

12 March 2017

Dreamer's World March 12 2017 - Adjusting to The Day

I already mentioned the difficulties with starting the day after changing the clocks and losing an hour of sleep. I managed to make sure that Hal (person) got off to work on time (I think) and now is the time for me to try and get myself straightened out to get things done today. I will be going out for lunch in a while after I take a shower and feel more alive once again.
Evening is now rolling in although is more daylight. I am going to get some rest and prepare for tomorrow at work and for trhe oncoming winter storm