Dreamer's World March 8 2017 - Looking Forward To An Afternoon Off

I have been burning the candle at both ends for too long. I know that I am becoming careless as my exhaustion increases with each day on the job. I have wanted to save as much time off as I can because of the upcoming move in about 6 weeks. Now I realize that plan will not succeed without me taking some time off for myself first.
I have worked extra hours in order to take tomorrow afternoon off for no reason other than my own mental health. I normally will take a Thursday afternoon when I have some type of appointment, but tomorrow will be just time for me. I need this time and probably more before the move actually happens.

I recently purchased another guitar and am waiting for it to arrive at the vendor for the initial setup before it is delivered to me. THe exact date for the vendor to receive it is still undetermined, so the delivery date for me is still undetermined as well. The main thing that made me want to get another guitar was the fact that I am predominantly left-handed. The guitar that I have is a standard right-handed model, but when I was watching some guitar videos I saw several that featured left-handed players and I found myself thinking that it just looked more natural to play that way. Since I found the guitar that was aesthetically pleasing to me and also within a budget, I decided to take the plunge and if it works out, I can always sell the old guitar.

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