Dreamer's World March 23 2017 - Getting Closer To The Weekend

Thursday has arrived and I am happy to be one more day closer to the weekend. Hopefully the weather will warm up tomorrow and over the weekend so it will be truly enjoyable. I am looking forward to finishing work this afternoon although I have to take Hal (person) to work and then pick him up this evening.
While Hal is at work I will stop to get some more e-juice for my vaping, and then I will practice guitar before going to pick him up. I feel better about my practicing now, the callouses are starting to form on my fingertips. They still are tender, but I don’t overdo things.
I did order a gig bag that will hold both electric guitars. I ordered it from Sweetwater Music, the same store that I got my left-handed Jackson guitar from since they have been completely supportive since I began this journey. I will keep practicing and learning more as time goes on. I am looking forward to the new place where I will be able to make ROOM to practice more comfortably. THe apartment is now slowly filling with boxes and space that was already scarce is becoming harder and harder to find. At least by this time next month we will be in the new apartment and setting things up. One of my priorities will be to have a space in one of the rooms where I can have a place to practice without being squeezed to death at the same time.

At any rate, the move will eventually happen. We are both looking forward to the new place and will do our best to make it our home along with The Stooges. Each day that passes makes me more ready to move and get this over with. I will not miss the fire station less than a block away and all the resulting noise, that is for certain.

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