Dreamer's World March 13 2017 - Waiting For The Winter Storm

Monday has arrived as we await whatever the onrushing winter storm will deliver to us starting tonight. We are getting forecasts from 2-10” of snow and won’t know for certain how much we will get until it stops snowing and they can measure it. Typical DC weather forecast.
I found out that the delivery of my new guitar has been accelerated and I might get it today if I am lucky. I will have to go the FedEx office here in Alexandria this evening after I take Hal (person) to work. Of course all of those things depend on the weather as well.
As lunchtime approaches, the skies are mostly clear with the snow expected to begin later tonight. Hopefully, this will allow me to take Hal to work and pick him up before the weather turns nasty as well as pick up my new guitar while he is at work.
Meanwhile, things are rather busy at work. This is good because it keeps my mind occupied. I am still tired from the weekend time change for some reason, although I know that part of this is due to wanting the new guitar to arrive here at last since I am looking forward to trying it out. As 1500 arrives, the skies are still mostly clear but the snow isn’t forecast to arrive until around 2200 or so this evening.

I am starting the last hour here at work really looking forward to the end of said hour. This week will be rather busy although I do have all day Thursday off for a dental and then a chiropractic appointment. It helps to have some time off to get myself centered again and back into a better frame of mind.

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