Dreamer's World March 15 2017 - Still Exhausted, But Good News On The Guitar

I tried going to bed early last night. I simply could not relax and get any quality sleep. I dozed off a few times, but was always awake again within 2 hours at the most. I saw midnight, 0200, and then 0400 on the alarm clock. After the 0400 wake up, I could not get back to sleep at all before the alarm sounded at 0600. Therefore, I will be sleepwalking through this day at work and hoping for an industrial dose of caffeine to keep me going.
The weather has improved, that is to say that is is not sleeting and snowing like yesterday. It is still very cold outside, but I am determined to get out at the end of the workday. I might go to Guitar Center and check out some gig bags for the new guitar if we don’t do anything else. The main complication with the new guitar is that it is left-handed, and the Jackson headstock makes it important to find the right gig bag to store it in. I don’t want any damage to this guitar so protecting it with the right case/gig bag is extremely important to me. Since we are moving in less than 6 weeks this becomes even more important to me. I plan to transport my musical gear in the Beetle rather than turn it over to the movers at any rate.
Guitar Center might have something that I like and can afford. If not, I can always go through Sweetwater Music, the place that I purchased the guitar from in the first place.
Jackson JS32L Dinky Headstock.jpg
I know that it sounds pompous to say that I have a personal rep at Sweetwater, but I like the way that they conduct their business. Whenever you contact them for the first time, the person that you speak to becomes your dedicated rep whenever you deal with the company. You get their phone and email rather than the corporate bullshit from other companies. This personal touch means a lot.
I am dreading the afternoon meetings that will drag on forever. At least I know that I will have tomorrow off for a dental and a chiropractic appointment. I know that I will feel better after seeing the chiropractor, and hopefully the dentist visit won’t be too bad.
We did go out late in the afternoon, after I had finished work and I did pick up a case at Guitar Center that will suit my needs for the time being. When we got home I spent about 45 minutes practicing on the new left-handed guitar and it felt amazing! I made much more progress than I have using the right-handed guitar like I have in the past. I am now more certain than ever that the purchase was the right thing to do.
Now it is time to get a shower and prepare for bed. I hope that everyone will have a great night and a better tomorrow!

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