29 September 2016

Dreamer's World September 29 2016 - The Police ARE THE PROBLEM

It seems like every single day we wake up to find a new hashtag trending to represent yet another Black American killed by the police somewhere in the country. I am sick and tired of the BULLSHIT excuses for the police conduct. I am sick and tired of the stories being stretched past the point of believability in order to attempt to justify these EXECUTIONS.
I am sick and tired of the MSM ignoring the problem of police that are not properly trained on how to de-escalate a situation, rather they are put on the street with the equivalent of a license to kill with their police status being a get-out-of-jail card that is always played.
I am sick and tired of hearing RWNJ lunatics saying that “if everyone obeyed the police, these shootings would stop”. The stupid is thick with these people. The streets are littered with the dead bodies of Black American men and women who did as they were told and were still EXECUTED by the police.
I am sick and tired of the MSM always trying to protect the police from criticism. The argument that most cops are good is BULLSHIT. If that is true, then why are there no “good” cops calling out those who are the “bad’ ones?
I am sick and tired of the attacks on BLM. BLM did not cause these problems, BLM is the result of these problems being left alone and unchecked for far too long. The refusal to open a dialogue between the police and BLM rest squarely on the police for refusing to do so.
I am sick and tired of seeing people protesting for justice labeled as “thugs” and “troublemakers” by people who have never had the full force of the law directed at them because of the color of their own skin. The hypocrisy is incredible with these people.
I am sick and tired of any attempt to protest the actions of the police being interpreted by the MSM and RWNJ as “anti-American”. This behavior is an example of racism at its worst. People cannot protest, people cannot march, people cannot demand justice, people cannot kneel during a song. In other words the people who hate all of these actions are perfectly happy to let the carnage go on unchecked because the victims are black.
I wish I could remember the person who said this in order to give them credit, but what they said was in response to the controversy over Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem. The person said “Apparently we cannot take a knee, but we have to take a bullet”. Very true words that accurately reflect how fucked up our priorities really are. The police are given the widest possible latitude for their crimes, but anyone who protests has to fit into an increasingly small category in order to avoid being labeled as a “thug”.
I am sick and tired of writing this post. I want to see a world where the police are held completely accountable for their actions, and where those actions are reviewed and changes made in order to prevent yet another hashtag.
I am sick and tired of the police being absolved from any responsibility for these EXECUTIONS while the victims are slandered. The problem has to be solved.

Sadly, I am not holding my breath that things will change. Those in power want us at each other’s throats in order to distract from the problems that they themselves profit from.

28 September 2016

Dreamer's World September 28 2016 - A Really Different Day

As I made my trip to the client’s office this morning, I was struck by the sense of finality regarding a friend who lost his job this last week. He had welcomed me when I first arrived over 10 years ago even though he worked for a different contractor, the first of several that he worked for through the ensuing years. As I walked past his workstation, everything was sterile. There were no signs at all that he had ever been there. This was rather unnerving because when the client relocated their offices in 2011, my friend was one of the fortunate ones who went to the new office with them. The workstation has never had another occupant and it seems wrong somehow that he isn’t there any longer.
I have circulated my friend’s resume to my company and a few others that I know of in the hopes that he will be picked up soon. He is a great team player and a valuable asset for any group to have. Sadly, money is the factor that makes everything happen in this fucked-up world, and he is at the mercy of factors that he cannot control. Everyone has their budgets that govern what they can and cannot do, who they can and cannot hire, etc. This makes things no easier on him. I am sure that the head of my friend’s last company will not have to sacrifice too much because so many of his loyal employees are now out of jobs. Rich bastards always take care of themselves first and fuck over everyone else that they can.
I hope that something opens up for him in the very near future. Perhaps the client will find a way to bring him onboard as a part of their own team, but I have no idea what the chances of that truly are. At least he won’t be destitute because he did retire from the Navy and has his retirement to help out with things until a new job comes along. I know that it won’t be easy on him, but I will give him the emotional support he needs as long as I can.
Things like this also make me think about the “American Dream” syndrome that everyone wants to believe in. Hal (person) and I refer to it as the “American Nightmare” because it is nothing but a headlong pursuit of things throughout a person’s entire life. Buy a house, start a family, go back to school, do some improvement on your house so it doesn’t look worse than the neighbors. Get a new car so everyone thinks that you are doing well, redecorate your perfectly functional house in order to not appear “cheap”, Acquire so  much shit that your house cannot hold it all. All of these things are designed to do nothing more than separate someone from their income as quickly as possible with the promise that by just trying a little harder to meet the impossible goals, that you will be alright in the end. Sadly, most people end up staring at a mountain of debts and not enough time to pay them all off. You end up losing your home and your possessions that used to define you. That is the “American Nightmare” to me.
These are the thoughts that occur to me as I look at the empty workstation where my friend used to sit. I do tend to overthink things, or so I have been told on many occasions. I prefer to think that I see the world with eyes that are wide open and the blinders have been removed. I am a skeptic and a dreamer at the same time. I believe in both the best and worst that people have to offer, it is all in the perspective. I cannot see a friend hurt without it hurting me, but I can turn on a “friend” with a vengeance if they ever cross me like I could never turn on an enemy because I feel that I was violated by trusting them. In all honesty I have never reconciled with any former friends after they have turned on me for their own benefit. I cannot do that to someone, and I will not allow it to be done to me without reprisal.
And so, this is the state of my mind on Wednesday. Pretty much an ordinary day with the exception of a feeling for a friend who has had a really bad thing happen to him through no fault of his own.

27 September 2016

Dreamer's World September 27 2016 - The Happy Times

I am finally back at writing today after my 4-day weekend. I feel much better after my chiropractor appointment yesterday, as well as my dental cleaning. I managed to avoid the debate last night and for that reason alone, I am in a great mood today.
I have long passed the point of being sick and tired of this election. I wish that it was over with and that life could return to a somewhat more normal routine. Then I realized that to think that would be to run counter to my recent revelations that I am in command of my own life. The debate no longer concerns me, not because I didn’t watch, but because I refused to be drawn into the manipulation trap that dictated that everyone MUST watch the debate in the first place.
Working from home means that I am blissfully spared the water-cooler talk about what happened last night. I don’t have to justify my actions to anyone or have them try to unload their BS on me. There is so much more to life than the powers that be want you to believe. My view of the MSM is very well-known, I don’t need to repeat anything here.
Fall has arrived with a bang in the DMV. It has turned much cooler rather quickly and we are getting rain which we have really needed for some time. The abrupt 15-20 degree drop in temperature has been quite a shock, but we have to adjust because complaining about the weather will do nothing to change it. I am enjoying the cool mornings personally. It will mean that tomorrow morning when I commute to the client’s offices that I will not have to worry about sweating before I even get there.
I also found out late last week that a good friend of mine is now unemployed. The company that he works for attempted to under-bid for a renewal of their existing contract, and I believe that the client was pissed about this. My friend did nothing wrong, although I told him last year when he had to take a huge pay cut that he should immediately begin searching for another job at that time. It just goes to prove once again that greed will hurt more people than it ever helps. I am fortunate that the company that I work for has always been very concerned about their employees, and as a result, the company that I work for has an extremely high retention rate and an excellent record of winning contracts.

I am sticking to my plan of not getting drawn into the manipulation game any longer. My life is my own and I will enjoy it on my terms. Regardless of what happens, I will strive to keep a positive outlook on things and maintain my own inner peace as the world goes up in flames all around me.

25 September 2016

No Facts for Dër TrumpenFuhrer

The Trump campaign is officially opposed to truth in media https://thinkprogress.org/trump-no-factcheck-please-56950561d41c

24 September 2016

Thanks, NRA

Police Hunt Gunman Who Killed 5 at Washington Mall http://flip.it/HLbPYH

22 September 2016

Worth reading

If you don’t understand Black Lives Matter after Terence Crutcher’s death, you never will http://flip.it/SSi.tN

Dreamer's World September 22 2016 - Trying To Stay Positive

If we needed any more proof of how difficult it can be to try and maintain any type of positive outlook, today is just another example. The police continue to run amok on our streets, killing people based on the color of their skin, RWNJ hatred reacts to the news instinctively to protect the oppressors, and the MSM complies with the powers that be in shading their coverage against the victims of these endless atrocities.
Honestly, there are times when I just want snuggle up in my bed and tell the world to FUCK OFF. Sadly, while this might be an option, it is not a very good one. Until everyone says that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH this shit will continue until the system is no longer able to contain the anger. I am totally on the side of the victims of these executions because I could not live with myself if I sided with the oppressors.
I am sick to my stomach when I hear the MSM report on “property damage” rather than on the problem of police conducting executions on our streets. This is the type of oppression that we condemn unanimously when we see it happen on other parts of the world, but the terribly misguided concept of American Exceptionalism means that too many people here in this country are all too willing to silently approve of these tragedies when they happen here.
When an athlete draws attention to these problems by taking a knee during the national anthem, the instinctive RWNJ lunatics are outraged. That is the extent of their thought process. Outrage because they do not agree with something and that is the end of their short-bus mentality. They are incapable of discussing the issue of police violence without resorting to their instinctive defense of authority, which once again is the extent of their argument.
I think that the real problem is very deeply ingrained in this country. If there is no outrage when police conduct executions on our streets against people based on the color of their skin, logic leads to the conclusion that these RWNJ idiots automatically assume that all Black people are guilty and therefore deserve no justice. If this is not a textbook symptom of RACISM, I don’t know what is.
I wrote about the psychological aspects of how society and those who control it also want to control all of us. This is the result of that mindset, a nation of sheeple that will believe anything said that reinforces their instinctive reaction rather than provokes thoughtful discourse on the problem. To be perfectly blunt, this is a recipe for disaster. This nation cannot continue on its present course for much longer until the entire system itself will no longer be valid in the eyes of its own citizens. When that time comes, the charade of democracy and representative government will be taken away to reveal the corporate that has truly taken control of things. These are the people who lead through FEAR and HATRED. If we follow them, we are all doomed.
How long can a group of people be harassed, bullied, intimidated, incarcerated, and finally, EXECUTED on the streets before they rise in righteous indignation? Once that happens, I will be marching with them. My only hope is that the HATRED that drove them to it will not infect them the way that it has infected far too many white Americans, because if that is the case those white Americans will know the exact pain that they are busy inflicting right now. I say this with the somber realization that my support of the oppressed might not mean a damn thing to them because all they might see is the color of my skin. I would not have much of a defense to offer because right now, any Black American can be executed solely because of the color of their skin.

I hope that we can somehow get through this and stop the oncoming catastrophe, but for that to happen, WE ALL HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER.

20 September 2016

Dreamer's World September 20 2016 - Staying Positive

I believe that I have discovered one of the main reasons that I have had such a hard time writing recently. My back is feeling better, but still acts up from time to time, but that was something that was more of an excuse not to write. I believe that all of the negativity in the world was wearing me down. It seems impossible to find good things with all the shit that is being thrown around these days.
I have noticed that almost everything has gone downhill as the election approaches. At times, I wonder just how much worse things can get and how much worse people can be towards each other before we reach the point of irreparable harm to ourselves and each other? I am not blameless in this, I have vented my own frustrations but I have tried to keep them away from the personal hatred aspect that seems to be so popular these days.
Luckily, none of this actually involves this blog and that is why it came as a surprise to me when I realized after a particularly nasty series of online days, that all of that negative energy was sucking the life out of me. It was taking time and effort away from this blog, which I love writing. It will take some time to try and purge the negativity out of my system because it has just been stored there for so long. I believe that one of the steps I have to take has already been accomplished, and that was to turn OFF the TV and the wretched MSM. I believe that the second step will be to dial back my online presence in areas such as Twitter. I realize that there are so many people saying so many things that can make my blood boil, but reacting to them only hurts myself.
I also realize that I have neglected reading the blogs of those who have chosen to follow this one. To all of you, I admire the gift that you seem to exercise so freely. Your blogs are all wonderful examples of writing, at time my own blog seems rather dull and mundane by comparison. I want to work to improve my own blog in the hopes that it will somehow measure up more favorably against all of yours. I mean these words as a totally sincere and heartfelt compliment.
My life is my own. From that basic premise, I have to decide what makes it worthwhile. For me, I choose to try to help others, to stand up for what is right (not in the political sense), and to do what I can to make the world a better place to live in. I alone decide how I will allow others to impact my life and my feelings. There is no chance that everyone on this planet will ever agree on anything, so the best that any of us can do is to make sure that our own agendas do NOT cause harm to others in order to make ourselves more popular or powerful.
Ideas are the best weapons we have against ignorance and hatred and intolerance and injustice. Love and Respect for each other are the things that allow us to move forward together. In the past I have railed far too often about the examples of hatred, ignorance, intolerance and injustice. There are plenty of bloggers out there who do a far better job at that than I could ever hope to. I want to try to stay positive and focus on what we can all do to move forward.
I can physically feel the pent-up tension leaving me as I type this blog entry. It feels wonderful to finally get all of this off of my chest. I do not want this to be another example of attempting to start something only to have it fall apart through neglect. If you have read this far, a word of encouragement would make my day :)
At any rate, I feel like I have said what I set out to say with this post. I hope that it accomplishes something, but at least it has made me feel more at peace with myself, and that allows me to get on with my life and try to redirect my energies into more positive areas and steer clear of the negativity that was eating away at me.

I hope everyone who reads this will have a great day ;)

16 September 2016

Dreamer's World September 15 2016

Yesterday was a complete blur. I was so busy that I barely had time to eat, let alone write. It was one of those days that happens from time to time to all of us. I hope that today will be back to normal and that I can have some time to write rather than constantly responding to other people’s self-inflicted emergencies.
At the end of yesterday, Hal and I looked at a few apartments to decide whether or not to add them to our list for next Spring. I think that at least one of them will make the list. We have until May to make our minds up, but we don’t like waiting until the last minute for something so important.
I have managed to get things ready for my meeting this morning and also I got in a mile of walking. With luck I will make it to 8 miles today, although I did note that my hips were sore again before going to bed last night. The last thing I need is more back trouble before my next appointment with the chiropractor on 26 SEP.
I had an episode of hypoglycaemia last night and I became extremely frustrated with by BG meter. It is one of those that is supposed to link via BlueTooth to my phone, but whenever I am in need of a reading it always decides to mess up and I waste test strips. I am going back to my old Freestyle Precision Neo meter because it requires no coding and therefore doesn’t waste test strips for that reason. Waking up with a BG reading of 42 is not fun at all. Having to fumble with a meter that refuses to sync up using BlueTooth just made the decision that much easier.
The afternoon is slowly creeping along. I am looking forward to the late afternoon and evening together with Hal and The Stooges. Perhaps we will order pizza and spend the night together here at home. Perhaps we will just stay home tonight and not go anywhere at all. I am seriously thinking about ordering Chinese food if we stay in.
I just found out that Android 7 Nougat is finally available for my Nexus 5X and I have begun the download. I have been told that it might take a while to complete, but there is nothing else pressing at the moment. I am still very impressed with Project Fi and this will give me a chance to try out the new Android OS before the new phones are released sometime next month. Depending on the prices and more importantly on the battery life of the new phones, I might upgrade by the end of the year. I will try to give an update as things develop after a few days with Android N. At least I didn’t buy a Samsung Note 7 ;)

13 September 2016


Mosque attacks rising; civil rights group cites Islamophobia http://flip.it/P9sy5o

Dreamer's World September 13 2016

I am glad to report that I got a great night of sleep last night. Of course, this means that I am still tired this morning because I am so far behind on sleep, but I hope to catch up more tonight. It was wonderful to wake up without agonizing back pain this morning as I started work an hour earlier than normal to make up more of the time from yesterday.
I have already started my walking for today. I will do everything I can to get to 8 miles today which is my old standard. The back pain has really affected my routine since the middle of July. I don’t want to overdo things right away, but I also want to get back to normal as quickly as I can. One of the advantages to working from home is that I can get up and take walks throughout the day as long as I remain available via cell phone for work when there is nothing pressing and no meetings that I have to attend.
Hal (person) just left for a medical appointment, just a routine checkup for him so there is nothing to worry about. That leaves me here with The Stooges to keep me company for awhile. I have no external noise to distract me, the TV is OFF and I don’t have any music playing right now. I cherish the quiet times like this when the only noise is the keyboard as I type whether for work of writing here in the blog.
I was just watching Hal The Cat as he strutted down the hallway with his tail up in the air. This reminds me that life is still good, regardless of all the crap that the world will try to throw at us. A good thing to remember each and every day. It is difficult to stay out of the never-ending stream of info-porn vomit that the media subjects us to each and every day, my solution was to turn the media OFF and I am much happier and better informed than I previously was. I find other alternative sources for news as I always have, and I end up ahead of the game when it comes to knowing what is going on in the world.
Hal is back from his appointment and everything is OK. I now have some downtime this afternoon. It gives me time to make certain that I am all caught up with things and to prepare for tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, rather than my normal trip to meet with the client, I will be traveling to attend mandatory training in the morning. At least I was notified about this in advance for once, the last few sessions have happened without prior warning. Since I have to take care of this training before the end of the calendar year, I will be glad to finally get it finished and over with.
I am almost through with the day at work. Just 2 more meetings that will take me close to quitting time. I want to get things taken care of with these meetings in order to move some projects ahead for a change rather than having them blocked due to other people. It does not bother me as such, the delays are on them and not on me. I don’t take the issues personally because that is the fast way to an early grave.
I just finished mile 5 of 8 for today. 3 more to go. I don’t know if Hal (person) will want to do anything after work. It is too early for him to commit right now. I will check with him later and then let the rest of the evening roll on whatever happens. I really hope to get another good night of sleep tonight, I can certainly use it.
As I have finished for the day, I am just waiting for Hal (person) to finish with his V-Time app on his phone. He uses this quite a bit and I don’t want to disturb him right now. I have completed over 6 of my 8 miles so far today and I will definitely meet my goal today. As far as going anywhere, I seriously doubt that we will since Hal is still busy talking with friends. This is OK with me, it gives me time to write and relax for awhile. There will be other evenings for us to do something together. Life is too short to rush him into anything that he isn’t ready to do right now.

While Hal is talking, I will play some music to relax myself. Later this week or this weekend, I will get my guitar out again and resume practicing and learning to play it. One thing at a time is the best way to approach things as far as I am concerned.

I could never go back to Kentucky. Glad I left years ago.

Do We Face a Threat of Armed Sedition? http://flip.it/FKJSJb
The NCAA and NBA moved events out of North Carolina. ACC Championship next? http://flip.it/X0sOzJ
Clinton’s health is Obama’s birth certificate all over again: A barely disguised way for conservatives to wallow in bigotry http://flip.it/yHbUpP

Dreamer's World September 12 2016

I am finally feeling like writing one again. The last week was a series of pain-filled back spasms that left me exhausted and just unable to concentrate fully when I found the energy to attempt to write. I certainly hope that those episodes are finally behind me.
I went to the Chiropractor this morning and I really feel better. My neck, back, and hips are all sore, but in a good way. This is the result of working out, and also of somehow messing up my back as well. I have been in varying degrees of pain since July and then my chiropractor had a family emergency that basically meant I missed my appointment last month until the very end. I went almost 2 months rather than monthly between visits, and I was suffering.
Now the afternoon has arrived and I will work from 1300-1800 in order to start making up the time from this morning. I will try my best to not mess my back up any further. Of course, I begin work as the afternoon cycle of meetings begins, but at least it will keep me busy until quitting time rolls around. I am definitely NOT interested in going anywhere or doing anything after work today. With luck, I will be able to get a great night of sleep tonight and really feel refreshed  tomorrow.
So far, the afternoon has gone smoothly. I am supposed to have my 1-1 with my supervisor in a few minutes and I am taking the rest of the time to put together a User Story for software development to approve. This is always like pulling teeth from a lion with an attitude because there are always questions that they bring up that no one else ever thinks of. If I am lucky, this will get resolved before the end of the day.

Eventually, things have ironed themselves out, at least for the time being. I have some time this afternoon to wrap things up before quitting time and then I can relax for the evening here at home. The extra time I will be working today won’t be too bad to cope with, but thankfully it will only happen every other week for the foreseeable future.

07 September 2016

Dreamer's World September 6 2016 - Holidays and Friends, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

It seems like every holiday weekend is shorter than the last one for some strange reason. The Labor Day Weekend began with great promise, fell apart, and then rebounded nicely. All in all, it was a good weekend but it proved the futility of planning anything around the schedule of friends, because that simply never works out for me.
Friday afternoon was an early exit from work. That was quickly followed by coordination with friends about their impending visit on Sunday. Everything was taken care of after a trip to the grocery store to stock up on supplies, the schedule for cleaning the apartment within an inch of its life had been established, and I would still have time to rest without over-exerting myself. At the time, I remember inwardly congratulating myself on such a complete and successful plan for the weekend and I was looking forward to everything.
Friday night Hal and I spent time together with The Stooges. It was an early evening because Hal still had to work Saturday and Sunday. It was for this reason that I planned things out so meticulously. I didn’t want him stressing about any cleaning and taking care of the apartment with company arriving on Sunday to spend the night. Since everyone would have Monday off due to Labor Day, the plan was to eat, drink, and catch up on old times through Sunday night and then our friends would stay here and leave on Monday.
Saturday went according to plan. I got most of the heavy cleaning done while Hal was at work. I spoke to our friends and they confirmed their arrival on Sunday afternoon. After Hal got home from work, we did go out for a little while and had a nice dinner. Once again we were home early so Hal could rest and get to work on Sunday morning.
After Hal left on Sunday morning, I began the last phase of apartment cleaning. I started right after Hal left for work, I vacuumed all over including the furniture because of The Stooges and their shedding. Emptying the vacuum was a challenge to prevent all the cat hair and dust from exploding all over the place once again. I successfully managed this task outside on the balcony, and covered with dust and hair, I proceeded to get into the shower. As soon as I was all lathered up, the phone rang. It was our friends calling to say that they were on the way as planned so I jumped out of the shower and grabbed the phone.
Then things went awry. It was our friends that called, but I was treated to a long story about how one of their kids got sick. Things like this happen, but as the story went on and on, I was less inclined to believe them. My parents always taught me that you can tell the truth in just seconds, whereas a lie needs to be embellished immediately. I have zero proof that the story was false, but every bone in my wet and soap-covered body told me so. I told them that taking care of their child and that we hoped that they would be able to visit some other time.
I went back into the shower to wash off the soap, and now I felt like I needed to wash all over again to get the lies off as well. The disappointment finally got scrubbed off and I decided to try to relax until Hal got home from work. The Stooges seemed to know that something had gone wrong. As I laid down to take a nap, each of them made an appearance and showed affection as if to say that things were going to be alright and that I shouldn’t have worried. I decided that I was going to move ahead with the weekend and holiday.
Hal got home, and naturally, he had brought in a few last-minute items that he thought we would need with company arriving. He was surprised that I was alone, the company should have been there when he arrived. When I told him about the phone call, he agreed that we were not going to worry anymore about this and would instead have a great time on our own.
We enjoyed a great dinner together and ended up spending the night at home. On Monday, we decided that we would do some apartment hunting since we weren’t tied down with company. While most apartment offices were closed, we did find one that was open and got a look at the apartments available. They were absolutely beautiful and within our price range. Our plan is to move to another apartment next spring regardless if we get that one or not. The rent has increased and now the water bill has ballooned out of control throughout this apartment complex. Sadly this happened right after we signed our current lease.
So, what began as a weekend and holiday with such great promise and planning fell apart but it ended up being a good time after all. The apartment is sparkling clean and we now have a real lead on where we would like to move to. As for the friends, I have said before that you can always depend on friends to let you down, and this once again proved true. Hal and I firmly believe that between us and The Stooges that we can do anything we set our minds to.

The week will be a short one, and I am hoping that things will remain quiet with no outside distractions. There really isn’t much more to write about at this time. I will try to get something together for the rest of the week as time rolls along.

02 September 2016

Dreamer's World September 1 2016 - The Stench of American Politics

I have officially had ENOUGH of the BULLSHIT that passes for our electoral process! After last night’s Nazi rant by trump (lower case intentional) I am completely disgusted. Goebbels would be proud to see that a loser like trump can go to see a foreign leader and act like a little bitch, but the minute he gets back home he tries to tell everyone how tough he is. This is the trademark of an unstable mind at work, unfortunately he appeals to all the other unstable minds that our last 30 years of infoporn and crappy education has produced.
I wonder if this is how people felt watching Hitler climb to power in Germany. Don’t forget that he was ELECTED by the same type of simple-minded people who flock to trump today. We all know how tragically that turned out. It is imperative that trump be stopped, that he be defeated soundly in this election.
Having said that, I turn my scorn to the democrats and clinton (lower case intentional) because the democrats seemed hell-bent to nominate this unpopular and baggage-laden candidate. The shenanigans are well documented regarding the manipulation and cheating that allowed her to finally defeat Bernie Sanders. I do not find it surprising that her very presence in the election has emboldened the trump fanatics to ever-increasing displays of lunacy.
The situation we now face is one of our own creation. A RWNJ lunatic vs a candidate that cannot escape her own issues and past. We have to clean this shit up ourselves!
I will not allow the media to escape my attention either. The lack of ANY professional journalism is the result of the poor education and infoporn that we have been forced to endure for the last 30 years. The FAILURE of the media to call out trump on his LIES and RACISM proves to me that the media only wants to create news rather than report it.