Dreamer's World September 15 2016

Yesterday was a complete blur. I was so busy that I barely had time to eat, let alone write. It was one of those days that happens from time to time to all of us. I hope that today will be back to normal and that I can have some time to write rather than constantly responding to other people’s self-inflicted emergencies.
At the end of yesterday, Hal and I looked at a few apartments to decide whether or not to add them to our list for next Spring. I think that at least one of them will make the list. We have until May to make our minds up, but we don’t like waiting until the last minute for something so important.
I have managed to get things ready for my meeting this morning and also I got in a mile of walking. With luck I will make it to 8 miles today, although I did note that my hips were sore again before going to bed last night. The last thing I need is more back trouble before my next appointment with the chiropractor on 26 SEP.
I had an episode of hypoglycaemia last night and I became extremely frustrated with by BG meter. It is one of those that is supposed to link via BlueTooth to my phone, but whenever I am in need of a reading it always decides to mess up and I waste test strips. I am going back to my old Freestyle Precision Neo meter because it requires no coding and therefore doesn’t waste test strips for that reason. Waking up with a BG reading of 42 is not fun at all. Having to fumble with a meter that refuses to sync up using BlueTooth just made the decision that much easier.
The afternoon is slowly creeping along. I am looking forward to the late afternoon and evening together with Hal and The Stooges. Perhaps we will order pizza and spend the night together here at home. Perhaps we will just stay home tonight and not go anywhere at all. I am seriously thinking about ordering Chinese food if we stay in.
I just found out that Android 7 Nougat is finally available for my Nexus 5X and I have begun the download. I have been told that it might take a while to complete, but there is nothing else pressing at the moment. I am still very impressed with Project Fi and this will give me a chance to try out the new Android OS before the new phones are released sometime next month. Depending on the prices and more importantly on the battery life of the new phones, I might upgrade by the end of the year. I will try to give an update as things develop after a few days with Android N. At least I didn’t buy a Samsung Note 7 ;)

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