Dreamer's World September 13 2016

I am glad to report that I got a great night of sleep last night. Of course, this means that I am still tired this morning because I am so far behind on sleep, but I hope to catch up more tonight. It was wonderful to wake up without agonizing back pain this morning as I started work an hour earlier than normal to make up more of the time from yesterday.
I have already started my walking for today. I will do everything I can to get to 8 miles today which is my old standard. The back pain has really affected my routine since the middle of July. I don’t want to overdo things right away, but I also want to get back to normal as quickly as I can. One of the advantages to working from home is that I can get up and take walks throughout the day as long as I remain available via cell phone for work when there is nothing pressing and no meetings that I have to attend.
Hal (person) just left for a medical appointment, just a routine checkup for him so there is nothing to worry about. That leaves me here with The Stooges to keep me company for awhile. I have no external noise to distract me, the TV is OFF and I don’t have any music playing right now. I cherish the quiet times like this when the only noise is the keyboard as I type whether for work of writing here in the blog.
I was just watching Hal The Cat as he strutted down the hallway with his tail up in the air. This reminds me that life is still good, regardless of all the crap that the world will try to throw at us. A good thing to remember each and every day. It is difficult to stay out of the never-ending stream of info-porn vomit that the media subjects us to each and every day, my solution was to turn the media OFF and I am much happier and better informed than I previously was. I find other alternative sources for news as I always have, and I end up ahead of the game when it comes to knowing what is going on in the world.
Hal is back from his appointment and everything is OK. I now have some downtime this afternoon. It gives me time to make certain that I am all caught up with things and to prepare for tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, rather than my normal trip to meet with the client, I will be traveling to attend mandatory training in the morning. At least I was notified about this in advance for once, the last few sessions have happened without prior warning. Since I have to take care of this training before the end of the calendar year, I will be glad to finally get it finished and over with.
I am almost through with the day at work. Just 2 more meetings that will take me close to quitting time. I want to get things taken care of with these meetings in order to move some projects ahead for a change rather than having them blocked due to other people. It does not bother me as such, the delays are on them and not on me. I don’t take the issues personally because that is the fast way to an early grave.
I just finished mile 5 of 8 for today. 3 more to go. I don’t know if Hal (person) will want to do anything after work. It is too early for him to commit right now. I will check with him later and then let the rest of the evening roll on whatever happens. I really hope to get another good night of sleep tonight, I can certainly use it.
As I have finished for the day, I am just waiting for Hal (person) to finish with his V-Time app on his phone. He uses this quite a bit and I don’t want to disturb him right now. I have completed over 6 of my 8 miles so far today and I will definitely meet my goal today. As far as going anywhere, I seriously doubt that we will since Hal is still busy talking with friends. This is OK with me, it gives me time to write and relax for awhile. There will be other evenings for us to do something together. Life is too short to rush him into anything that he isn’t ready to do right now.

While Hal is talking, I will play some music to relax myself. Later this week or this weekend, I will get my guitar out again and resume practicing and learning to play it. One thing at a time is the best way to approach things as far as I am concerned.

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