27 February 2017

Dreamer's World February 27 2017 - Our Prioroties Are All Wrong

I woke up this morning to get ready to start work and, as is my normal routine, I checked my social media for any news that had happened overnight. Most days I can find some items that will not be available via the MSM and I can attempt to find out more about them. This morning was one of those days when I see that our priorities are all wrong.
Apparently, there was an awards show last night, the Oscars. You can probably tell from that sentence that I don’t care for awards shows in general because I don’t find them newsworthy. Add to the normal social media noise about the simple fact that there was an awards show that apparently someone made a wrong announcement about a winner.
This shit is silly. It means nothing to the world. It is the equivalent of someone slipping and falling on a wet floor in a store somewhere. And yet, I can already tell that this incident will give the MSM a wet spot and they will do nothing but talk about it for as long as they can get by with it.
Hal (person) disagrees with me and my view on things like this. He says that “it always is good to know what everyone is talking about so you won’t feel left out”. I always tell him that if these are the issues and priorities that “everyone” is talking about that I can do nothing more than take pity on “everyone” and walk away. I could not care less about this bullshit on a personal level, but when it dominates the news I really question our priorities.

We have a NAZI in the White House that is tied with an umbilical cord to Moscow. Personally, I think that is the most important thing that the MSM should be talking about. How deep does this sinister connection go? How many of the RWNJ republiKKKans are involved? Why are so many people just overlooking this? This Nazi has banned reporters from any news organization he disagrees with. This is the mark of tyranny just like his Nazi predecessor from 75 years ago. I wish that I had all the answers that will bring him and his sycophants down, but I will not stop searching for them to take time to talk about what happened at an awards show last night.

Dreamer's World February 27 2017 - Daily Prompt "Center"

The Daily Prompt is “Center”. To me this means the point at which all things converge, and therefore, the place where we must deal with them all. When I studied meditation (not seriously) I was advised to find my “center” as the point where I had absolute control. I was to then either allow or reject all of the things that demanded to get into my “center”. In effect I was triaging the events and issues in my life and determining which ones had to be dealt with immediately as opposed to those that simply wanted attention that was better directed elsewhere.
The first step was to empty the “center” and become calm. This was a lot harder than it sounds and is the place where many give up on the practice of meditation. It takes time and patience and continuous practice to get to the “center” in a clear state of mind. Each step was a journey as I tried to learn to block out all of the things that demanded to go along for the ride with me.

Once there, the second step was to learn to embrace and enjoy the peace that the “center” offered. It is a spiritual experience once you have mastered the willpower to get there in the right frame of mind. It always helps to have a singular focus point. I would visualize a candle burning and try to think of nothing but the flame.

It was a living thing as I learned to watch it and see how the variations happened. I didn’t physically look at a candle, I simply imagined it in as much detail as possible. What at first was rather boring was in fact a way to focus myself. I had to learn to let the distractions go and simply keep my mind on the candle.
Step 3 was to learn how long I could maintain this “center” and the peace it provided me with. As time went on, I was able to stay there longer and longer. I then began to learn that the “center” is a place that we should only visit occasionally.
There is a scene in the Harry Potter movies where Harry sees his dead parents in a mirror. Obviously Harry doesn’t want to leave and constantly gazes into the mirror because it makes him feel complete. He has found the thing that he always knew he was lacking. "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that." is the advice that Dumbledore gives to Harry, and he is absolutely right.
The hardest thing about the “center” is letting go. When I broke away too quickly, I was overwhelmed by the onrushing issues and concerns that I had just recently escaped from. I had to learn to gradually put out the flame on the candle that I focused on. I would slowly extinguish the flame and then I would picture myself turning away from the candle and leaving the room and locking the door behind me. As I did this I was consciously allowing the real world to filter back into me. In this way, leaving the “center” was not as hard or painful.
The “center” is within each of us. We should all visit it regularly, but learn to never overstay our welcome. The temptation is great to never leave, but I refer to the quote listed above as to why we all must leave it. It will always be where we left it, the journey to find it is an exercise in self-discipline and is worth the effort because once we have found it, we can return as needed.

26 February 2017

Dreamer's World February 26 2017 - The Return Of Cold Weather

    The cold weather has returned. Yesterday the temperature was in the 70s, but when I woke up this morning it had plummeted into the 30s. I am grateful for the stretch of spring weather that we enjoyed and am looking forward to its return hopefully soon. To say the least, this change in the weather will probably affect my plans for the day.
    The sun is still out and I am making up my mind about what I will do while Hal (person) is at work. There are a few errands that can be taken care of quickly and after that I have the rest of the day to myself until Hal gets home late this afternoon. I had thought about looking at tech toys but I know that I have to resist that urge until things calm down after the move. Tech only gets better as time goes by.
     After a shower I’m facing the eternal question about what to do this afternoon. The errands I mentioned earlier aren’t critical or time-sensitive so I am back to indecision once again.
     After feeling sorry for myself, I finally decided to get out and stopped at the local vaping store to check out an upgrade to my current setup. Saw a really nice one that tempted me, and it is possible that I might stop in there again to make the purchase since I am ready for an upgrade as I continue to wean myself off cigarettes, hopefully for good.
    Tomorrow will be a busy day at work and I am going to get to bed early since Hal (person) is watching the awards show on TV this evening. Personally, I don’t like awards show regardless of what they are about. Therefore, I will wish everyone a great evening and a great tomorrow.


Dreamer's World February 26 2017 - Daily Prompt "Jiggle"

    Whenever I hear the word ”jiggle” it either makes me smile or feel depressed.
     I smile when I think of the sexual connotations of the word, but I feel depressed when I think of it in terms of my own body because I have always had trouble losing weight. I don’t want to “jiggle” unless it is sexual, unfortunately I tend to “jiggle” in the wrong way.
     Being diabetic means I am always watching my weight and I try to keep it steady. I have accomplished this for the most part, but I still need to lose more weight.

     I know that getting in shape is difficult. Being diabetic makes it even more difficult most of the time because when I exert myself too much, I always bottom out with my BG. Therefore, losing around 20 pounds is proving to be extremely difficult. I am not obese but I have the “spare tire” that needs to be jettisoned as soon as possible. There is nothing more frightening or depressing than working out and feeling that inevitable dropping sensation as my BG starts to plummet.

25 February 2017

Dreamer's World February 25 2017 - Daily Prompt "Arid"

The Daily Prompt is “Arid”. Images of deserts spring to mind when i hear this word. Hot and dusty with dry air and no water in sight. I suppose the image of endless sand dunes is appropriate for the word. Air so dry that sweat evaporates instantly, almost like the atmosphere itself is a vampire draining the life from you. I am at a loss to explain this in more detail since I have never lived in a desert so my only impressions are from stories and movies.

I wish that I had more to say about this, but I am really tired today and am going to bed early.

Dreamer's World February 25 2017 - The Democratic Party Never Learns

I have held back from commenting on the selection of the new DNC leader until the results were known. I have watched social media and listened to a variety of sources regarding the candidates and their visions of what to do to correct the damaged party. I am a Green, that is to say that I had no dog in this fight, but like most Greens and other Independents I had hoped to see a positive outcome and an admission of the mistakes that the Democrats made in losing to the Nazi in the White House. Now that the results are in, I can say that I am neither disappointed nor surprised.
What I witnessed was a replay of the disastrous campaign of last year that allowed the Nazi to win the election and occupy the White House. The Democrats seem to be incapable of learning from their mistakes. The same tired and losing tactics were on full display once again. The game plan was to try as hard as possible to appear to be republiKKKan lite in their approach to the issues. In order to do this, they once again resorted to the tactics of attacking Progressives and calling them unelectable. THe irony is delicious coming from a party that followed this formula and had their asses handed to them in November.
It is obvious from the decision to accept large anonymous corporate donations to the party that they are more concerned about money than they are about people. They cannot fight to reform the system when the system has its meat in their willing ass. When I saw that the decision to not allow large corporate donations had been rejected I knew that the outcome would be another corporatist Democrat pretending to care about the common person in this country.
I have no doubts that the Democrats want to win. I question their sanity and their reasoning in pursuing the exact same path and repeating the exact same errors that are so fresh in our memories and this leads me to believe that they are incapable of winning for a long time to come based upon their message.
I am hopeful that the republiKKKans will be voted out in 2018, but that will only be because people are tired of their shit and not because the Democrats offer a true alternative, just a less strident version of the same bullshit.
Of course, I already know that Progressives and Greens and those who favor social justice and equality and human rights will be blamed by the Democrats for whatever future losses they incur, because it is obvious that is the only scenario the Democrats are any good at. While the Democrats continue to alienate the portion of the population that could bring them to power, they will continue to lose. The RWNJ Nazis will not vote anything other than republiKKKan, we all know that. The Democrats are planning to recreate their disaster from last year, only punctuated by occasional grasps at power then the RWNJ Nazis pus the people too far,

I am not surprised or discouraged. I truly expected this to happen because I have seen this pattern repeated too often by the Democrats through the years. When faced with the choice to move forward or backwards, they always choose to move backwards. While they are being whore-fucked by their corporate masters, I will be struggling to change this country for the better. It will be a long struggle, but the most worthwhile things are worth working and sacrificing for.

Dreamer's World February 24 2017 - It Is Friday, Regardless Of What The World Thinks

I have made it through another week. Today marks the 8 week mark until Hal (person), myself and The Stooges will get the keys to our new apartment and hopefully on the following Monday the move will take place. Hal (person) is handling the selection of the movers and I know that he will get us a great deal on that. I have been saving money like crazy so there won’t be any problem with the money when the time comes to pay the bills, but we don’t want to pay too much either.
The warm weather continues here. It felt like early summer yesterday when the temperature nearly hit 80 degrees. Today promises to be just as nice and I am glad that I am off work at 1430 this afternoon so we can enjoy the beautiful day. There are no plans as of yet, but I’m sure we will think of something.

Hal (person) took Stevie Nicks to the vet this morning for her checkup and I am glad to report that she is doing fine. This also gets her shots up to date and makes it easier for the move when the time rolls around. Hal The Cat will be going in for his checkup next Friday and Spartacus will go the week after that.

Dreamer's World February 24 2017 - Daily Prompt "Baby"

The Daily Prompt is “Baby”. Another word with multiple meanings that I will ramble on about until I hit my writing stride. Of course the first impression one gets from the word “baby” is that of an infant or a small child. A new person who is just starting out on this wonderful journey we call life. A “baby” is dependent on those around it for everything from food and shelter to love and sanitation (ewww).
As we progress through life, the term “baby” as applied to us takes on a very negative meaning. In our childhood years and into adulthood, “baby” means someone who is not capable of taking care of, or looking out for, themselves. Sometimes the overbearing attention of a parent who isn’t quite ready to let go of their “baby” produces an unhappy child who will have that term thrown at them when they are abused by others.
We continue through our journey into adulthood until we meet the person we fall in love with. At that time, “baby” acquires yet another meaning. It becomes a term of endearment to someone that says so much with a single word. The understanding that two people are starting a new part of their journey together and making a promise to one another to look out for and take care of each other gives a sense of comfort to both. A bond is established that is intensely private, and yet referring to each other as “baby” shows the world how you feel about each other.
The whole concept is a microcosm of life itself. We grow from one relationship into independence and then will eventually end up in another relationship at one point or another. Hopefully the relationship is a permanent one, but we all must accept to that continue growing that sometimes a relationship just doesn’t work out the way we had hoped for.

That’s the way it is, “Baby”.

24 February 2017

Dreamer's Worlf February 23 2017 - Interesting Day Around Here

This has already turned into a day that I would just as soon forget. The planned power outage is in full swing right now, but the apartment community “business center” doesn’t allow wifi connections very easily. That means I have returned to the apartment and will go to the office only to physically charge the battery in the laptop as needed. This has had the expected effect on my productivity for the day so far. It isn’t even lunchtime yet and I will have to sign off to go and charge the laptop battery soon.
And sure enough, as soon as I go to the apartment “business center’ to connect to power to recharge the laptop battery, whatever network connection I was able to find was lost. At this point, I am going to let the battery fully charge and then return to the apartment. Hopefully by that time, the power will have been restored but I am not willing to put any money on that bet right now.
Between the sporadic network connection and the requirement that I also work through a VPN, this is a truly lost day. I am off work at 1530 and I am not staying late. Today is what is called an occupational hazard when it comes to doing business.

On top of everything else, I also have to take Hal (person) to work and pick him up this evening. At least I can rest knowing that tomorrow will finally be Friday and I am already looking forward to the start of the weekend.

Dreamer's World February 23 2017 - Daily Prompt "Slur"

The Daily Prompt is “Slur”. The first thing that pops into my mind is the effect that alcohol has on speech. We have all been there as we attempt to speak clearly and eloquently, at least it sounds that way to ourself, when in reality the words come out very distorted and obviously signal that we are impaired.
“Slur” then, means something that is not clear as was intended. It is muddled and recognizable but still obviously indicative of something else being wrong.
This brings up another definition of “slur” and that is to be derogatory towards someone. It apparently makes it more socially acceptable to use the indirect or “slurred” language to attack someone rather than using the clear and concise language that would mark the person as a racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, or whatever other group the asshole is attacking at the time. We see this more and more as the political climate in this nation deteriorates as a result of the Nazi in the White House.

There was a news story of two white people using slurs towards passengers on an airline as the plane was getting ready to depart. While nothing directly inflammatory was said, the two RWNJ assholes made it clear that they were racists and hated anyone who was not white, or in their own little fucked-up opinion, didn’t look “American”. Thankfully the assholes were escorted off of the plane and the only positive result other than them being identified as the assholes that they are was the overwhelming response of the other passengers who leapt to the defense of the victims. It shows that there are good people, and it also shows that a “slur” can be recognized and negated almost immediately by people who refuse to fall for the trick of indirect language.

22 February 2017

Dreamer's World February 22 2017 - Settling Down

Yesterday was a day that never seemed to end for me. More tasks found their way into my inbox through the afternoon and no additional time materialized to help me meet these new deadlines. The migraine that I mentioned yesterday seems to have been a warning signal to me from some other dimension that I failed to notice.
Last night I wanted to go to bed early and get some rest in preparation for today, but that plan fell apart rather quickly. I had to go to pick up my new glasses and then Hal (person) wanted to stop at a store, so by the time I got home it was nearly 2100 and the UK basketball game was starting. Initially, I planned to nap and then get up to watch the game but there I was, watching TV until nearly midnight.
This morning I was up early as usual and traveled to meet with the client as part of my normal Wednesday routine. I got home and began work on the new projects as the afternoon cycle of meetings kicked off. That was definitely not what I needed. THe incessant droning and inane chatter of everyone on the line was putting me to sleep very effectively. I realized that the afternoon was a lost cause and I once again decided that I am NOT leaving the apartment after work. Instead, I want to take a nice nap if the stars align properly for me. Once I can stop laughing at this plan, I will see if it actually happens.

At least tomorrow is Thursday and that brings us one day closer to the weekend.

Dreamer's World February 22 2017 - Daily Prompt "Rhythmic"

The Daily Prompt is “Rhythmic”. A difficult word for which no clear definition instantly leaps to mind. I suppose the word itself implies a lack of actual planned cadence, it reminds me more of something that occurs without prior planning.

The sound of rain seems to describe what I am talking about here. When we hear rain hitting the roof or the window, we become attuned to the “rhythmic” sound it produces. There is nothing artificial about the noise, it is organic and not processed like the “rhythmic” ticking of a clock, but the sound of rain gains its own life as we listen to it. The variations from second to second are incredible when we listen closely. The spontaneity makes it wonderful.

Dreamer's World February 21 2017 - And The Beat Goes On

This morning I am back at work and plodding my way through all of the emails as I start on my own tasking for the day. I mark another day closer to the move to the new apartment where I hope to have more room in which to work without being cramped into a tiny corner. I still regret that the new place will not have a set-aside space for work and writing, but the budget drives those considerations.
Every time I want to move between computers for work, I have to perform the 7 basic moves of ballet here where I work. This is getting more and more annoying with each passing day and I know that part of the frustration is the knowledge that we will be moving EVENTUALLY, but that doesn’t help matters right now!
I had to step outside and smoke in order to calm down after getting so annoyed with things here. I am back at work trying to get some research done and then I will think about lunch. I am already exhausted and have a migraine coming on that I am trying to fight off, we will see how well that works out as the day progresses. At least my BG hasn’t spiked so far today, which usually happens when I am starting a migraine headache.
I did manage to enjoy my lunch and I feel better, but I can still detect the migraine lurking in the background, so I am not out of the woods just yet. Now the endless meetings begin, which is not the best thing to go through right now, but I have no choice in the matter.
I have made it through the afternoon without my head falling off from the migraine. I think that my precautions of aspirin and low lighting and as much quiet as possible have been successful. I found out that I have to go and pick up my new glasses right after work since they arrived today, so I have alerted Hal (person) to be ready to go as soon as work is over with.

One last complication for this week arose earlier today. The electric company will be replacing a transformer and the apartment building will be without power for most of the day on Thursday. This means that I will have to work from the “business center” in the apartment clubhouse. This will be a pain because I will have to lug the laptop over there. Just another in the seemingly endless series of signs that we are leaving this apartment community at the right time.

Dreamer's World February 21 2017 - Daily Prompt "Hideout

The Daily Prompt is “Hideout”. I haven’t used this term since I was a kid many years ago for some reason. I think it goes back to the “Fortress Of Solitude”, without all the ice, from the Superman movies when I was younger. That term always seemed to imply much more than simply a “hideout”.
I wasn’t a perfect kid, but I was always upfront and honest with my parents which was kind of unique in the 1970s especially in a small Kentucky town. Whatever mistakes I made as a kid were overcome by being honest with my parents, so I suppose I never had a real need for a “hideout”.
To this day I suppose that I instantly think of a “hideout” and associate it with something that I would not want others to know about, or a place where the details of what others might already suspect were planned and/or carried out. I prefer to have a place to myself, but it is always my “Fortress Of Solitude” where I can be alone and think.
This brings up another aspect of my whole impression of the word “hideout”. Growing up when and where I did and being an only child, I was more comfortable with solitude that most other kids. I didn’t have the need for a “hideout” to get me away from the rest of the world to take a break, I wanted my solitude because it is how I was able to think and make decisions.

A rose is a rose, so to speak, but I prefer to maintain my “Fortress Of Solitude” over a conventional “hideout” to this day.  

20 February 2017

Dreamer's World February 20 2017 - Presidents Day WIthout A President

Holidays are always welcome. I am enjoying the day off from work and slept in late this morning. Other than the cooking that I should have done yesterday, there is nothing that has to be done today with the exception of taking Hal (person) to work late this afternoon and then picking him up late in the evening.
I have already noticed a social media trend of thanking President Obama for being our last true President, even though he is no longer in office. I concur with this sentiment because now we have a Russian-owned Nazi in the White House and I REFUSE to acknowledge him in any other way. He is a complete and total embarrassment to this country and should be IMPEACHED as soon as possible. The only problem is that the sycophants who put him in office cannot act to remove him without acknowledging him and exposing themselves as part of the cancer that has invaded our country.

So, we have a holiday that is dedicated the all of the Presidents that have served this nation. Some have been great, some have been bad, most have been mediocre, but the Russian-owned Nazi in the White House will NEVER BE ACCEPTED by this American.

Dreamer's World February 20 2017 - Daily Prompt "Glitter"

The Daily Prompt is “Glitter”. A word that signifies a less sincere form of something that sparkles or shines or glows. “Glitter” is the shit that people throw around at parties in order to make things seem better than they are. “Glitter” is cheap and disposable and trashy.

The old saying goes “All That Glitters Is Not Gold” and it is so very true. “Glitter” is the eye candy that masks the imperfections that lurk just under the surface. “Glitter” is the smoke and mirrors approach to respectability and beauty and glamour, nothing more than that. “Glitter” is fake,just like the “glitter” that the republiKKKans produce all the time to try to present the Nazi in the White House as a respectable leader when he is nothing of the sort.

19 February 2017

Dreamer's World February 19 2017 - Daily Prompt "Blur"

The Daily Prompt is “Blur”. As with most prompts, when there is a band associated with it I will instantly refer to it.

Blur - Song 2

Blur - Girls And Boys

Blur - There’s No Other Way

I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I go
It is so nice to have a 3-day weekend and not be thinking about the impending work week on Sunday for a change. Hal (person) has gone to work and I am getting ready for a trip to the grocery store before I start cooking in the kitchen.
The chicken breasts have been marinating and seasoning overnight so they are ready for the oven. I have the side items all set to prepare and the entire thing should take less than 2 hours to prepare.
I have to admit that I let the beautiful 70 degree weather get the best of me and I wasted the afternoon enjoying the outdoors. I don’t really feel that guilty about it. Hal (person) made it home and was too tired to do anything, so I did the right thing by just relaxing this afternoon.

I will cook tomorrow on my day off since the weather is not supposed to be nearly as nice. I also have to take Hal (person) to work tomorrow afternoon and pick him up in the evening as he works to earn some extra money. Tomorrow is another day.

Dreamer's World February 18 2017 - Daily Prompt "Translate"

The Daily Prompt is “Translate”. I studied two foreign languages through the years and I recognize the importance of working carefully when moving between languages and cultures. We often fail to realize that idioms and sayings we use everyday cannot be accurately translated and still carry the same meaning.
To “translate” means to convey the meaning behind what we say on order for someone else to understand it fully. It is a very important skill to possess although I do not use it in my work. I retain the appreciation of how important the task truly is.

We often use the term “translate” to mean something far less important in the bigger scheme of things. When someone doesn’t understand something that we say in the same language, we will use the term to mean talking slowly and sarcastically to them until the meaning finally comes across. Like most words, “translate” can apply to a variety of situations and we have to make certain that we are using it correctly.

Dreamer's World February 18 2017 - Starting Out As A Busy Saturday

This morning has started out rather busily for me. I woke up to see Hal (person) off to work this morning and then jumped into the Beetle to take it in for an oil change and safety inspection. I got home just after 1000 and now I am preparing to marinate some chicken so I can cook it tomorrow as well as deciding what side dishes will go along with it. I want to get everything done early in case Hal (person) wants to go anywhere or do anything later this afternoon or early this evening when he gets home from work.
Once I have the kitchen work done, I will relax and try to unwind around the apartment and will undoubtedly find myself wishing that we were already in the new apartment, and that I was doing all the meal prep in the new kitchen. Patience is required because it is still over 8 weeks until we get the keys to the new apartment. I know that I will love the glass-top stove, although I would have preferred gas over electric, but that wasn’t going to happen with this move.

Hal got home from work and told me that he wanted to go and scope out the neighborhood around the new apartment on a weekend, so we drove out there and were pleased to see that everything was very quiet and peaceful. We checked out the nearby shopping center and grocery store before coming back home. Everything looks good for the future.

18 February 2017

Dreamer's World February 17 2017 - Daily Prompt "Juicy"

The Daily Prompt is “Juicy”. The first thing that I have to do is to get my mind out of the gutter before proceeding with this post.

Now that my mind is out of the gutter, I will think about summer and a nice big slice of “juicy” watermelon on a hot sunny afternoon. It makes me feel better about things on a chilly February afternoon :)

Dreamer's World February 17 2017 - Another Step Along The Way

Yesterday marked another milestone for Hal (person) and myself for 2017. We finally got the official welcome package from the new apartment complex and everything is in order for us to get the keys and schedule our move in date for late April. This is something that we have been working towards for some time now and it feels great to have it all over with.
I remember when we moved into this apartment 3 years ago. I was just emerging from the worst of my financial troubles and the worry that went along with the credit check and application process was rather stressful, to say the least. In the 3 years we have been here, things have continued to improve so that this apartment search was no problem. I still have debt that I am paying off, but it is nowhere near the mountain that it was years ago. Times like this allow me the luxury of thinking back and recognizing just how far I have come.
Friends have asked why we don’t buy a house. I have never thought about it seriously because I cannot feel comfortable being tied down to a particular place like that. The “American Dream” seems more like an American Nightmare to me. We are more than content with having the freedom to move when we want to and avoiding the hassles of owning a home.
At any rate, things are much better than they were in the past when we moved. It is such a relief to not worry about a credit check when applying for a new lease. I remember that last Friday when we submitted the paperwork I noticed that within an hour my credit report flagged the inquiry. I didn’t feel uneasy at all.
Technically it is 9 weeks from today that we will finally pick up the keys to the new place. Hal (person) will be coordinating the move, probably for the following week in addition to making sure that the utilities and cable and internet are all set up within a day or two. We will be getting all the relevant things done between now and then such as submitting the Change Of Address forms to the post office well in advance of the move. Hal (person) is already saving boxes from Amazon in preparation for using them to pack things away. I am certain that the apartment will be filled with boxes for over a week prior to the move date. I plan to take several days off for the move in order to get everything set up to resume work from the new apartment without encountering any hassles.

It is nice to not worry about finances like I used to. I watch my money like a hawk now and I am never going to get myself into a mess like that again. At least I gained valuable experience on how to get out of debt and I have shared that with others when they ask.                                 It isn’t easy, but things that are important usually are difficult in order to get our attention.

16 February 2017

Dreamer's World February 16 2017 - Take Time To Live and Love

Thursday is here at last. This means that I am working until 1200 and then I am off to see the chiropractor this afternoon. I always feel better after the adjustments to my neck and shoulders and I hope that today will be no exception. I realize that as I get older I fall into disrepair more often, and that is never a comforting thought to have.
At times like this, I look to the world around me for answers to the questions that haunt me. More often than not, the answer is sitting right here in front of me and I don't have to look that far. In this instance I found my answer and inspiration in Hal The Cat
I look at those eyes and I realize that the world isn't going to end and that I am loved regardless of all my faults. It is very important that we all find the people, pets, and things in the world around us that prove we are loved and supported. We often take these people, pets and things for granted and that is something that we should always try to avoid. Kiss your loved ones, scratch a cat behind the ears, take a walk and admire the scenery. Life will still be there when you get back.