Dreamer's World February 15 2017 - Exhausted Again

Once again, I am totally exhausted. I am not sure what the cause of this is, but I am hoping against hope that I can get some quality sleep tonight. Sadly, immediately after work this afternoon Hal and I have to go to Costco and then to the pet store before settling down for the evening. I want to try to get to bed early tonight because I will be busy with a half-day tomorrow before going to the chiropractor in the afternoon.
I honestly think that this apartment and the air in it is beginning to affect me. When I think back through the day, I woke up feeling like crap but when I had to go out for a meeting with the client this morning I began to feel better. When I returned home to continue my workday around lunchtime I found that within an hour I felt like shit all over again. Just about 9 more weeks in this place before we move out.

I want to be certain that the cable and internet are set up as soon as possible in the new apartment so I can start working from there right away and not have to worry about being stuck here one more day than is absolutely necessary.

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