Dreamer's Worlf February 23 2017 - Interesting Day Around Here

This has already turned into a day that I would just as soon forget. The planned power outage is in full swing right now, but the apartment community “business center” doesn’t allow wifi connections very easily. That means I have returned to the apartment and will go to the office only to physically charge the battery in the laptop as needed. This has had the expected effect on my productivity for the day so far. It isn’t even lunchtime yet and I will have to sign off to go and charge the laptop battery soon.
And sure enough, as soon as I go to the apartment “business center’ to connect to power to recharge the laptop battery, whatever network connection I was able to find was lost. At this point, I am going to let the battery fully charge and then return to the apartment. Hopefully by that time, the power will have been restored but I am not willing to put any money on that bet right now.
Between the sporadic network connection and the requirement that I also work through a VPN, this is a truly lost day. I am off work at 1530 and I am not staying late. Today is what is called an occupational hazard when it comes to doing business.

On top of everything else, I also have to take Hal (person) to work and pick him up this evening. At least I can rest knowing that tomorrow will finally be Friday and I am already looking forward to the start of the weekend.

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