It is so nice to have a 3-day weekend and not be thinking about the impending work week on Sunday for a change. Hal (person) has gone to work and I am getting ready for a trip to the grocery store before I start cooking in the kitchen.
The chicken breasts have been marinating and seasoning overnight so they are ready for the oven. I have the side items all set to prepare and the entire thing should take less than 2 hours to prepare.
I have to admit that I let the beautiful 70 degree weather get the best of me and I wasted the afternoon enjoying the outdoors. I don’t really feel that guilty about it. Hal (person) made it home and was too tired to do anything, so I did the right thing by just relaxing this afternoon.

I will cook tomorrow on my day off since the weather is not supposed to be nearly as nice. I also have to take Hal (person) to work tomorrow afternoon and pick him up in the evening as he works to earn some extra money. Tomorrow is another day.

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