Dreamer's World February 26 2017 - Daily Prompt "Jiggle"

    Whenever I hear the word ”jiggle” it either makes me smile or feel depressed.
     I smile when I think of the sexual connotations of the word, but I feel depressed when I think of it in terms of my own body because I have always had trouble losing weight. I don’t want to “jiggle” unless it is sexual, unfortunately I tend to “jiggle” in the wrong way.
     Being diabetic means I am always watching my weight and I try to keep it steady. I have accomplished this for the most part, but I still need to lose more weight.

     I know that getting in shape is difficult. Being diabetic makes it even more difficult most of the time because when I exert myself too much, I always bottom out with my BG. Therefore, losing around 20 pounds is proving to be extremely difficult. I am not obese but I have the “spare tire” that needs to be jettisoned as soon as possible. There is nothing more frightening or depressing than working out and feeling that inevitable dropping sensation as my BG starts to plummet.

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