Dreamer's World February 18 2017 - Starting Out As A Busy Saturday

This morning has started out rather busily for me. I woke up to see Hal (person) off to work this morning and then jumped into the Beetle to take it in for an oil change and safety inspection. I got home just after 1000 and now I am preparing to marinate some chicken so I can cook it tomorrow as well as deciding what side dishes will go along with it. I want to get everything done early in case Hal (person) wants to go anywhere or do anything later this afternoon or early this evening when he gets home from work.
Once I have the kitchen work done, I will relax and try to unwind around the apartment and will undoubtedly find myself wishing that we were already in the new apartment, and that I was doing all the meal prep in the new kitchen. Patience is required because it is still over 8 weeks until we get the keys to the new apartment. I know that I will love the glass-top stove, although I would have preferred gas over electric, but that wasn’t going to happen with this move.

Hal got home from work and told me that he wanted to go and scope out the neighborhood around the new apartment on a weekend, so we drove out there and were pleased to see that everything was very quiet and peaceful. We checked out the nearby shopping center and grocery store before coming back home. Everything looks good for the future.

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