Dreamer's World February 18 2017 - Daily Prompt "Translate"

The Daily Prompt is “Translate”. I studied two foreign languages through the years and I recognize the importance of working carefully when moving between languages and cultures. We often fail to realize that idioms and sayings we use everyday cannot be accurately translated and still carry the same meaning.
To “translate” means to convey the meaning behind what we say on order for someone else to understand it fully. It is a very important skill to possess although I do not use it in my work. I retain the appreciation of how important the task truly is.

We often use the term “translate” to mean something far less important in the bigger scheme of things. When someone doesn’t understand something that we say in the same language, we will use the term to mean talking slowly and sarcastically to them until the meaning finally comes across. Like most words, “translate” can apply to a variety of situations and we have to make certain that we are using it correctly.

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