22 April 2017

Dreamer's World April 22 2017 - Snoopy's Travel Problems

After a Friday on which Snoopy stubbornly refused to travel (he claims that he was left at the old apartment), Snoopy has arrived with his new friends and was ready today for his first photo at the new location. This was taken in great haste, the furniture gets moved on Monday so it is likely that the new gang will find another location in the new apartment.
As you can see, Snoopy has been joined by the Schulz typewriter, Lucy giving advice to Charlie Brown, and finally a new calendar that features more of the Peanuts gang. Snoopy was apprehensive at first about the new company, but as you can see, he still features prominently and seems to be taking things very well.
Sunday will be another opportunity for the gang to show off as I make at least one more trip with some items that I would rather move myself than have the movers in charge of. Hopefully, Monday evening will see the gand exploring new locations for their pictures, and soon afterwards they will have found a more permanent home.

Snoopy still thinks that I am to blame for his not being available yesterday. I will let history be the judge of that. I hope that everyone will enjoy the new gang.

19 April 2017

Dreamer's World April 19 2017 - Daily Prompt "Chuckle"


The Daily Prompt is “Chuckle”. It perfectly describes my reaction when I am handed a task on the last full day at work before I go on vacation. I suspect that this is actually the “Evil Chuckle”, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Dreamer's World April 19 2017 - Almost Done

I can almost see the move from here! I just have to make it through today and then a half-day at work tomorrow and I will finally start my time off to make the final push for the move. All of the planning and hard work are nearly at fruition. I want to rest tonight and then wrap things up at work tomorrow so I can get to the Chiropractor and then take Hal to and from work in the evening before we go to get the keys to the apartment on Friday morning.

Now that the workday is over with, Hal and I did make a quick trip to get some necessities and we are back home. I plan to remain here for the rest of the night and I will try to get a good night of rest. Exhaustion has hit me like a truck once again and I am too tired to fight it off any longer.

Dreamer's World April 18 2017 - Another Day Closer

Tuesday is here. I slept well last night but it was the sleep of complete and total exhaustion more than anything else. I hope that today will go better, and particularly that I will sleep much better tonight. I am going to get as much done today as I can to prepare for the move, and that will involve a trip to the local Target this afternoon once work is finished to pick up a few things if they are in stock.
One item that we won’t have to worry about after today or tomorrow will be the new dishes that I ordered through Amazon. We have been using the same Corelle dishes for over 17 years and it was time for a change. That marks one more thing off of the list to do before the move and the old dishes are out of here on that day. I found out that they have arrived and just need to be picked up at the apartment office this afternoon.

I do have to stop myself from trying to get too much for the new apartment before we even get there. Friday will be here soon enough and we can get everything that we really NEED at that time. If I can manage to get most of the clothes from the closet boxed up this evening, it will be time well spent. Of course this means even more boxes to be piled up throughout the apartment, but at this point it cannot be helped. I am about ready to select clothes for the next 6 days and then pack everything else away for the move and I will live from either a suitcase or keep the few items in the closet. Another issue will be the bedlinens. I want to get those boxed up as well except for the next change at the end of the week. I really don’t want to keep the same bedlinens on for almost 2 weeks unless absolutely necessary. Perhaps the best thing to do with those is to just transport them myself over the weekend while Hal is at work. I will already be taking the guitars, amps, computers and monitors as well as all the cables anyway so it will just give me a few more trips to make but that isn’t a big deal right now. I will be more than busy with things like that starting sometime late Friday.

Dreamer's World April 18 2017 - Daily Prompt "Opaque"


The Daily Prompt is “Opaque”. The blurring of something so that it cannot be seen clearly. This is often the case in our everyday lives where we spend our time and energy chasing “something” that we cannot clearly define. It is called “Happiness” but it is too often obscured behind all the things that we think will make us happy when they really won’t.

18 April 2017

Dreamer's World April 17 2017 - Daily Prompt "Jolt"

The Daily Prompt is “Jolt”. Very appropriate this morning as I still am trying to come to grips with the tragedy that occurred in Cleveland yesterday. Another senseless tragedy carried out by a lunatic with a gun, and still this is not considered important by the MSM. I suppose that we have to be alerted only when the body count reaches double digits so the “jolt” of the headline will grab our attention. We are oversaturated with information and ill-equipped to handle it.
A “jolt” indicates a violent shaking to upset the status quo. If a lunatic murdering someone live on social media doesn’t “jolt” us, then we are truly lost as a nation. Have we become so jaded to violence that something like this is viewed as a platform for jokes? Apparently that is the case because for all the outpouring of support for the family of the confirmed victim, there are sick individuals out there who find this all nothing more than material for their own failed attempts at comedy or political commentary as well as their thinly disguised racism.
This country needs a “jolt” that consists of empathy and compassion and love for one another rather than the cynical trash that we have become.

Dreamer's World April 17 2017 - Start Of A Short Week

Today marks the start of a short week at work. I will be starting my leave at lunchtime on Thursday to visit the Chiropractor that afternoon and then preparing to finally pick up the keys to the new apartment on Friday morning with Hal. It seems like this week would never arrive, but it is here at last. The actual move itself will take place one week from today, and that is always a day full of surprises and extra efforts. I am already making my preparations to continue the blog during that time as best I can. I know that Friday we will go to get the keys to the new apartment and that Snoopy and his new pals will be making the trip with us that morning so I can at least find them a temporary new home for the weekend. I will also be taking the computers and laptops with me and I should be able to use my Google Pixel XL as a hotspot to establish connectivity. The cable and internet will not be ready in the new apartment until next Tuesday, but I will make do until then. The guitars will also make the trip to the new place over the weekend so I know that they are handled properly.
I have enough things to take care of this week in addition to work. I have the new shower heads and I will leave them in the new apartment once we get the keys Friday with a work order to have them installed. I know that Friday will also see a trip to get some other supplies such as bottled water and toilet paper for the new place to be ready for the movers on Monday. Hal and I will be staying here in the old apartment through the weekend and then staying at the new place starting Monday. Next week will involve coming back to the old apartment to do some cleaning before we turn in the keys here, but we will have until the middle of May before that has to be finished and the keys will be due at that time.
For the rest of this week, I will be starting my effort to purge things that will not be moving with us. This mainly involves emptying out the closet and sending items that haven’t been worn to Goodwill or some other charity. It will also involve taking items that haven’t been used in forever and disposing of them as well. I don’t have many things that hold any special meaning to me so the effort should be rather painless. The goal is to NOT take things that will remain boxed up at the new place. Hal is creating new boxes out of thin air and the stacks reach the ceiling. At least this effort will lessen the cost of the move considerably for us.
As for today, I have planned out my things that I need to accomplish at work. I am focused on making sure that everything will be all set for the time that I am gone because I don’t want to return to a mountain of incomplete tasks as well as new ones assigned to me by people who ignored my out-of-office notifications while I was away. I will be pacing myself so my energy won’t wane before Thursday.
With all that being said, I am so glad that this week has finally arrived. I will enjoy several of the days off once the move is complete and things are set up in the new apartment. I have been desperately needing time off for several months, but I had to save all the vacation time that I could to be ready for the move. I will still have a few days on the books once things are finished, and I want to build the time back up, but I realize that I also might need an extra day to relax as well. That decision will wait until next month no matter what since I will not be due back at work until 01 May, I hope that there will be plenty of time to relax before then. I know that even after work is over with today that I have to take Hal to work this evening and then pick him up later. That means no chance at an early bedtime for me tonight. The best I can hope for is some intense sleep when I can get it. I am barely staying focused as the afternoon starts here, I will make it through with the help of caffeine!!

16 April 2017

Dreamer's World April 16 2017 - Easter

This is a very rare day indeed. Hal has the day off because of Easter and that means that we actually have an entire day together. We are going to get out to enjoy the beautiful weather, neither of us worry much about the holiday, so that isn’t an issue. The biggest drawback is that so many places are going to be closed today.

Hal did suggest that we stay at home today, but I quickly destroyed that plan by pointing out that I am here every single day because I work from home. Hal seldom goes anywhere when he isn’t at work, but today gives us a rare chance to enjoy an entire day together and I choose to NOT spend that day at home. Even going around and finding out what is and what is not open beats staying here and doing nothing.

Dreamer's World April 16 2017 - Daily Prompt "Climbing"

The Daily Prompt is “Climbing”. Something that we enjoyed as children because we were able to take risks and discover our potential and our limits. As we grow older we unfortunately begin to associate “climbing” with work and career, where the goals and achievements are not really our own. We see these results of “climbing” as just rungs on a ladder with no top step. We go through a predetermined set of motions that are laid out for us.
I much prefer the childish definition of “climbing” to the one that adults want to believe. I see how people change as I grow older. I watch parents of young children deny their own children the opportunity of “climbing” whether that is climbing a tree or something else because “they might get hurt”. Getting hurt is part of learning, and learning is another example of “climbing”.
A child who cannot be free to climb will become an adult who cannot function properly in society because they were never allowed to experience the freedom of exploration. Adult limitations are placed on them as children and they are ill-equipped to cope with the world unless they do exactly the same things and get the same jobs as their parents have. These children cannot climb because they never look up and wonder if something is possible because they are always looking down to make sure that they are following exactly in their parents’ footsteps.

Go climb a tree. Be a kid once again and relish the freedom that “climbing” can bring.

15 April 2017

Dreamer's World April 15 2017 - We All Knew This Would Happen. North Korea Launches Another Missile

After a day of the world waiting and watching, North Korea has launched another missile. This is not at all unexpected, and not a reason for the war drums to increase their volume simply because it fits a pattern that we have seen over and over before. Again, this was NOT unexpected, so everyone needs to take some deep breaths and calm down.
North Korea is a state that is like Amway from Bizarro World on Steroids that possesses the mentality of a small, spoiled child. Reasoning with North Korea will always be a difficult thing to do because NK will always try to behave as strong when they are weak. NK will always try to appear as defending themselves when they are actually threatening others.
NK history is not all that complex. Kim Il Sung was the first leader of NK and he behaved like all tyrants. He masked his criminal state under the veil of Communism while he actually was building a paranoid and personality cult driven state. He succeeded in eliminating his opponents and initiated the belief that he was a god. This was accomplished by indoctrinating the youth of NK over the course of his life. Kim Il SUng remained in power until his death in 1994. This was an approach similar to Hitler and Stalin, and the length of time that he was in charge served to magnify the extent of the damage that he did to NK.
After Kim Il Sung died, his son Kim Jung Il assumed power in exactly the way that a medieval prince would become King after the death of his father. While dressed up to appear as a legitimate succession based on political procedures, it was just the son taking over the criminal enterprise from his father. He continued the disastrous policies of his father and accelerated them. His agricultural policies, based on a warped view of society ,science and economics, brought famine to NK. Brutal oppression was continuous, and in order to obtain capital to keep his failed state afloat, NK began operating in the world of terrorism as a sponsor as well as in the world of drugs. Once again this is the action of a criminal and not of a leader.
Rather than use the capital he managed to bring into NK to alleviate the suffering of his own people, or to help move the country forward, Kim Jong Il began to use that income to obtain technology in the attempt to obtain nuclear weapons. Multiple attempts by the rest of the world to deal with this problem were met with the responses one would expect from the spoiled, rich child that alienates everyone around him.
Now we have Kim Jong Un in power, you guessed it, another imperial transfer of power from father to son. The latest in the series of insane megalomaniacs has succeeded in obtaining nuclear weapons and is working on the technology to use them with missiles that are designed to attack others. This has always been alarming, but the latest test was NOT unexpected because the leadership of NK remains intact.
I do not believe that NK would ever launch a nuclear strike. I say this because it is the ultimate act of self-mutilation for leaders who see themselves as the most beautiful people on the planet. It would also mean that their reign of leadership and extortion over NK would end and their fortunes would disappear and they would die. People who see themselves in this way are not as likely to commit suicide on a national scale as would a Hitler, who launched a war based on hatred that was based on racism. The leaders of NK want to remain in power so they can continue to be rich.
And so, we are at the point we are at today. Eliminating the NK leadership would seem to be the most prudent thing to do, but it is not without its own risks. We are dealing with people who are well and truly brainwashed and would initially resist such an attempt and respond in force. I believe that this would also result in mass casualties on all sides.
On the other hand, behavior such as NK has displayed cannot be allowed to continue without consequences. The key is to finding out what those consequences will be without overreacting and making things worse. So put the war drums away and let us figure this out together before someone makes a terrible miscalculation and that results in the deaths of thousands.

Dreamer's World April 15 2017 - Daily Prompt "Cranky"


The Daily Prompt is “Cranky”. I understand this term all too well because I often have trouble getting a good night of sleep. I am up early in the morning and I will feel “cranky” throughout the morning.

Dreamer's World April 15 2017 - A Quiet Saturday


    I had a great evening with Hal. I also received the call that my glasses had arrived, but we had ventured in the opposite direction from the optical store so I wasn't able to pick them up until this morning.
While I am excited, don’t let the picture fool you. Cameras hate me no matter how hard I try to get a good picture of myself.
After returning home and having some lunch, it is time to relax and wait for Hal to get home from his job. Hopefully, he will want to do something this afternoon or early this evening, but I will leave that decision up to him. We have plenty of food here so we don’t have to go out if he doesn’t want to.
There is not much more we can do prior to the move other than continuing to pack things up around here. It is now less than a week before we will pick up the keys to the new apartment. I did get the shower heads last night to install in the new place, and I will put in a work order to have them installed once we get the keys. Thankfully, the next week at work will be a short one. I will start my time off at lunch on Thursday and I will be off until 01 May. I am sure that we will need the time to relax after the move is complete and we get things arranged in the new apartment.
Something that was said to us recently was that we will be moving further away from friends. That is true, but would hold more meaning if those same friends were more involved with our lives now since we are still closer. I won’t lose any sleep over those people because I am always trying to look forward rather than backwards. If they cannot get to us when we are close, then us moving further away won’t make any difference at all as far as I am concerned.
I have been relaxing through the afternoon while waiting for Hal to get home from work and I feel much better. I would actually like to get out of here later, especially if Hal wants to as well. As always, this is a wait and see type of decision and will be made later.
There are other things that are on my mind today, but I am not ready to discuss those right now. Too many variables remain that I cannot control, and I don’t want to say things that are premature which would only cause upset from some people. I don’t think that those people actually follow this blog, but you can never be too careful. I have been hoping to hear from some people today in relation to these things, but not hearing from them does not come as any great surprise. Effort has been extended, results will be seen at some point in the future.
Hal decided that he didn’t want to go out so I took a 3 hour nap and I feel much better and am ready to face tomorrow.

14 April 2017

Dreamer's World April 14 2017 - Snoopy's Companions Have Arrived

Yesterday the first of Snoopy’s new companions arrived. I expect the other at some point today. They will remain under wraps until a week from today when they will make their debut alongside Snoopy from the new apartment where they will be taken to get adjusted to their new home. I am looking forward to finally getting this move over and done with. Technically it will happen a week from Monday, but Hal and I will be moving small items as soon as we get the keys next Friday and over the weekend. Snoopy and his pals will be among the very first into the new apartment so they can get a picture made together for next Friday’s blog post. I think that a new environment will do us all some good.
Today is my short day at work and I am extremely grateful for that. I really want to just go back to bed right now, but that cannot happen. I know that I will feel better as the day goes along, but until then I feel like garbage right now. My back is really bothering me and I won’t get to the chiropractor until next Thursday. I would ask Hal for a massage but he is working so much now to have extra money for the move that I cannot ask him to give me a massage when he has to save his strength to give them at his job as a Licensed Massage Therapist. So, I will pop some Aleve this morning and hope for the best.
I will get to the store after work to get some essentials, but I don’t know if we will do anything else at that time. At least it will be in the middle of the afternoon and the crowds won’t be that bad. I suppose that if I do anything else it would be to check out the new shower heads that I keep talking about, but there will be time over the weekend for that to happen. As the workday draws towards a close, Hal said that he is interested in checking out the shower heads as well, so we will have at least 1 goal in mind while we are out.

As predicted I am feeling better but my back remains very tight, this is one of the reasons I prefer a nice shower head that also can provide an occasional massage for times like this. The one that we currently have is not the best quality, so this next set will be more reliable and well-built.

Dreamer's World April 14 2017 - MST3K Is Back!

MST3K is now available with a new series of shows on Netflix after being away for far too long. I am already planning my Netflix viewing to see the new characters and enjoy some cheesy movies once again.
Like many people who are in their 50s now, I fondly remember the old TV series “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, or “MST3K” as we knew it. When the show was on cable we would sit around and laugh at hysterically bad movies with some witty commentary begint thrown at the movie by Joel Hodgson, and later, Michael Nelson along with the 2 robots Tom Servo and Crow. While the commentary was not as racy as we would have made it if we were just sitting around and watching these awful movies ourselves (and why on earth would we?), but the spirit of the adventure was what drew us to the show in the first place.
Even the simple and catchy theme song made the show enjoyable. I remember that you could walk down the hall in the dorm and hear people from almost every room singing along when the show started. MST3K started as a subculture phenomenon among the nerds and geeks that quickly exploded out into the general college population and it served as a way to bring people together that would normally not break from their “Breakfast Club” stereotypes.
Soon the show became a more widespread hit and the mania was on. Joel left as a starring character and was replaced by Mike Nelson which proved that the formula itself was what made the show so special. Joel remained active in the background as Mike had been before stepping in front of the camera. The show had a family feel to it from the beginning. Sadly, I have never been able to see all of the shows that aired in Minnesota where the show originated on local tv, but the lack of overproduced special effects was what made it wonderful in the first place.
I am looking forward to having a few beers this evening and watching MST3K with Hal and The Stooges. I predict that a great time will be had by everyone! Welcome back MST3K.

Dreamer's World April 14 2017 - Daily Prompt "Measure"

The Daily Prompt is “Measure”. Another word that attempts to describe out preoccupation and fascination with trying to quantify everything about our lives. We do these things in order to try and make sense of what goes on around us.
Even the phrase “The Measure of a Man” signifies this almost pathological desire to make sense of things in a quantifiable way. We judge a person by what they possess, how big and new is their car? If they don’t have a car it means on some level that they must not be that successful because everyone who is successful has a car, right? The same thing goes for houses and watches and clothes. We are so focused on the things that we can see precisely because we can the “measure” someone against a warped standard of some type to try and fit them into our view of the world as we see it.
“Measure” is useful in science and mathematics, but that is about it. Social sciences like to use statistics, but those can be made to lie about anything. Economics is the biggest corrupter of the word “measure” that exists because they believe that everything can be quantified, and it cannot. Businesses want to use “measure” metrics to judge performance and again I rebel against the concept. Your work and productivity are valuable in so many ways that an arbitrary system can never appreciate.

“Measure” is another one of those words that I view with suspicion because I want to know who determines what the measurements themselves will be.

13 April 2017

Dreamer's World April 13 2017 - Daily Prompt "Timely"

The Daily Prompt is “Timely”. Something that happens just when you need it to whether you realize it or not. We all reach points of utter frustration and then something will occur that can instantly brighten our mood. These events are “timely” and serve to give us a sense of renewal and energy and pleasure that distracts us from the daily grind.

A phone call from a friend, a kiss for no reason from a loved one, a cat deciding that it is time to play and that you are required to help them, all of these things can be “timely” to us.

Dreamer's World April 13 2017 - One Last Push Before The Weekend

Since today is Thursday, I am ready for the weekend to start. Since today is Thursday, I have to wait until Friday at work is over with before I can start the weekend. Just another way to mark the passage of time, but it helps to keep me reasonably sane most of the time.
Yesterday afternoon Hal and I went out to the new neighborhood to check things out. We stopped and had dinner and also went to the local Target. I found some nice shower heads for the new apartment, Hal found a few items that he wants to pick up, and so we will already have a shopping list for the new apartment once we actually get there. A week from today at noon, I start my vacation, and a week from tomorrow we will get the keys to the new place.
When we had dinner last night at Red Robin, we were on our way to the car when we spotted a lone goose just strolling along
We decided to take some pictures, and the goose cooperated
We watched the goose for a few minutes as it walked around us and occasionally stopped to eat grass. During that time, other people also noticed the site and stopped to get pictures of their own. Thankfully, no one bothered the star of the show too badly and finally Hal and I went on our way. It was a nice distraction from the everyday chaos that we all go through.
As for today, there will be no such pleasant distractions as far as I know. When I finish work for the day I have to then take Hal to his job, and pick him up late this evening. Once we move, Hal will be working at a location that is much closer to the new place than his current job is to this place. Hopefully this will mean a much shorter trip for me to get him back and forth, but we will see.
I am getting things together for my weekly meeting that I host and as always there is one person who has not provided their inputs to me. An email requesting their information has been sent without a response, but I will wait a while longer before sending out the presentation for review without their information in order to be professional about this situation. If they have to scramble to talk their way through something without visual aids, that will be their issue to face but I will not call them out in front of everyone at the meeting.
Once that is over with, my day will thankfully move into some quiet time for research until quitting time. While I am very tired, I will not be able to sleep because of taking Hal to and from work this evening. At least I know that I will be able to spend a quiet evening here at home while he is out and then get to bed late after bringing him home.
At least tomorrow will be Friday and that is my short day at work. I am ready for the weekend to finally get here and that has special meaning this week because next week my vacation will begin on Thursday at lunchtime. I can hardly wait! It will feel so good to have some time off even if there will be the effort of moving and setting up a new apartment during that time. I have run myself into the ground over the last 6 months and I really need time off. As the last hour at work drained away, I wondered how I made it this far without collapsing.

It turns out that I took a nap before driving Hal to work this evening. I felt grumpy the entire way there. I will have to go and pick him up around 2130 this evening but I will not take another nap before then.

Dreamer's World April 12 2017 - I Can Finally Relax

Once the workday is over, I want to spend time with Hal and The Stooges. Hal is at work right now, but he should be home soon and we can make plans as I complete my workday. I am already thinking about doing some packing this weekend since I will only have to have my suit ready for one more Wednesday meeting before the move. I can begin sorting through the closet and decide what I am keeping, what is to be thrown out, and then pack what I am keeping to have those things ready for the move.

For now, I just want to enjoy the afternoon and evening. All of the mundane things will still be here when we are done.

Dreamer's World April 12 2017 - Daily Prompt "Pleased"


The Daily Prompt is “Pleased”. I am ‘pleased” that the company reporting period has finally closed out and that we have gotten everything done that had to be done. All of the administrivia has been completed and now there are a few days in which I can relax.

11 April 2017

Dreamer's World April 11 2017 - The Drums Are Beating

The drums are beating? Can you hear them? We have a NAZI in the White House and he is following in the footsteps of his infamous predecessor. Use the military to divert attention away from what he is doing to this nation on an everyday basis, because the sheeple are conditioned to instantly become hate-filled patriots when the military takes action against another country or group.
Throughout history, corrupt and inept and clearly insane politicians have used the military to instill patriotism in their subjects by poisoning the population with fear and distrust of everyone who disagrees with the leader. A war is seen by these insane lunatics as nothing more than a tool of leadership when in fact it should always be the last resort to resolving any problem. In America we suffer from a unique brand of this disease because we have sanitized war to such a large degree.
Whenever a President, or a RumpenFuhrer launches missiles at someone, we marvel like slack-jawed idiots at our own perceived invincibility. Of course there are casualties, but these are mostly “foreigners” and therefore not given much attention. However, when an American soldier, sailor, marine, or airman is killed the media loses their collective shit over it. I see Death as the Great Equalizer because there are very few differences between people who are killed by the acts of madmen, regardless if they wear a uniform or not.
We scream for vengeance and revenge whenever an American is killed by a foreigner, but we seldom shed a tear or give a second thought to those who are killed by Americans. The prevailing thought amongst the RWNJ, christian, inbred lunatics is that somehow the “foreigner” must have had it coming to them, or at their most feeble attempt to appear human in any way, they will claim that a child or innocent bystander “was in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

This is the attitude that an insane egomaniac like Der RumpenFuhrer counts on. He knows that it will allow him to commit acts of aggression and have far too many people support him because those people are incapable of independent or critical thought, if they can think at all. This is the type of blind ignorance and hatred that needs to stop. We will never advance as a planet and as a human race until we resist tyrants like Der RumpenFuhrer will all of our strength. Callously disregarding the lives of others will surely devalue our own lives, and the drums will continue to beat. Just listen closely.

Dreamer's World April 11 2017 - Daily Prompt "Unravel"

The Daily Prompt is “Unravel”. This is the feeling that we all get at times. We see our plans “unravel” due to unforeseen circumstances. The mental image is a nice ball of yarn and it becomes “unraveled” after a kitten or cat finds it and decides it is something to play with.
In a way, the kitten/cat analogy is very accurate because we try to manage our lives and keep things nice and orderly, but there are times when no matter how hard we try they just refuse to stay in the shape that we put them in. We can always attribute the phenomenon of “unraveling” to something or someone but in reality it is just an example of the futility of trying to create too much order out of what was clearly designed to be chaos.

The key is how we handle things when they “unravel”. I personally prefer to play with the ball of yarn along with the cats for a while in order to remaind myself that life is not all about deadlines and plans. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, and even when we are re-rolling the ball of yarn that is our life we should always remember the fun that we had while things did not go exactly as planned.