Dreamer's World April 14 2017 - Snoopy's Companions Have Arrived

Yesterday the first of Snoopy’s new companions arrived. I expect the other at some point today. They will remain under wraps until a week from today when they will make their debut alongside Snoopy from the new apartment where they will be taken to get adjusted to their new home. I am looking forward to finally getting this move over and done with. Technically it will happen a week from Monday, but Hal and I will be moving small items as soon as we get the keys next Friday and over the weekend. Snoopy and his pals will be among the very first into the new apartment so they can get a picture made together for next Friday’s blog post. I think that a new environment will do us all some good.
Today is my short day at work and I am extremely grateful for that. I really want to just go back to bed right now, but that cannot happen. I know that I will feel better as the day goes along, but until then I feel like garbage right now. My back is really bothering me and I won’t get to the chiropractor until next Thursday. I would ask Hal for a massage but he is working so much now to have extra money for the move that I cannot ask him to give me a massage when he has to save his strength to give them at his job as a Licensed Massage Therapist. So, I will pop some Aleve this morning and hope for the best.
I will get to the store after work to get some essentials, but I don’t know if we will do anything else at that time. At least it will be in the middle of the afternoon and the crowds won’t be that bad. I suppose that if I do anything else it would be to check out the new shower heads that I keep talking about, but there will be time over the weekend for that to happen. As the workday draws towards a close, Hal said that he is interested in checking out the shower heads as well, so we will have at least 1 goal in mind while we are out.

As predicted I am feeling better but my back remains very tight, this is one of the reasons I prefer a nice shower head that also can provide an occasional massage for times like this. The one that we currently have is not the best quality, so this next set will be more reliable and well-built.

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