Dreamer's World April 4 2017 - Daily Prompt "Cusp"

The Daily Prompt is “Cusp”. This is a meaningful word to me because I am an astrological cusp born on January 20. I have traits of both signs, the hard-working Capricorn and the aethereal Aquarius. People have described me as a “stubborn dreamer” and that is part of the reason I have named my blog “Dreamer’s World”.
A ‘cusp” is the verge of a change. It is the edge of something that touches the edge of something else. We go through our lives in a series of movements from one “cusp” to another. It represents growth and change, both of which we should strive to accept and relish. Not all “cusps” are comfortable, sometimes they are lize the edge of a razor blade, requiring the most serious effort to avoid disaster, but most of the time they are actually almost invisible to us.
We pass these “cusps” all the time. We should not fear them. Perhaps some feel fear because the “cusp” is a dangerous place to be, with balance and direction required to safely navigate. Those who choose to live “on the edge” are not the people I am referring to, it is those who fear change. Those people would rather retreat from the “cusp” and go back to where they are actually moving away from. This is no way to live a life, but they seem terrified of moving from the trailing “cusp” of one part of their life to the leading edge of the next. It is a personal decision and all we can do is to encourage them to move forward while realizing that we will be moving away from them if they remain stationary. This is the part of life where friendships and relationships often end. There is no reason to be bitter or angry about these changes, but we too often see that as the end result. If there is to be anger, let it be for those who choose to remain still. For those who choose to move from one “cusp” to the next, enjoy the journey and the people and opportunities that await you.

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