Dreamer's World April 11 2017 - The Drums Are Beating

The drums are beating? Can you hear them? We have a NAZI in the White House and he is following in the footsteps of his infamous predecessor. Use the military to divert attention away from what he is doing to this nation on an everyday basis, because the sheeple are conditioned to instantly become hate-filled patriots when the military takes action against another country or group.
Throughout history, corrupt and inept and clearly insane politicians have used the military to instill patriotism in their subjects by poisoning the population with fear and distrust of everyone who disagrees with the leader. A war is seen by these insane lunatics as nothing more than a tool of leadership when in fact it should always be the last resort to resolving any problem. In America we suffer from a unique brand of this disease because we have sanitized war to such a large degree.
Whenever a President, or a RumpenFuhrer launches missiles at someone, we marvel like slack-jawed idiots at our own perceived invincibility. Of course there are casualties, but these are mostly “foreigners” and therefore not given much attention. However, when an American soldier, sailor, marine, or airman is killed the media loses their collective shit over it. I see Death as the Great Equalizer because there are very few differences between people who are killed by the acts of madmen, regardless if they wear a uniform or not.
We scream for vengeance and revenge whenever an American is killed by a foreigner, but we seldom shed a tear or give a second thought to those who are killed by Americans. The prevailing thought amongst the RWNJ, christian, inbred lunatics is that somehow the “foreigner” must have had it coming to them, or at their most feeble attempt to appear human in any way, they will claim that a child or innocent bystander “was in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

This is the attitude that an insane egomaniac like Der RumpenFuhrer counts on. He knows that it will allow him to commit acts of aggression and have far too many people support him because those people are incapable of independent or critical thought, if they can think at all. This is the type of blind ignorance and hatred that needs to stop. We will never advance as a planet and as a human race until we resist tyrants like Der RumpenFuhrer will all of our strength. Callously disregarding the lives of others will surely devalue our own lives, and the drums will continue to beat. Just listen closely.

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