Dreamer's World April 4 2017 - Catharsis

The time for catharsis is drawing near. As out move looms in less than 3 weeks it will soon be time to go through everything and decide what I no longer need to lug around with me. I find that a self-cleansing is healthy from time to time as I mentally prepare to determine which objects will no longer accompany me on my journey.

I am not a sentimental person, at least in the sense of being a hoarder. I believe that things have a place in my life and a purpose, but that very few of these are permanent. I suppose that not settling down and purchasing a house has made me more amenable to these occasional purges. Being in the Navy and always having limited space also taught me to carry only what I need as well, although I am not nearly as Spartan as I used to be in that regard. I just don’t see the need to keep holding onto things when I cannot remember the last time I used them, or when I discover them and had completely forgotten that I even had them. Those are the things that need to be tossed away.

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