Dreamer's World April 3 2017 - Play Ball! Things Start Anew

This is a day when the baseball season begins. It truly marks the beginning of Spring here. The days are longer and warmer and now we will begin the marathon baseball season that will end when the leaves have turned and the cold winds return. It gives me time to pause and think about other events in my life.
First and foremost is the upcoming move to the new apartment. Today marks 2 weeks until the big day. Boxes continue to multiply as Hal packs things away. Soon we will be living in, and I will be writing from, a string of box-like fortresses that are designed to disassemble quickly on the day that the movers arrive. Space has always been cramped here and things are really getting tight now. All of the preparation will pay off in the long run, but moving is never a fun time until it is finally over with!
Another thing that is on my mind is my friend Nicola. She will be moving back to Scotland this summer when her son Connor completes this school year. We are going to miss both of them tremendously, but at the same time we are very happy for them. We have known them for 15 years and have gone through alot together. I still miss DOnald, her husband who died in an accident nearly 3 years ago. Nicola has done a tremendous job handling all the things that have been thrown at her since then. Hal and I have been here to support her as often as needed.
Now, as her time to leave draws closer we notice that the phone calls are less frequent. This is not something that we take personally because I cannot truly imagine all of the things that she has to take care of prior to such a momentous move. It certainly makes our move to a new apartment seem trivial in comparison. We hope that we will hear from her soon when she finds the time to breathe, and can escape all the people who are trying to help her that live in her neighborhood. I told her that she needs a few days away from all of the chaos in order to relax, but I know her well enough that she will work herself to the breaking point before she will finally take a break. We are here for her when she is ready.
Another thing that I have on my mind is my music. I am itching to get back to practicing my guitar, but I am not willing to disassemble the wall of boxes that blocks me from reaching the guitars. I just have to wait patiently until we get to the new place and I can arrange things so that I will have a place to practice. I want to keep making progress without putting unrealistic pressure and expectations on myself.
I know that this evening I will be taking Hal (person) to and from his job. After we move he will work much closer to the new apartment and the hassle of fighting rush-hour traffic won’t be as big of an issue. I am looking forward to that time. Right now it can take me over an hour to get 7 miles from dropping Hal off just to get back home. It makes the idea of stopping at the vape store that much more enticing since it gets me out of traffic and preserves my sanity for a while.
And so, time marches on as the baseball season begins anew. Life will be different by the time it is over with. Each baseball season teaches us something new about life, so LET’S PLAY BALL!

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