Dreamer's World April 5 2017 - Warm Weather

Warm weather is here for at least one more day. It made the morning trip to the client’s office a pleasant experience with lots of warm sunshine while not being hot. The hot weather will be here soon enough.
I have 2 more Wednesdays to make the trip from this apartment to the weekly meeting. After that, I will take a week off for the move and then in May I will explore how the new commute will be. I will still use mass transit to get back and forth, but things will be different due to my new location.
Once the workday ends, Hal (person) and I will get out for a little while and enjoy the beautiful weather. I would like to get a nice dinner somewhere since I really won’t be cooking much before we move since someone (Hal) decided to box up most of the cooking utensils yesterday :) I am not upset because now any additional cooking means additional cleaning of the oven and stove and that is a job that I really only want to do one time.
After a quick trip out to the grocery store, we returned home early in the evening and are relaxing after dinner. Hal has been in touch with the representative from the new cable company to get things arranged and scheduled for the week of our move. We should have cable and internet on the 25th, the day after the move is complete. This will give us time to set things up prior to the technician arriving.

For the rest of this evening, we will be here at home. I have to fast beginning late tonight so I can stop at the doctor’s office in the morning for my quarterly blood work. I know that I will be in a foul mood until I return tomorrow because I will miss breakfast in the morning.

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