24 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 24 2016 - A Quiet Holiday

    For the first time in years, Hal (person) and I are spending Thanksgiving Day here at home with just The Stooges for company. There is nothing wrong and everyone is OK, but plans with friends who we normally get together with were changed this year. Rather than feel upset about this, I am actually happy for the change. I did all the cooking yesterday and that means we don’t have a ton of chaos in our small kitchen today.
We actually started our Thanksgiving last night with the first serving of the meal that I had prepared. It was delicious, roast beef with potatoes, onions and green peppers, stuffing, green bean casserole, salad and wine. I actually just cleaned up from our second helping for lunch (minus the wine) and within 5 minutes the kitchen was clean once again. Hal (person) has gone to take a nap and I am listening to music by Antonin Dvorak as I type this and feeling absolutely wonderful about today.
I am technically back at work tomorrow, but I will be there mainly to provide any support that users of our product might require. This is highly unlikely since most of the customers will also be on vacation tomorrow. This will mean a very slow day, but with my new schedule, Friday is the day that I get off work early anyway, so by 1430 at the latest I will be starting my weekend.
We have no plans to take part in the annual Black Friday madness. While there are things that I would certainly think about if they were on sale, I would still not get out into the chaos to pick them up when I can order them online and have them delivered. Since I am currently waiting on my new Pixel XL phone, I really don’t have that much extra to spend anyway. According to the order statement, the phone should be here by 30 November, so all I can do is wait for it.
Another advantage to enjoying a quiet holiday here at home is avoiding any and all political talk, or listening to people repeat the infoporn that the MSM shits into their brains. The TV has been off all day and it is after 1300 now. I suppose that I might watch some football later, but even that is not guaranteed right now because I am enjoying the music and writing so much. After a quick attempt at watching football, I gave up and returned to writing and listening to music for the afternoon. It is just more peaceful and relaxing this way.

I hope that the rest of the day and evening are this enjoyable. I hope that everyone will find some peace in their lives, even for just a little while because it does wonders for you.

23 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 23 2016

The last day before Thanksgiving is here. I began cooking last night with the roast. It is in the crockpot along with potatoes, onions and green peppers. I normally cook a roast in the crockpot for about 20-24 hours so it will be ready by this evening to sample. I will make a casserole today and also the stuffing and a few other items. We will begin our feast this evening since there is no need to wait for Thursday to start. The day at work will be quiet and short. One of the advantages to working from home is that I can get things started in the kitchen without any trouble.
An unexpected surprise yesterday was that I finally was able to order my Google Pixel XL phone. I have been checking availability for weeks and last night it finally showed up. I got the silver XL with 128GB of storage and I am really looking forward to it arriving hopefully before the 28th of this month, which is the projected earliest delivery date. If it arrives a day or two later, I will still be happy. I am remaining with Project Fi. I haven’t written much about it recently because it has been so trouble-free to use. I still recommend it to my friends and acquaintances.
I did spend over 2 hours on the phone last night talking to a cousin of mine who still lives in Kentucky. She is 85 years old and still going strong. It is worth noting that most of our conversation centered on UK Basketball because practically everyone in Kentucky is a UK fan. Since there is a game on today at 1300, I plan to be watching as I make my way through the afternoon at work.
I have to make sure that Hal (person) gets off to work this morning since I am not traveling to meet with the client. There will be no meeting today since so many people have taken the day off, and that suits me just fine. Normally, I leave early on the morning on Wednesday and Hal takes off for work before I return home.
The traffic outside the window is extremely light this morning, which comes as no surprise since most people have taken today off in order to make a really long weekend. I am saving my vacation time for the spring, or in case I need a mental health day sometime. Soon I will have built back up to 80 hours which is the level I try to maintain as much as possible. I find that I can get things done when I work while most people take time off since it eliminates the distractions that normally ruin my concentration every day.
And right on cue, my back spasms are beginning again. At least I avoided the discomfort in my sciatic nerve while I was busy doing all the work in the kitchen earlier today. I will take it slowly this afternoon and prepare the stuffing later on before dinner. I can at least relax and try to stretch out to relieve the pain in my lower back as well.
As soon as work was over with, I prepared the last of the side dishes and then took a much-needed nap. When I woke up a few hours later it was time to have our Thanksgiving dinner a bit early. The roast beef with onions and potatoes and green peppers, stuffing and green bean casserole turned out very well and Hal was pleasantly surprised. We washed dinner down with a nice bottle of wine and then curled up on the couch to watch a movie. As I get ready for bed, I pronounce today a complete success.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

22 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 22 2016 - Echoes Of The Past In The Present

It was 53 years ago that JFK was assassinated in Dallas. I had not been born yet, but Mom was pregnant with me. I was told years later that she was so upset by the event that she was afraid that she would lose me. I remember her telling me that her doctor told her that she had to stop watching the constant coverage of the assassination on the media. Perhaps it is the echoes of that which led me to give up completely on the media in this country today.
I gave up on the media on my own last Summer. All doubt had been removed about the media being complicit in the election cycle first by completely ignoring the Democrats screwing Bernie over, and second by their sycophantic drooling over every syllable trump said without fact-checking or reporting it for what it was. The media is nothing more than the corporate arm of the power structure, and its only reason for existing is to maintain the status quo. Anything that fails to meet with the approval of the power structure is ignored or presented in such a slanted way as to deliver opinion and not information.
Currently, there is a real struggle going on over the Dakota pipeline. If you depend on the media for your infoporn, you would never know this. The only coverage is provided when the authorities and their hired goons have provoked a response from the people who are legitimately protesting. This is the same psychologically manipulative scenario that the media uses all the time. Authority cannot be questioned, at least that event cannot be covered. But let one thing go wrong, and the media instantly leaps to the defense of the power structure and instantly takes the side of the establishment. This scenario has been successful when used against BLM in particular, but the pattern is the same whenever the power structure and corporate masters are threatened.
I have tried to discuss events like the Dakota pipeline with people but I find that they either know nothing about it, or that they parrot the pro-establishment points that the media drip feeds into their comatose brains. We have become a nation of sheep, ready to follow the lead of the establishment down whatever path they choose to the abattoir. Look the word up if it confuses you while you still can.
When we have a media that is totally complicit with the power structure, we do not have a true media. When there are people on the media show main goal is to just be on TV, we have no information, just propaganda. When there is NO dissenting voice to be heard, we have NO FREEDOM.
Why do you think that so many people hate the media? They are unable to trust it. trump uses this distrust to rail against the media itself, which I find hilarious because without the compliant media he would not be on the verge of being President. The stupidity is staggering, but not surprising because we are a notion of FUCKING SHEEP now. Independent thinking is discouraged at every level. Children are taught only to pass tests, not how to think and form original thoughts, because original thoughts are dangerous to the power structure. People who can think also pose a threat to the media because they will be the first to throw the BULLSHIT flag when they see it.

The media wants compliance, not information. That is in line with their assigned role in the power structure. If you want to free your mind and see what really goes on, TURN OFF YOUR TV.

Dreamer's World November 21 2016 - Another Monday

Another week has begun. This morning all the excitement has revolved around The Stooges and their antics. Spartacus and Hal The Cat are currently play-fighting on the bed, with Stevie Nicks watching intently. It is rather unusual to have all three of The Stooges together at any one time, so I enjoyed the event while it lasted early this morning.
Before the rest of the day gets going, it is worth noting that Hal (person) and I are officially spending this Thanksgiving here at home. No word has come from either his family or our close friends about any plans, and at this point it would be rather inconvenient to wait any longer only to realize that there is going to be nothing happening. It isn’t anything that we are upset over, but at this point we have decided to tell anyone who wants to initiate something at the very last minute that we already have our own plans made. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about family, and the family that I care the most about in the world are all here in the apartment with me.
I am hoping for a quiet day at work. It should be the case although people on the West Coast have scheduled afternoon meetings through Wednesday. Word through the grapevine is that the organizer of these meetings allegedly said that personnel on the East Coast such as myself are simply “out of luck” when it comes to having our afternoons ruined on the holiday week while the West Coast people will still get their own unofficial early time off this week. If I were on the West Coast at headquarters, I would definitely have more to say about this in an official capacity, but here I have the luxury of simply dialing in and putting everyone else on mute and not saying a word as I take care of things here.
The cold weather continues. It is difficult to believe that Saturday afternoon it was 75 degrees and within 12 hours it was 40 degrees colder and hasn’t warmed up since. The wind has howled here ever since Saturday evening, but this morning seems to have died down at last. When I went to IKEA yesterday, the Beetle was struggling at times against the wind. It was worth the trip as I picked up 2 new duvet sets for the new bed in addition to some new sheets. I also made the weekly stop for groceries while I was out, but I didn’t pick up anything specifically for Thanksgiving yet.
I am NOT cooking a turkey for only 2 people regardless of the holiday. I am thinking about what else I can make that will be a nice change from the ordinary without being too much trouble to prepare, but I haven’t made up my mind just yet. I will get what I need at the grocery store once I decide exactly what that will be.
As the day has moved along, the weather remains cold, but at least the wind has died down and the sun is out. Almost all of the leaves have been blown off the trees over the last 48 hours so now looking out the window really drives home the point that the cold weather has arrived for a few months. As I went to the apartment office to pick up a package, this point was really driven home!
I debated about lunch and what to have for a little while. I know that after lunch the meetings will begin and I will be reduced to tears by the boredom as I try to keep working on things here that are much more important than those meetings. I have to produce a new personal goal for the next company reporting period and have that approved in about a week or so. That remains my top priority for this week since most things are at a standstill.
I have not written much recently, I have been struggling for ideas, but nothing has really come to mind. I have avoided the MSM for several months now, and I have to admit that I feel so much better about myself as a result. I am on longer responding to whatever infoporn stimuli the rest of the world runs on and my mind is calm. I have disassociated myself from people who claimed that my support of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein somehow cost the election. I don’t have time for deluded people in my life anymore.
As the meetings drag on through the afternoon, Hal (person) and I have decided to go to one of the local restaraunts for 1/2 price burgers this evening since we won’t have to get out and drive anywhere. It will be a way to pass the time early this evening before coming home and relaxing and getting ready for bed.
I am disappointed to say that my back is acting up once again this afternoon. I have put in just over 4 miles of walking so far today, but now I am forced to pay extra attention to the pain in my back and my neck. This sucks. I will probably lay down as this meeting drags on and hope that my back and neck feels better after taking some Aleve. At least I know that there is only 2 1/2 more hours of this stuff before quitting time.
I actually just heard from friends that they won’t be in town for Thanksgiving. This means that my decision to stay silent paid off. I still think that they should have spoken up before now, but I had not said a word, so I can graciously forgive them without appearing to be ungrateful, so I am off the hook. I would always make certain that I would not leave people in limbo until the last minute when it comes to holidays.
As the day draws to a close, it is time to wrap this post up and say that it feels good to be writing once again.

15 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 14 2016 - The Impending Holiday

I start this Monday morning with a sense of anticipation. There are so many things that have to be done before Thanksgiving arrives in less than 2 weeks. First and foremost will be the holiday itself. As of right now, Hal (person) and I are in a holding pattern about plans for the day. It is possible that we will go to Glen Burnie to be with Nicola and the kids, but that depends on whether or not Nicola decides to actually go to Philly to spend the time with Don’s parents. Since that is her decision to make, we have to wait a little longer to hear what is going on.
It is also possible that Hal (person) might travel to spend the holiday with his own relatives. That is also up in the air right now since he hasn’t heard anything definite. He says that he won’t wait much longer to make his own decision, but I will give him the time he needs and will not pressure him. He is very fortunate to have a large family that would want him to be present with them at this time of the year.
I have no family to visit, at least none that are that close to me emotionally or physically. Therefore, I am always prepared to spend Thanksgiving on my own if need be. It might sound sad, but since my parents died, there really hasn’t been an alternative and I have never been that depressed over the holidays. If there had been a falling out in the past, then the traditional guilt would probably move me to try to make amends, but that has never been the case, I have just never had a close extended family to lean on.
And so, the waiting game is on. I will always have my backup plan for spending the day here with The Stooges because they don’t deserve to be left alone for no reason for more than a few hours. If Hal (person) goes out of town, and Nicola also goes away for Thanksgiving, I will spend the day here with The Stooges and we will all get along just fine.
I have to consider when to make my final decision. I think that by the end of this week that I will have to make my own plans, regardless of what the others might be doing. I don’t consider it fair to keep people waiting too long but I also am not the type to “invite” myself to Glen Burnie, nor am I the type to pressure Hal into getting a decision from his family. I suppose that this is the only real example of being alone at this time of the year in the sense that I dislike waiting for others to announce their plans to me. On the other hand, it isn’t like I have such attractive options that I can easily dismiss the opportunity to be with friends either. When I have told others about this situation, they look at me and usually say “I’m so sorry that things are like that for you”. As I noted earlier I don’t need sympathy, but I do appreciate the concern. I am who I am, and my life is my life. My pride is something that sustains me. I will never beg to be included in anyone else’s plans for the holiday because I understand how special the time is for them, and I am not their primary consideration, nor should I be.
That is the extent of the holiday planning so far. Nothing to really get excited about but it does help to keep up-to-date on things rather than get blind sided at the last minute. Until the end of this week, things will remain undecided around here.
As for the apartment search, it is going along nicely. We have narrowed our choices down considerably and still have plenty of time before we have to make a final decision in the spring. Hal (person) is monitoring the favorite places online to see how their rents are fluctuating, and that will give us a good idea as spring approaches as well.
The afternoon meeting ran for nearly 4 hours today. I thought I was going to fall asleep several times, but I managed to stay awake through them. It did make for some exciting moments when I realized that my head was about to impact my desk a few times.

As I complete the day at work, I am already thinking about items that we need from the grocery store. I plan to go there immediately after work and get back home as soon as possible. Tomorrow is already shaping up to be a very busy day as everyone tries to accelerate things in order to have down time as Thanksgiving approaches.

12 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 12 2016 - Time To Reflect

The weekend is finally here. Yesterday was a wasted day due to the plumbing repairs that affected the entire apartment building. I complained to the office that this should not have been done on a holiday, it had been scheduled in advance and others had said the same thing. By the time everything was finished at approximately 1700, the day was completely shot to hell.
Saturday began with the first really cold morning so far this fall. The temperature fell to near freezing overnight and stepping outside for a cigarette this morning was quite a shock to say the least. I think that the cold weather has made me determined to stay here until Hal (person) gets home from work. There is nothing that I need to do that desperately right now, so I will just take my time and write.
I think that I really need this quiet time once again. The last week was full of unpleasantness that I would like to forget. Sadly, that isn’t an option because it is only the beginning of difficult times ahead for everyone. I was not pleased with what happened, but I also realize that simply reacting to the stimuli doesn’t accomplish anything either.
Just like the first cold morning, we have to adjust and acclimate before making any rash decisions. The climate in this country has turned colder, but no amount of griping will change that immediately. We all need to get used to what is going on rather than instantly try to react with no clear objectives in mind. I am NOT advocating taking no action, simply making sure that we all get our heads in the game first and then proceed from there.
Just remember that there are times in our lives when things happen that we don’t want. It is how we handle those times that defines us. We need to work for the change that we desire, in the same way that we know that the seasons change, so will this. There will be tough times ahead, but if we all stick together and work to make this a truly better country that is accepting to all, those tough times will last longer.
Another thing that I have learned through the years is that whwen someone wants to provoke you, the worst thing you can do is to instantly allow them to. Bullies use this approach when they have the advantage. Stupid people have short attention spans, and it is best to respond to them at the time and place of OUR choosing where we will have the advantage. I completely understand the anger and the hurt and the fear that people feel. I hope that we can realize that reacting instantly to these RWNJ lunatics is exactly what they want us to do. Once again, this is the time to plan to make change so later things will not be simple reactions to the provocations of others.
Reach out to one another. Comfort each other. Care for each other. Build the bridges that we will need for the long struggle now so they will be there when we need to cross them. This won’t be easy, nothing truly worthwhile ever is, but this is too important to fuck up. We need each other now more than ever. The evil can, and will, be defeated but let’s make certain that it is a decisive victory and not an endless series of wars with no winner.
Those thoughts are why I relish this quiet time. I need to prepare myself for the coming struggle, not avoid it indefinitely, but to be more prepared when the time to act is upon us. Take a walk, read a book, write in your blog, love the person you love, whatever it takes to get yourself centered right now. We need the strength and it is useless to simply respond every time something happens because exhaustion will be our enemy as well as RWNJ.

We CAN handle this. We WILL handle this. We WILL defeat this. Let’s make sure that we are more than ready.

11 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 11 2016 - “Fair Winds and Following Seas”

I wanted to say something profound on this day, something that was centered on my military service, but nothing came to mind.
Instead, I will just say this. Treasure your friends. Don’t let a day go past without thinking of them, you never know when you might have another chance.
Never let a day pass without being grateful for the people that mean the world to you. A day that passes without acknowledging those people is a day wasted.
Veterans know this in a way that most people don’t. It makes these words more powerful in ways that I cannot describe.
“Fair Winds and Following Seas”

Dreamer's world November 11 2016 - Trying To Figure Out What We Need

The election is over with. The Democrats fucked everyone with their bullshit Hillary candidate. Now the repercussions are about to begin. I say let the Democrats beat themselves up over this because they will go out and repeat the same mistakes the next time.
Progressives need a new way. The Democratic Party is dead to me, I do not believe that Progressives have any future with them. The next step is to figure out a way to counteract the corrupt two-party system and produce real candidates and real Progressive policies.
The problem of voter turnout is historically something that people bitch about when they lose. The problem really is that too many people cannot identify with a candidate that they want to vote FOR, and they are tired of always having to vote AGAINST someone else, or choose the lesser evil. Both the republiKKKans and the democrats benefit from this illusion of freedom because it keeps turnout low and makes the outcome easier to control.
Bernie Sanders started to show us the way. He started from nothing and it eventually took corruption and manipulation from the democrats to defeat him in the primaries. In hindsight, had Bernie run without seeking the democratic party endorsement I believe that we would very likely be praising President-Elect Sanders right now.
What can be done? I am not proclaiming to have all of the answers, but I do have some ideas.
  1. We need a Progressive candidate that does NOT attempt to align with the democrats. While this sounds impossible at first, I think that it can be done. The power of the internet and social media cannot be underestimated. Bernie was ahead of the curve with this idea, but he did also attempt to change the corrupt system.
  2. Bernie also taught us that a campaign can be funded by individual contributions rather than PAC money. If there was an issue that concerned the democrats, it was this bypassing of the PAC money train.
  3. Rather than think about these issues only every 4 years, we need a dedicated group that will keep these issues at the front of people’s attention between elections. Webcasts like TYT have shown in a small way that this is possible.
  4. If we can take these first steps, the issue of money is not the factor that it is for the traditional candidate. Remember that Bernie proved this to us all. A more focused campaign can be conducted without the obscene amounts of money that do nothing more than pollute the system that we have.

I personally would love to see a joining of forces between Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein to make this happen with the support of Progressives around the country. Just a thought.

10 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 10 2016 - Coming To Terms

I have been waiting to feel something more than simple anger at the election results. I needed time to put my thoughts in order. I had to take time to really gain some perspective rather than simply lash out. That time has arrived.
First of all, congratulations to the RWNJ and their lunatic candidate. Their message of HATE, RACISM, SEXISM, INEQUALITY and BIGOTRY carried them to victory with the help of their HATEFUL, RACIST, SEXIST, INEQUALITY-LOVING and BIGOTED supporters. Please try to NOT damage the country beyond repair before you are finished.
This election drove home the point that corruption is truly rampant in our political process. The rich and powerful made their onerous presence felt throughout this campaign. THey achieved what they set out to do, and that was to keep the people of this country scrambling for survival while they themselves prosper beyond belief. Wall Street has robbed us once again while Main Street endures more hardships. The rich and powerful have no compassion for the rest of us. We are simply cogs in their machines designed to turn profits for them. We are the cannon fodder that they will use to impose their corruption on other nations in order to profit even more. We are the subjects of their imperious rule, suppressed by the police to keep us compliant. The future of this once great nation is in peril.
Hillary Clinton is one of the rich and powerful, as is Trump. To attempt to draw any real distinction between them is nothing more than a trick done with smoke and mirrors. At heart, they are two faces of the same monster, believing that they are entitled to rule over the rest of us and determine our futures as best benefits themselves.
America was founded as an objection to the ideas of monarchy. Sadly, we now have our own domestic brand of monarchs, the rich and powerful. These are the people and families that exchange the roles of leadership amongst themselves while fooling the people into believing that one of them is somehow better than the other. The truth is that they will act only to preserve their own wealth and privilege as a ruling class.
The monarchy concept was personified by the “coronation” of Hillary Clinton. There were people who had been led to believe that somehow, Clinton would be a person who represented the real people. I know of those who could not wait to hand her the keys to power without any serious examination of the repercussions. She was simply “supposed” to be the next President according to many. Any system that relies on this type of leadership selection cannot be classified as a democracy or a representative government of the people.
Think back to 2014 and 2015. Clinton was supposed to be the next President because so many people had their blinders in place and could not see the dangers lurking from the Left and the Right. Obviously, trump captured the Right, but according to the Clinton team it was nothing to worry about because he was so stupid and immature that he would easily be defeated. Now we see the folly of underestimating one’s opponent. trump simply built a section of the population that would support him, and therefore preserve the ruling class. It would have been the same with Clinton had she somehow won. The rich would get richer and the rest of us would get screwed.
Along came Bernie Sanders. While he is a member of Congress, he has always conducted himself as someone of the people and for the people. He made the establishment nervous after it became clear that he was the danger to Clinton from the Left. The only solution that the Clinton camp could come up with to preserve its own power and influence was to undertake a campaign within the campaign to smear and vilify Bernie Sanders. Of course the lapdogs were perfectly willing to adopt that strategy. The more powerful Bernie became, the more the Clintons fought back.
As the election season began and it became apparent that Bernie was too powerful to be contained, the Democrats and Clinton resorted to the oldest trick in the books and began to rig elections during the primaries. The slanderous attacks on Sanders continued and intensified. It was postulated that there was NO WAY that an “outsider” could ever defeat the RWNJ candidate. They were WRONG. Bernie was attracting new blood to the so-called Democratic Party, but these new followers were not following the Democrats or Hillary, they were, and still are, following Bernie.
Look at the impact that Bernie had on the campaign in spite of the election-rigging and the personal attacks. Bernie was bringing the new people in that would be so desperately needed later. However, since the rise of Bernie interfered with the coronation of Hillary, he had to be stopped. I will go to my grave knowing that the election was STOLEN from Bernie by the Democrats and Clintons.
Having stolen the primary election, Clinton and the Democrats immediately made it known that their main objective was to attempt to convert voters who might normally have voted for trump by appealing to the more conservative policies. Progressives like myself were in effect abandoned as this effort began. This flawed approach failed to take into account the fact that Clinton carried too much baggage, and that she was completely unacceptable to far too many voters on the right. Therefore, months and millions of dollars were wasted while the Progressives were treated like garbage despite all of the promises to implement many of Bernie’s policies as a price for his endorsement.
Only at the last minute did Clinton and the Democrats realize that their entire strategy was flawed and not achievable. A last-gasp effort to reach out to the disaffected Progressives failed miserably, as expected.
Clinton failed to see that the RWNJ were mobilized against her from the beginning. This unbelievable lapse of common sense that defined Clinton only added to the sense of desperation as the race tightened up.
Therefore, Progressives felt absolutely no loyalty to Clinton or the Democrats who had screwed Bernie so badly. The failure to deal with Progressives was a bittersweet victory in the most vengeful sense of things, but it did not change the fact that this was all the fault of Clinton and the Democrats.
And so, we come to the present. Clinton and the Democrats failed to defeat trump and his angry RWNJ knuckle-draggers. The country will suffer, but it will survive somehow until normality is restored in the future. The blame for this rests squarely on Clinton and the Democrats because they failed to realize that the country did not want a coronation of someone that was being forced on them at the expense of a person that they truly supported, and that was Bernie Sanders. Karma is a real bitch.

As for the media, they also share some of the responsibility for this fiasco for first blindly supporting Clinton and then blindly following trump off the cliff.

08 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 7 2016

I spent the weekend looking at apartments. Hal (person) and I have decided that when our current lease is up next Spring that it will be time to move somewhere else. The costs of this apartment keep going up and up and it is just no longer feasible to
try to continue living here.
In the past, we both agreed that we saw no reason to move outside of the Capital Beltway. That has changed as the prices keep creeping upwards and the struggle to make ends meet while still being able to live in a reasonable amount of comfort gets more and more difficult. We have finally decided that we will join the migration outside of the Beltway because we each have advantages that will make this less difficult for us.
I work from home, and Hal has a job that allows him the ability to work at a multitude of locations as a massage therapist. Therefore, we will not be caught up in the commuting nightmare that is all too common in this area. It makes the decision so much easier to deal with. The fact that we seldom venture into DC after work means that being close isn’t as necessary as it was when we were both younger.
It has become apparent that we will get more for our money by moving outside the Beltway. More room and lower rents, a win-win for both if us. Of course we are already scoping out the area with the most promise because it always is better to be prepared when the time to move comes rather than rush around at the last minute hoping to find something. We already have a selection of nice apartments lined up and there will doubtless be others that we will add to the list. Since this Friday will be a holiday, we are going to spend some time that day looking around as well.
As for today, I will be cooking later today while I finish up at work. I will be avoiding the MSM of course and tomorrow we will go to vote and hopefully end this BULLSHIT. We are both just tired of all this and want it to end. It won’t matter because the losers will scream that they were cheated and there will be more endless infoporn on the MSM about that.
There hasn’t been much to write about recently. I have been extra busy at work and around the apartment while also looking at potential new places to live, as I mentioned earlier. I know that in about 2 weeks that things will really start to slow down as the holiday season approaches, and that will be just fine with me. We all need some down time, especially following this election.
It is nearly quitting time and it is getting dark. I just started the oven in order to cook the chicken this evening. We are staying home without a doubt tonight. I really dislike the time change when it gets dark at 1700.

I did put on the second of the duvets I bought recently for the new bed and I think it looks very nice. Hal The Cat does too, that is why he wouldn’t move when I took the picture earlier today.

02 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 2 2016 - A Brush With Mortality

Every now and then we all get a reminder of just how precious and fragile life really is. I got a text message this morning that a dear friend was in the hospital after suffering a heart attack last night. Hopefully, he will recover but since he is several hundred miles away, we aren’t able to see him. He used to live much closer, but moved away a few years ago for his own personal reasons. Hal (person) and myself have always counted him as one of our very closest friends, the type that you can count on when you need help, the type of friend that never lets you down.
I suppose in some ways the news of his heart attack doesn’t come as a huge surprise. He burned the candle at both ends for a long time and really didn’t take proper care of himself. He wasn’t unhealthy, but he wasn’t in outstanding physical shape either. Everyone has friends like this.
At any rate, I was able to communicate with him via text today and his spirits seems to be good as he is recuperating in the hospital. His mother had arrived to be with him earlier today and that is good to have family there with him.

It does make one think about mortality. I always want my friends to know that I love and care about them, just in case something were to happen.