Dreamer's World November 21 2016 - Another Monday

Another week has begun. This morning all the excitement has revolved around The Stooges and their antics. Spartacus and Hal The Cat are currently play-fighting on the bed, with Stevie Nicks watching intently. It is rather unusual to have all three of The Stooges together at any one time, so I enjoyed the event while it lasted early this morning.
Before the rest of the day gets going, it is worth noting that Hal (person) and I are officially spending this Thanksgiving here at home. No word has come from either his family or our close friends about any plans, and at this point it would be rather inconvenient to wait any longer only to realize that there is going to be nothing happening. It isn’t anything that we are upset over, but at this point we have decided to tell anyone who wants to initiate something at the very last minute that we already have our own plans made. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about family, and the family that I care the most about in the world are all here in the apartment with me.
I am hoping for a quiet day at work. It should be the case although people on the West Coast have scheduled afternoon meetings through Wednesday. Word through the grapevine is that the organizer of these meetings allegedly said that personnel on the East Coast such as myself are simply “out of luck” when it comes to having our afternoons ruined on the holiday week while the West Coast people will still get their own unofficial early time off this week. If I were on the West Coast at headquarters, I would definitely have more to say about this in an official capacity, but here I have the luxury of simply dialing in and putting everyone else on mute and not saying a word as I take care of things here.
The cold weather continues. It is difficult to believe that Saturday afternoon it was 75 degrees and within 12 hours it was 40 degrees colder and hasn’t warmed up since. The wind has howled here ever since Saturday evening, but this morning seems to have died down at last. When I went to IKEA yesterday, the Beetle was struggling at times against the wind. It was worth the trip as I picked up 2 new duvet sets for the new bed in addition to some new sheets. I also made the weekly stop for groceries while I was out, but I didn’t pick up anything specifically for Thanksgiving yet.
I am NOT cooking a turkey for only 2 people regardless of the holiday. I am thinking about what else I can make that will be a nice change from the ordinary without being too much trouble to prepare, but I haven’t made up my mind just yet. I will get what I need at the grocery store once I decide exactly what that will be.
As the day has moved along, the weather remains cold, but at least the wind has died down and the sun is out. Almost all of the leaves have been blown off the trees over the last 48 hours so now looking out the window really drives home the point that the cold weather has arrived for a few months. As I went to the apartment office to pick up a package, this point was really driven home!
I debated about lunch and what to have for a little while. I know that after lunch the meetings will begin and I will be reduced to tears by the boredom as I try to keep working on things here that are much more important than those meetings. I have to produce a new personal goal for the next company reporting period and have that approved in about a week or so. That remains my top priority for this week since most things are at a standstill.
I have not written much recently, I have been struggling for ideas, but nothing has really come to mind. I have avoided the MSM for several months now, and I have to admit that I feel so much better about myself as a result. I am on longer responding to whatever infoporn stimuli the rest of the world runs on and my mind is calm. I have disassociated myself from people who claimed that my support of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein somehow cost the election. I don’t have time for deluded people in my life anymore.
As the meetings drag on through the afternoon, Hal (person) and I have decided to go to one of the local restaraunts for 1/2 price burgers this evening since we won’t have to get out and drive anywhere. It will be a way to pass the time early this evening before coming home and relaxing and getting ready for bed.
I am disappointed to say that my back is acting up once again this afternoon. I have put in just over 4 miles of walking so far today, but now I am forced to pay extra attention to the pain in my back and my neck. This sucks. I will probably lay down as this meeting drags on and hope that my back and neck feels better after taking some Aleve. At least I know that there is only 2 1/2 more hours of this stuff before quitting time.
I actually just heard from friends that they won’t be in town for Thanksgiving. This means that my decision to stay silent paid off. I still think that they should have spoken up before now, but I had not said a word, so I can graciously forgive them without appearing to be ungrateful, so I am off the hook. I would always make certain that I would not leave people in limbo until the last minute when it comes to holidays.
As the day draws to a close, it is time to wrap this post up and say that it feels good to be writing once again.

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