Dreamer's World November 2 2016 - A Brush With Mortality

Every now and then we all get a reminder of just how precious and fragile life really is. I got a text message this morning that a dear friend was in the hospital after suffering a heart attack last night. Hopefully, he will recover but since he is several hundred miles away, we aren’t able to see him. He used to live much closer, but moved away a few years ago for his own personal reasons. Hal (person) and myself have always counted him as one of our very closest friends, the type that you can count on when you need help, the type of friend that never lets you down.
I suppose in some ways the news of his heart attack doesn’t come as a huge surprise. He burned the candle at both ends for a long time and really didn’t take proper care of himself. He wasn’t unhealthy, but he wasn’t in outstanding physical shape either. Everyone has friends like this.
At any rate, I was able to communicate with him via text today and his spirits seems to be good as he is recuperating in the hospital. His mother had arrived to be with him earlier today and that is good to have family there with him.

It does make one think about mortality. I always want my friends to know that I love and care about them, just in case something were to happen.

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