Dreamer's World November 12 2016 - Time To Reflect

The weekend is finally here. Yesterday was a wasted day due to the plumbing repairs that affected the entire apartment building. I complained to the office that this should not have been done on a holiday, it had been scheduled in advance and others had said the same thing. By the time everything was finished at approximately 1700, the day was completely shot to hell.
Saturday began with the first really cold morning so far this fall. The temperature fell to near freezing overnight and stepping outside for a cigarette this morning was quite a shock to say the least. I think that the cold weather has made me determined to stay here until Hal (person) gets home from work. There is nothing that I need to do that desperately right now, so I will just take my time and write.
I think that I really need this quiet time once again. The last week was full of unpleasantness that I would like to forget. Sadly, that isn’t an option because it is only the beginning of difficult times ahead for everyone. I was not pleased with what happened, but I also realize that simply reacting to the stimuli doesn’t accomplish anything either.
Just like the first cold morning, we have to adjust and acclimate before making any rash decisions. The climate in this country has turned colder, but no amount of griping will change that immediately. We all need to get used to what is going on rather than instantly try to react with no clear objectives in mind. I am NOT advocating taking no action, simply making sure that we all get our heads in the game first and then proceed from there.
Just remember that there are times in our lives when things happen that we don’t want. It is how we handle those times that defines us. We need to work for the change that we desire, in the same way that we know that the seasons change, so will this. There will be tough times ahead, but if we all stick together and work to make this a truly better country that is accepting to all, those tough times will last longer.
Another thing that I have learned through the years is that whwen someone wants to provoke you, the worst thing you can do is to instantly allow them to. Bullies use this approach when they have the advantage. Stupid people have short attention spans, and it is best to respond to them at the time and place of OUR choosing where we will have the advantage. I completely understand the anger and the hurt and the fear that people feel. I hope that we can realize that reacting instantly to these RWNJ lunatics is exactly what they want us to do. Once again, this is the time to plan to make change so later things will not be simple reactions to the provocations of others.
Reach out to one another. Comfort each other. Care for each other. Build the bridges that we will need for the long struggle now so they will be there when we need to cross them. This won’t be easy, nothing truly worthwhile ever is, but this is too important to fuck up. We need each other now more than ever. The evil can, and will, be defeated but let’s make certain that it is a decisive victory and not an endless series of wars with no winner.
Those thoughts are why I relish this quiet time. I need to prepare myself for the coming struggle, not avoid it indefinitely, but to be more prepared when the time to act is upon us. Take a walk, read a book, write in your blog, love the person you love, whatever it takes to get yourself centered right now. We need the strength and it is useless to simply respond every time something happens because exhaustion will be our enemy as well as RWNJ.

We CAN handle this. We WILL handle this. We WILL defeat this. Let’s make sure that we are more than ready.

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