31 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 31 2015

Friday at last! This morning I went to the doctor’s office to get blood drawn in advance of my quarterly physical, which is next Wednesday. I came home and immediately grabbed come caffeine and had some oatmeal and I am feeling much better now. Since the doctor’s office is nearby I was able to get back before 0900 and start work on-time this morning.

It promises to be a slow day at work. I have everything caught up and there is no tasking that has arrived in my inbox. I suspect that the presentation I was pressed into yesterday was considered more than enough for this week. Plus, the company employee self-assessments are due by COB today, and I am sure that a lot of people will spend today updating and submitting their evaluations at the last minute. I actually took care of mine yesterday to stay ahead of things. I only have 2 short meetings today that I have to participate in, so the rest of the time can be spent preparing for next week and the items that I already know will demand my attention.

After work, Hal and I will be getting out for a while to do something, just not sure what that will be just yet. Dinner is almost a certainty, along with wherever our adventure takes us. I will always vote for tech toys, but Hal might have other ideas.

One thing that I am doing today while I have a chance is looking for another doctor. I will go to my appointment next week, but this will be the LAST time. The office staff and the doctors routinely miss quarterly dosages with medication, and this always results in endless phone calls from the pharmacy to their office to try to get them to move on this. I am tired of the struggle and ready to move on to a new doctor. I hope to find one that is close to us, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I think I might have found an office to contact that is within walking distance, and I will call them this afternoon to ask a few questions to make sure that they are accepting new patients and also that I will not be assigned to a physician assistant that rotates every time I go in for a physical. I want a doctor that I will see each time, and one that will be there for a long time.

Hopefully, this afternoon will go slowly and I can talk to the doctor’s office that I mentioned above. Since this is a slow afternoon. I called the new doctor and scheduled an appointment. After that, I went to the old doctor and requested that my records be sent to the new doctor. I fully expect to have to go back next week and ride their asses about this. The new doctor’s office contacted the old one and also requested the records. I canceled my appointment with the old doctor and set an appointment with the new one for the same time next Wednesday. Of course, this means that I will contact the new office on Tuesday and make sure that the records have been received. If not, and I fully expect this, I will be back at the old doctor’s office to make a professionally staged scene!

I am glad that this much is behind me. Having the slow day today has allowed me to get this taken care of without any interruption. The fact that both doctor’s offices are within walking distance makes it even more convenient for me since I work from home. I feel so much better knowing that this crap is behind me now. I can concentrate on the evening ahead with Hal.

The workday ended without incident and we are ready to start the weekend. First off we will have dinner at a nearby Asian restaurant that we haven't visited yet. Supposedly, they offer a variety of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai foods. It is called "A Taste of Asia" and we are hoping it will be delicious. I am also going to locate exactly where my new doctor's office is, since it will be on the way. After that whatever happens is up to Hal. Dinner is my treat after his wonderful full-body massage from Hal last night. I feel so much better today as a result.

Dinner was awesome! We had Yakitori as an appetizer and then we both selected the Pad Thai with chicken. It was delicious, and the restaurant was spotless and almost everything there was brand new. A great place and we will definitely go back sometime soon. It makes us glad that we live where we do because there are so many nice places that are actually within walking distance.

We’re home for the evening now. Hal does have to work in the morning, so we won’t be up late. I wanted to take a few minutes to finish up this blog post and to wish everyone a great weekend.

30 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 30 2015

Thursday has arrived at last. It has been a busier morning than I anticipated, but in a good way. I was asked to co-host a presentation at the last minute and that added an additional layer of complication to things. I am glad to report that it went very smoothly. This afternoon I have the regular round of conference calls and I also have to complete my self-assessment for the reporting period that just ended. I am doing well and want it to reflect on my salary at the end of this year!

Thankfully, tomorrow will be Friday, and I am looking forward to the weekend. Hal has promised me a massage this evening, and I am looking forward to that. I will have to fast overnight and go to get blood drawn in the morning in preparation for my quarterly physical next Wednesday. I am almost certain that this will be the LAST time I visit this particular doctor’s office unless some changes are implemented. I am tired of them writing prescriptions that will not cover the length of time between visits. I then have to call and harass the office staff to get refills authorized, and this gets really old.

The second aspect that will probably lead me to switch doctors is the habit of having me see Physician Assistants. This means that I almost never see the same person for more than 1 visit. I am tired of this and want a regular doctor. I would gladly go to some of the people I have seen in the past, but I would have to track them down and see if they are still in the area with their own practices.

We have just had a bad thunderstorm roll through here. I made certain that the iMac was powered completely off, and I saved my work on the 2 company laptops just in case. I just powered up the Chromebook and started up where I left off with Google Docs on this blog entry. I really don’t predict doing that much more this afternoon because I already have gotten ahead on things here. It is more a matter of just waiting things out now. I am looking forward to my massage after work, and will probably take Hal to our favorite spot for dinner afterwards since we can easily walk there. I think that I am in a state of mind that is somewhat blah about work right now. I have not taken any time off this summer, I am waiting until Labor Day to take a week. I think that this waiting for time away is really starting to affect me. I find that I have to make extra efforts to get things done because the motivation is starting to lag. It seems like such a long way off until my week off work, but I will make it through until then one way or another.

At least the weekend will make me feel better about things. I am already looking forward to brunch Sunday, and perhaps Saturday as well. It gets me out of here for a while and doesn’t cost too much. The chicken and waffle that I had last Sunday has me wanting more. Especially after tonight when I have to fast before blood work in the morning. I will have a good dinner tonight whether it is out with Hal or something here at home. If nothing else, I can always have some oatmeal as a last resort.

After an evening of no food after 2000 and no drinks other than water, I am in a foul mood as I go to bed tonight. I will get my blood work done at 0830 tomorrow morning and then recover from this fasting.

29 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 29 2015

Just before 0300 and I am awake. Insomnia isn’t to blame for this tonight, my blood glucose has dropped to 50 and that always makes me wake up when it happens. I will be awake for a little while, sucking on some glucose tablets until the BG level returns to normal, and fighting the physical roller coaster that this condition leaves me with at times like this.

Nervous and itchy are the closest terms I can find when trying to describe how low BG makes me feel. For every diabetic, the symptoms are personal and somewhat unique. The key is that my body produces a type of reaction that alerts me when something is wrong and I have learned that I must respond as quickly as possible in order to avoid trouble.

Wednesday is my early day at work. To say that I wish this had not happened now would be an understatement. I wish that it never happened at all, but I must deal with the here and now, and my work schedule isn’t consulted by my body in advance. Once I am feeling comfortable, I will go back to bed and try to sleep until 0600 rather than 0800. I have to get ready and go to meet with the client this morning unless I am simply physically unable to attend and I don’t want things to get to that point.

The only saving grace to a time like this is the ability to power up the Chromebook and start writing. Even in the loneliest, most depressing times, I can write. I didn’t want to wake Hal up because of this low BG episode, it happens from time to time. The Stooges are all asleep, I am kind of surprised that Stevie Nicks has not come to sit with me by now, but I will let her sleep wherever she is rather than disturb her as well.

I have gone through this before, and I will be fine in jut a little while. Patience is the key here because if I panic and try to eat just to increase my BG, I will end up with it going too high and I don’t want that. Tonight’s episode isn’t nearly the worst that I have had, far from it. Experience has taught me how to cope with this condition, and it will get me through this now.

I managed about 1 hour of sleep before the alarm woke me. The day was busy, but not eventful. It was also HOT as I made my way to and from the meeting with the client this morning. By the time I got home. the first thing I did was to jump in the shower and clean myself off before resuming my workday. Since it was my early day, I was off at 1530. After spending some time with Hal and the Stooges, I finally gave up and slept for 2 hours early this evening. I am hoping that this won’t mess up my sleep later tonight. Tomorrow is Thursday, and that means we are one day closer to the weekend.

28 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 28 2015

Tuesday has arrived. It looks like another day with afternoon thunderstorms popping up around here. Work is moving along, or at least it was, until the system got taken down for maintenance. Since this impacts what I was busy doing, I get an extra break out of this, so I decided to start today’s blog post.

Inspiration is not coming to me right now. Perhaps the down time is something for me to enjoy with some music rather than trying to write. I will get back to this later.

As I am playing music through Apple Music, I am very impressed with their service. I am constantly finding new artists that I enjoy listening to. I tried Spotify and Pandora back in the day, but I always felt like using them was so much more of a chore than anything else. I am glad that I went ahead and subscribed when it became available. I can always find something to listen to, whether it is Beats 1 or one of their other stations. In addition, I can create my own stations like the other services provided, but the whole experience is just so much more seamless with Apple. I predict that my music library will increase exponentially in the future :)

I don’t know where I would be without my music. I don’t like to have the TV on unless there is something that I want to watch, and that isn’t very often. Music gives me the ability to let my imagination run free rather than be constrained by the program on the TV. I can walk around and even dance occasionally as I listen to music instead of being confined to the chair or the couch with TV.

It also helps my love of music that there is so much complete and total SHIT on TV. If it weren’t for Hal, I would seriously consider dropping Comcast for everything except the high-speed internet connection. Unfortunately, Hal does enjoy watching TV, so I let him watch and I will stay in another room, usually writing or working. I am almost totally divorced from watching any news on the TV. I find out more from social media than I ever did from the MSM. Funny thing is that I am often more informed than my friends. The local media is even worse than the national media. If you live in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) then you are probably aware of the total SHITHOLE that is NBC Washington. I so utterly and completely despise those people. If there is a waiting room for the dentist’s office in hell then I am sure that NBC Washington is on endless loop there.

Another reason I don’t care for TV is the endless infatuation with infoporn and celebreality. I could care less about these things, but the powers that be seem to have decided that this is what everyone should know. I vote with my remote and select music channels or better yet, I select the OFF button.

And so, I am back to listening to Apple Music and thoroughly enjoying it. It gives me what I want, which is enjoyment and relaxation.

The day went smoothly at work. I am ready to

shut down the laptop now and naturally, it has decided to rain heavily. This will complicate things tremendously since the main street in front of our complex is backed up due to some downed power lines about a mile away. Perhaps this is an indication that we should stay home tonight. Probably for the best, when I come to think of it. We can enjoy an evening here at home with the Stooges and let everyone else fight through the traffic and the rain.

27 July 2015

Dreamer’s World July 27 2015 - A Monday After the Storm

I'm actually starting this post before bed on Sunday night. Not because of anything earth-shattering, but just because I wanted to write for a few minutes as I prepare for bed. I'm sitting on the balcony, smoking a cigarette and paying attention to Stevie Nicks since she is out here with me. We won't let her out onto the balcony without either Hal or myself present because she has a habit of squeezing through the rails when looking at birds. We are on the 4th floor, but would rather not have to worry about her falling from here.

I actually went to bed around 2240 last night. I was accompanied by Stevie Nicks after we left the balcony. Hal was staying up late as he tends to do on Sunday, so I was fortunate to have Stevie Nicks licking my hand, purring and talking for a good long time before I finally fell asleep. Hal told me that she finally came out of the bedroom sometime close to midnight after I was already sound asleep.

The workday has started rather slowly. For a change, there was no digital mountain of email to climb this morning and that is very unusual for a Monday morning. I was able to schedule a meeting with one of the co-workers to plan ahead for some database modifications to be performed this week. I always prefer to have the plan of action written down because these thing never happen in a vacuum, and there are always interruptions and other tasking that pull us away from things so that we have to return to them and try to take up where we left off. It is always best to have the plan in writing so there is no confusion at that time. The meeting will take place before lunch today. After lunch, I have one conference call to attend and then 2 meetings with my supervisor later in the day before wrapping things up at 1730.

Hal is doing fine. As far as I know, he has not heard from the “friend” about their weekend plans. This is the “friend” who tried to drag Hal and myself into the middle of their own little intrigues without success. I don’t wish that person any ill will, and I hope that they had a good weekend without us. Life is far too short to be caught up in other people's’ nonsense. Friends are hard to find, and we always have to realize that they will not always be permanent. People do change at times, and we have to be prepared to either deal with or choose not to deal with, those changes depending on what they are.

I suppose that this case boils down to a few simple truths: This person in question has been constantly digging into information about Hal and myself. This goes beyond the level of friendly interest, especially when that same person remains ultra-closeted and silent about their own life. I have said before that Hal is much better equipped to deal with this person, they are the ones who talk to each other most of the time due to schedules. I honestly don’t have the patience to deal with shit like this, nor would I want to.

Hal and I have talked recently about the value of maintaining our relationship with this person. Where Hal is willing to give it more time, within reason, I am basically done with it altogether. I consider our lives to be much more important than the other person, and I have told Hal so. I don’t think that Hal is going to deal with this much longer, because when he does get frustrated and annoyed, it is a sign that a change is coming.

I made it through the morning and am preparing a microwave lunch as I get ready for the daily team meeting at 1230. Actually, the morning has been very productive for me. Sadly, the afternoon round of conference calls usually make me very sleepy. I will do my best to get some more things done between meetings until my workday ends at 1730. After that, we might make a quick grocery run, but i suspect that will be about it for the evening.

I am looking forward to the end of the day. I want to spend more time with Hal and the Stooges and be sure to catch up with everything that is important to us. Spending time with Hal is the most important thing to me. Working from home has given us much more time together, and reinforced our bonds to each other.

At times, it seems unbelievable that have been together for almost 16 years. It seems like yesterday when we first met, our time together has contained ups and downs, but we have overcome every obstacle that has fallen in our path and come through stronger than ever. We both have talked about meeting other couples, but only for friendship and social activity. It is rather difficult to find those people.

The afternoon is passing by, along with a thunderstorm. We aren’t supposed to get anything too severe so I am just enjoying the sound of rain as I look out the window. There is a large tree that obstructs the view, but it makes for a peaceful scene as the rain falls. As much as I enjoy a sunny day, there is something comforting about the sound of rain and thunder every once in a while. Perhaps it is the reminder that the grass and trees will be greener after the storm passes. Just like upsetting things in our lives, the storms always pass and leave us with the opportunity to grow from them.

I am looking forward to the evening here at home with Hal and the Stooges. A rainy night will be perfect since we have nowhere that we have to go. Dinner can be prepared from what we already have here with us and any other trips can wait until tomorrow or Wednesday.

Not long after that last paragraph, the storm did turn violent to the extent that I powered down yhe iMac and my work laptop. Luckily, it passed quickly but it does eliminate the prospect (for now) about spending that rainy night at home. Perhaps another storm is on the way. I am not checking the radar, I am in the mood for spontaneity today. Hal has suggested that we do make the trip for groceries since the weather has cleared up completely, so we will do that as soon as I am finished with work for the day.

Since the sun came back out immediately after the rain stopped. Hal and I did get our one trip in right after I finished work. Since then, we have had a nice relaxing evening, interrupted only by a phone call between Hal and his sister, which resulted in more than an hour as he was in the other room. Still, I am not complaining, it is good to be together when we can.

Dreamer's World July 27 2015 - A Passing Storm

The afternoon is passing by, along with a thunderstorm. We aren’t supposed to get anything too severe so I am just enjoying the sound of rain as I look out the window. There is a large tree that obstructs the view, but it makes for a peaceful scene as the rain falls. As much as I enjoy a sunny day, there is something comforting about the sound of rain and thunder every once in a while. Perhaps it is the reminder that the grass and trees will be greener after the storm passes. Just like upsetting things in our lives, the storms always pass and leave us with the opportunity to grow from them.

26 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 26 2015

fter a wonderful Saturday, Sunday began about 90 minutes ago. I am still awake because I want to get some writing done as Hal goes to sleep, and he has to go to work in the morning. Things are extremely quiet here, and that is always conducive to good writing for me. I will sleep in later this morning to make up for this time and I should not have any ill effects. At least I am not suffering from insomnia tonight.

I have been reflecting on things this weekend and I realize just how lucky I truly am. When I look back just 1 year, I can see a remarkable difference in how things are. Fortunately all the changes are for the better, and I hope the trend continues for me. I continue to work down the last remaining debt that I have. It will still take some time, but things are much better than they were.

The job has both good and bad days, which is only to be expected. At least I am now working from home full-time and this has helped me to cut costs even more since April. I can go almost a month without having to gas up the Beetle now! Working from home has not alleviated the office politics and being remote from the majority of the company 3000 miles away really doesn't make a difference whether I work from home or not.

The Stooges are all well. They give Hal and I endless hours of pleasure with their antics and also with their visible displays of love towards us. There is nothing more relaxing than watching a movie with Hal and having the Stooges walk back and forth between our laps demanding attention like they are on a merry-go-round. Our lives would be very empty without them around.

I wrote recently about a "friend" who tried to manipulate Hal and I into doing them a favor that would have been very costly to us. Details aren't important but the good news is that we stopped that dead in its tracks. That is no longer a problem foe us. The "friend" ha s always talked to Hal more than to me and this is for the best because Hal is much more diplomatic than I am when something like this happens. I have told Hal that if it were up to me that the situation would have been handled quickly, and probably with a lot of mess as a result. I will defer to Hal's judgement on how to proceed in the future about this. Hal has indicated that he is also rather tired of the secrecy that this person wants to introduce to every aspect of their life. As Hal and I agree, if you cannot be honest with your friends, are they really your friends? It doesn't seem like the way one should treat friends.

Hopefully that mess will sort itself out in the near future. I support Hal whatever he decides to do. My personality has a much shorter fuse than Hal's. I think that this difference makes us stronger because we discuss these things and come to a consensus before a decision is ever made.

I am about to wrap this up for now and go to bed. Hal is asleep and I normally don't wake him when I go to bed later. I will be back later today to continue with this post. I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep.

It is just after 0900 and Hal is preparing to leave for work. Once he is gone, I will shower and start the laundry. I might venture out a little later today, but there are no definite plans yet. If the weather holds out, I will get another walk in today as well. I am feeling very good today and I am torn between the knowledge that there is work to be done here versus going out and enjoying the day. I will make that decision after I shower.

After getting Hal off to work and then some light cleaning and a shower, it is 1020 and the first load of laundry is in the washer. There will be several more since we only have the stackable small washer dryer unit in the apartment. Actually, this does provide me with the justification for not going out today in order to get things done.

I did surprise myself a little while ago. I decided that I would go across the street to Shooter McGee’s, a local bar/restaurant for brunch. Hal and I go here often, but I have never gone there for brunch. I guess that I don’t enjoy dining alone. Anyway, I went there and ordered a Mimosa and the Chicken and Waffle brunch.

I am sad to say that the Mimosas are NOT bottomless, but delicious nevertheless. The chicken was breaded and fried, covered in gravy with small chunks of potatoes and served over a Belgian waffle with butter and maple syrup on the side. It also comes with a side order of bacon. The meal was delicious, I will definitely be going back on Sundays from now on!

As the afternoon arrives, I am taking things slowly, and that includes the laundry. I have earned some down time for myself. As the laundry chore progresses through the afternoon, I have been here relaxing. There have been no phone calls, nothing unusual about that. I did spend 30 minutes laying on the couch after Maxwell showed up and demanded some attention from me. I was more than glad to cuddle up with him and tickle him under the chin as he purred away contentedly. Eventually, he fell asleep against me, but finally woke up and moved along. It is now almost 1630 so Hal should be here sometime in the next 90 minutes, depending on what time his last appointment is at work.

I have started feeling the stretch from yesterday’s long walk. I am still past my daily average, but I am not going to be pushing things for the rest of the day. My BG has been good, and I will have something sensible for dinner and try to get a full night of rest. It feels so peaceful and quiet here this afternoon. I wish things could stay like this forever because I can write without interruption. It would be better if Hal were here, though.

I am still so grateful for what we have. I can take my time to appreciate these things. We don’t need tons of stuff, just each other and the Stooges in order to be happy. This has worked for us for nearly 16 years now, and I see no reason for it to change.

Dreamer’s World July 25 2015 - Beautiful Saturday

Saturday morning is here. I am deliberately taking things very slowly this weekend because I am beginning to really need some time away from work. I already have the week of Labor Day scheduled as my mini-vacation, but that seems like years away at this point. I will make it through, the key is to not try to overthink how many more days there are between now and then.

The only plan I have is to get my walking done today. I will go to CVS to get more test strips for my BG meter. That by itself should put me near 2 miles for the day. After that, I plan to get in as much walking as I can, but I don't plan to go and spend any more money.

I got my walk in this morning and covered 4.5 miles. The walk started from the apartment to CVS on Duke Street near the Library. I went there to get the test strips for my Freestyle Precision Neo meter, but the CVS was out of stock. At that point, I decided to walk to the next nearest CVS, which is located on Van Dorn Street. This really gave me a much longer walk than I had planned, but it was worth it to get the exercise. Luckily, this CVS had the test strips, so then I retraced most of the route back home. I feel awesome, but I'll feel even better after a shower!

After the shower, I feel much more alive and much less sweaty. I had a quick lunch here at home, and am waiting for Hal to get home from work. I have my special editor Stevie Nicks here with me as I am typing to make sure that everything is correct and also that I acknowledge her beauty as I do type.

Actually, having her next to me gives me a sense of calm as well, and for that I am grateful. Stevie Nicks is a cat who loves attention more than most. She thrives on hearing her name and always responds with a soft “mew” as if she were still a kitten. Maxwell and Spartacus are both very unlikely to speak unless they want food!

It feels good to have done the things that I wanted to earlier today. I will easily hit 10k steps for today, something that I have not done in quite some time. This is an inspiration to try to get the same amount of walking in tomorrow as well. I am also glad that the writing bug has gotten to me again. I am trying to stay diligent, but there are times when I ease off without realizing it until late in the evening. Too often at that time, I either rush to put something together at the last minute, or I fail to get anything done because of the lateness of the hour and how tired I am. Those are both nothing more than excuses for not getting my writing done when I have every chance to do so earlier in the day.

Right now, I am undecided about dinner. I am thinking of asking Hal if he wants to go to our favorite local hangout to grab dinner there, but that will have to wait until he gets home and has his own chance to shower and relax. Hal just came through the door, and after greeting him along with the Stooges, he is going to rest and shower. He seems fine with the idea of the local dinner I just mentioned, but that will be in a few hours anyway. Until then, I will let him rest and get cleaned up after his day at work. Knowing that Hal is home safe makes my day complete.

I found myself once again looking at MacBook Airs online today. I find now that the temptation is gone. The Chromebook fills all my needs, I cannot justify spending the money that I now actually have to get a MacBook Air. Years of living on a very tight budget have really paid off (pardon the pun) in terms of financial discipline, and this is something that I will do my very best to maintain in the future. I have written an entire post describing my love of the Chromebooks that I have (11.6” and 13”) which combined, cost me less than 1 Macbook Air. I am still extremely happy with what I have, and there is no need to spend money that doesn’t have to be spent.

My writing has suffered from lack of discipline, but not from the platforms I use to write on. The Chromebooks and Google Docs are providing everything that I need in terms of capability right now. I would not feel at all uncomfortable taking this Chromebook with me when I go out. All I have to do is to use the hotspot on my iPhone to get it connected to the internet, and away I go! I would rather get another Chromebook and still not total the cost of 1 Macbook Air.

I thought of this option when I was invited by some friends to go to Baltimore Pride this weekend. I declined because I didn’t want to go without Hal. If I had taken them up on their offer, I would have taken the Chromebook and written while they all broke their necks trying to see all the “hot guys” that are sure to be there. I picture myself sitting under a nice shady tree in the park letting them run around like little kids in a candy store. It didn’t turn out like that, of course since I didn’t go, but I hope that they have a great time there.

Hal and I have decided to wait until about 1800 to go across the street for dinner. That will give us time to rest here and we won’t get hungry later in the evening either. Sounds like a good plan to me! I can continue my writing until it is time to go as Hal relaxes.

We had a terrific dinner and came home. The evening has been spent talking and playing with the Stooges. We are getting ready to watch Svengoolie before Hal goes to bed. Sometimes just watching a corny movie with the person you love is the perfect way to spend an evening.

24 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 24 2015 - Another American Tragedy, Another Mass Shooting. Guns and Knives

As I went to bed last night, there were two things that weighed on my mind. The latest mass shooting happened at a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. This is such a sad thing that continues to happen across this country. It is obvious that we, as a nation, have a tremendous problem with firearms as well as a tremendous problem with people who consider violence as the answer to whatever troubles them.

These two problems are linked, but one of them can be dealt with in the immediate future if we have the national political will to do so. It is obvious that we have too many firearms in this country, and that there is a complete lack of control over them. This makes it easy for the weapons to end up in the hands of some deranged person with a grudge against someone.

Strict gun control will help to alleviate this problem. I am talking about the problem of mass shootings. It won’t address the issue of mentally unbalanced people wanting to hurt others. That has to be addressed separately. I believe that the people and politicians who are in the pocket of the NRA and who suck at the money teat of the NRA are unwilling to confront this issue of gun control because it is a profit item for them.

I found myself thinking about this as I was on Twitter Thursday night and I began to think about what could be said to people who claim that guns are not the problem. I wish that I could shake them out of their basically correct position that guns don’t kill people. The problem with that perspective is that it ignores the problem that people who do kill people use guns to do it. A gun has no conscience, it has no sense of right or wrong, but most importantly, a gun does not decide on its own to shoot someone. A gun is a tool for a person to use. Stopping the flood of guns will not stop murders, it will not stop every instance of mass murder. It will dramatically decrease these tragedies, and that is a starting point.

Someone for whom I have a great deal of respect on Twitter surprised me by coming to the defense of the RWNJ gun lobby. I suggested that if the killer in Lafayette had been armed with a knife that this tragedy would not have been nearly as awful. Sadly, this person then took the extremely juvenile argument that if guns were outlawed and the killer used a knife, that knives would also be outlawed. That logic is extremely flawed.

The same flaw can be found in the argument that if everyone was armed with a gun that these tragedies would not happen. I find this ridiculous. An unbalanced person doesn’t reason their actions out for something like that. If the killer entered the theater and proceeded to open fire and the audience responded with opening fire back, there would be a total bloodbath with people shooting at anyone and everything that moved that they didn’t recognize. The death toll would be catastrophic.

Like a gun, a knife is a tool that functions at the whim of its possessor. Unlike a gun, a knife can be used to perform other tasks, such as when we eat. This pretty much stops the argument. But as I remembered all of these tragedies that have occurred, I also remembered some of the reading that I have done about the entire epidemic of gun violence. I am not a medical or psychiatric professional, just someone with some observations.

The motives that drive people to mass shootings have never become clear. There are tons of theories out there, but none seem to capture the basic problem, none allow us to identify who these people are before they act out. I submit that if one of these people could NOT get a gun, that they might not follow through with their intended action. Of course they still might choose to do so, no one is sure. But having to perform these horrible acts with a knife rather than a gun begins to uncover some interesting theories.

A gun is a clean weapon, it is a clinical kill. The killer does not have to come into physical contact with their intended victim. This seems to give the killer a sense of safety. Everyone runs from them because they have a gun. I believe that killers are basically cowards. Having a gun gives them the control that they feel is lacking from their own lives. They take charge as they have never done, and others suffer and die.

A knife is, for lack of a better term, a weapon of passion. You have to get physically close to someone to kill them with a knife. This means that the killer has to select a victim one at a time. This puts the killer at risk because the intended victim might overpower them. It also presents the problem that they have to focus on one victim at a time in order to seriously injure or kill them. This increased the likelihood that others will descend on the killer to disarm him. This seems to be something that none of these killers wants to encounter. They prefer the cold, clinical killing from a gun that puts them in very little danger from their victims.

These killers always seem to go in with plenty of ammunition for their guns. Ammo is easy to carry and almost all guns have the capacity to hold multiple rounds. Once again, this gives the killer the advantage.

A knife is a singular weapon. While a killer can carry multiple knives, the act of reaching for the next knife is extremely unsettling to someone who wants total control to feed whatever fucked up shit is in their head. To be true, a knife can be used again and again, but that also involves the physical proximity to the victim, and an enormous amount of effort to stab, withdraw and then stab again.

Having said all that, why are there not more knife mass killings? I think I have put forth some good reasons, but the main reason is that the killers can get guns far too easily and they will always take the easy way like the cowards that they are.

23 July 2015

Dreamer’s World July 23 2015 - Freestyle Precision Neo Test Meter

Recently, I have been experiencing problems with my blood glucose readings. It seemed that no matter what I did, they remained too high. I did not feel unwell, and I began to suspect that the meter I was using or the test strips might be at fault. I decided to make a change and purchased the Freestyle Precision Neo meter over the counter to see if this made a difference. I have always read that Freestyle are among the most accurate meters on the market.

This meter is extremely slim, it can fit easily in a pocket without difficulty. The best feature about it is the test strip (middle of the picture) because each one is individually wrapped and sealed for protection against contamination. The test strips are longer than normal strips, but this enables you to handle it without touching either the end for the sample, or the end that goes into the meter. This is just an excellent idea and I am surprised that no one else has thought of it before now.

22 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 22 2015

I'm running a bit late as I start today's blog entry. I am on my way back home after the weekly meeting with the client and a quick lunch with one of my co-workers. I'll continue my workday from home and get things caught up as I dial into the necessary conference calls.

The meeting was a success and I'm very happy about that. It has theme into a beautiful day here, even though I am stuck underground part of the time as I take Metro back home. I should make it in plenty of time for the 1230 conference call.

I did make it home just in time for the 1230 call. The bus ride from Metro to the nearest stop was rather long due to several handicapped customers who had to be picked up and dropped off along the way. Nothing to get upset about. I have changed clothes and am listening in to this conference call which is supposed to run until 1430 or so. Luckily, this is my early day, and I will be off work at 1530.

The only negative thing that has happened today was early this morning as I was preparing to leave the apartment for my meeting. A shirt that I really love shrunk. I don’t men around the gut, I mean that the sleeves are now too short. It is a shame because those shirts are unique in their design and stand out from other dress shirts in a crowd. Sadly, the quality is not good enough to withstand more than 1-2 washes before they start to shrink. I will not bu any more shirts from that company in the future. Luckily, Hal can wear them, so I gave them to him.

After work today, we are going to BJs to pick up a few items. This will include some chicken breasts that I can prepare here for meals. I have decided that chicken breasts will be the next thing that I cook once the roast is all gone. It is nearly quitting time now, and I am looking forward to the evening.

The evening has been quiet. We made a trip to the grocery store and then came back home because DMV drivers were proving, yet again, that they cannot drive even under the best of conditions. After an evening watching movies with Hal it is nearly bedtime here. Tomorrow is Friday Eve, and that means the weekend will soon be here.

21 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 21 2015 - Sandra Bland

I finally looked at some online news this morning and I am saddened by the Sandra Bland tragedy in TexASS. This episode stinks, and we all know why. Yet another Black victim of police brutality. I hate to even say it that way, because we are becoming numb to it. Any time that something like this happens, we should ALL be OUTRAGED and be DEMANDING JUSTICE! And yet, this is just another hashtag on social media.

The scale of this national tragedy is shocking. The evidence is overwhelming against the police in almost every single one of these cases, and yet somehow, nothing ever gets done to correct these problems. We suffer from a sense of helplessness in situations like this. The trouble is that it does nothing to correct the problem.

The “media” are just as complicit in these cases as the police. They follow the familiar pattern that if something happens to a Black man or woman, then they MUST have deserved it for some unknown reason. It is obvious that the reason they “deserved it” is because they are Black, the racism is sickening. The same twisted logic goes to the epidemic of mass shootings. A White person who commits these crimes is always a “disturbed individual” where a Black person is a “thug”, a Muslim is a “terrorist”, etc.

Sandra Bland has been written off ny the media until actual people bring forth the TRUTH that the media cannot ignore. At that point, the media will mount their white horses and charge in like this is important to them NOW. Why wasn’t it important to them when it happened?

It is this lack of human empathy that is killing us. It is this lack of the appreciation of the value of each and every one of us that allows this hate to fester and poison our society

20 July 2015

Dreamer’s World July 20 2015

It's just after midnight here and I'm waiting for the place to cool down a bit before going to bed. It's still 85 degrees outside as the heatwave continues to plague us. As I grow older, the heat affects me more than it used to. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping. I am a cool place to sleep well.

Therefore, I'm starting this blog post early. Hal has already gone to bed and the Stooges are all sleeping as well. I have my quiet time now. Luckily, since I changed my work schedule I don't have to be up until 0800. I am thankful for the A/C working properly right now. I think I'll be able to get to bed in a few minutes. As the new week begins, I am hopeful that it will be a good one for us all. For myself, I am going to help get things back on track at work with the co-worker who is returning from his vacation. The idea of an actual vacation for myself is very appealing, and I will talk the idea over with Hal this week. If I had to choose a timeframe for it, I would select the week of Labor Day in order to have time without a bunch of kids and families on last-minute trips everywhere. Until that idea is finalized, it is nothing but a hope. I need to find out what the company schedule is for that timeframe before I can make any real decision. Hopefully, it won’t be a problem, but then again, I am not involved in the long-term planning either. This morning gives all the indications of another hot day in store for us. I woke up at just after 0800 and when I stepped outside for a cigarette, the humidity was already awful. We’ll see how this day progresses, but at least working from home keeps me out of it to a large degree.

I just looked at my updated calendar and find that my afternoon is taken up with nearly 4 hours of continuous meetings. It is a small miracle that anything ever gets done around here! The company worships at the altar of process, often at the expense of results. While this is not literally true it certainly seems that way to me. The meetings are certainly an impediment to me as I try to accomplish my tasking. I usually just dial in and remain quiet as I work on other things unless I am called upon for something. Fortunately, this does not happen often since I am not a software developer or a tester. I work as a Data Quality expert and customer liaison, so my perspective is very different.

Monday mornings are usually quiet since most of the developers and testers are in California and won’t be in for another few hours. I can look out the window to see that all the noise I am hearing is caused by landscaping work going on around the apartment complex. I certainly feel for those guys being outside as the day warms up. I am glad that the place finally cooled down last night. I did get a good night of sleep, but I keep sensing snippets of really weird dreams that I must have had. Totally disjointed fragments that mean nothing to me in a waking condition. With any luck, tonight will be a night of sleep without any annoying dreams to pester me the following day.

I just spent some time paying attention to Maxwell. It is not very often that he can be held, so I make sure to spend as much time with him as he wants when he is in one of those moods. He is simply the most solitary of the Stooges, but we love him just the same as we love Spartacus and Stevie Nicks.

This morning would not be complete without some type of issue arising from the company. We have an opportunity to upgrade our laptops, which are 5 years old. The question involves what we will be upgraded to. The company is seriously considering a move to the Surface Pro 3 for everyone in the future. I am not entirely sold on this idea because I have no experience with these devices and how much processing power and RAM they contain. I made my concerns known to the company email, and stressed that I would withhold judgement until more information was available. I would not want to get an “upgrade” to a device that would not meet my requirements. I explained that I wanted to know more about the specs of these devices and also the possible swapping out for an actual new laptop if the Surface Pro 3 proved inadequate for my needs. That response should get them thinking and keep them busy for awhile. Of course, one co-worker has already volunteered to take the Surface Pro 3 for testing. This is not entirely comforting since he does different tasks on his laptop than I do. The only thing I can do is wait and see what develops after the co-worker submits his review back to the company after a trial period. At that time, I will have to indicate whether or not to proceed with the upgrade to Surface Pro 3 or to request a new laptop instead. Personally, I would prefer a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro.

With that behind me, I can now finish up emails and think about lunch. I will need my strength to get me through the endless meetings this afternoon.I can also prepare a quick lunch to help get me through all this.

I am sure that I will write more after work. The urge is strong.I made it through the first meeting of the afternoon and it ended early so I have time to step outside for a cigarette and to do a little more writing as I wait on the next meeting. The first meeting was replete with office politics being mixed in. People are jockeying for position all the time, it gets old after about 5 minutes. I have never played those games, being isolated from the team makes it pointless and dangerous anyway.

I would rather spend my time with the exercise bands that I have during a break. I need to get into better shape, and these should help me provided I actually use them as instructed to work on my shoulders and arms. Improving these areas will give me the motivation to also get this spare tire off my midsection! I hope to make this a more active routine, and not fade off after a few days. Between this and my step counting, I want to make a difference for the better in the future. There is no reason I cannot find a few minutes now and then to use these resistance bands to my benefit.

I appreciate that these resistance bands are nice and compact, they come with an over-the-door attachment so I can generate more exercises with a base to pull against. I feel the burn after a few cycles with the bands, and I can always swap the bands out to increase resistance as I progress.

The next meeting is underway and I have very little inputs to provide. This gives me the chance to get some other work done as I listen in. I am actually all caught up with things. There is one more meeting later today, my 1-1 with my supervisor before the end of the day. After that, I hope to enjoy the late afternoon and evening with Hal. No plans to do anything yet, that might change. If we stay home, there is roast for dinner and we will be all set for dinner. If we go out, we will see what happens. Hal is on the phone with a friend, I don’t know if this signifies a chance that we will get together this evening or not. I am, as usual, undecided about this.

And now there is a break during this long meeting. We will return for another hour after the break. I will do my best to keep my brain from falling asleep in the meantime.

Amazingly, this last hour has involved me to a degree that I would not have imagined. It makes a nice change from just listening to others talk, and it keeps me awake. I still have my 1-1 meeting with my supervisor in about 20 minutes or so, but I strongly suspect that we will push this meeting back a few minutes. I am going to need a break after this.

I am surprised that the weather has NOT turned oppressive outside after the start we had this morning. The temperature has not skyrocketed, and that is a great thing around here.

It is after 1630 and I am wrapping things up for the day here at work. I am able to take the rest of the day easy here now with less than an hour until quitting time. I am on pace to get my steps in for the day whether we go out or not, and that makes me feel even better. As of right now, Hal has not indicated that we are going anywhere after work. I will leave that decision up to him.

I can now relax and try to plan what I will write about this evening if inspiration strikes me.

19 July 2015

Dreamer’s World July 19 2015

I slept in this morning because I deserved to. Sadly, this meant that Hal had already left for work by the time I woke up. I don't have any plans yet, the roast continue to cook in the crockpot.

It isn't easy to see under the potatoes, but it is there. Since I like to slow cook, this will be ready by dinner this evening.

I did venture out, and it is HOT outside today! The thermometer reads 96, but it feels worse. I got a few items at the grocery store, and I also went by the Rugged Wearhouse to pick up 2 new pair of shorts cine the ones I have are all pretty worn out after several summers of use. I came back home as quickly as I could to get out of this heat. My plan is to rest and write here this afternoon until Hal gets home this evening.

Last night was wonderful. Hal decided to sleep after work and didn’t wake up until after 2000. We relaxed around the apartment and ended up watching Svengoolie together. The movie, called Tel Of the Cat, or something like that was about a cat that witnesses a murder and the ridiculously stereotyped British aristocrats trying to kill the cat and going insane in the process. We laughed all through this movie and the Stooges were with us the whole time and looked up every time the cat in the movie hissed or made a growling sound. It was a great way to spend an evening together.

This evening we will have the roast for dinner, and stay home. I am the one who has to go to work in the morning, although luckily I just have to commute from the bedroom to the home office :) The vacationing co-worker will return tomorrow and that means that I will no longer have the responsibility of processing the troublesome files that he normally does. Tomorrow that becomes his baby once more.

As the afternoon moves along, I am fighting off a migraine that is no doubt related to the extreme heat here today. Staying inside has helped a great deal.

As you can see, Stevie Nicks has decided to help me with this blog post. Her inputs are invaluable as I continue describing my day :) I am glad that we have a nice cool place to relax on such a hot day.

I seems to be running rather low on ideas for today. It happens from time to time, and I won’t stress too much about it. I have been on a roll for the last few days, and a slowdown was bound to happen sooner or later. Without anything happening around here, I am still very happy.

I’m looking forward to Hal getting home. I know that he will be glad to get out of this heat as well. I don’t think that we will go anywhere this evening. We will have dinner here and relax before bedtime. SInce the temperature isn’t forecast to go below 80 tonight, I am going to set the AC way down this evening in order to get a good night of rest (I hope).

Hal made it home, dinner was delicious, and now we have the evening to ourselves. The lack of any particular topic isn't bothering me anymore. The togetherness we have right now is more than enough. Perhaps that is the topic I need to focus on for awhile.

Hal and I have been together for more than 15 years now. We have gone through quite a lot in that time, but we keep getting stronger as time goes on.

18 July 2015

Dreamer’s World July 18 2015 - Saturday

Writing is very important to me. I am glad that I have gotten back into the habit of writing every day. I felt empty without it, and nothing could fill the void until I started again. My lapse has taught me that I have to focus on writing every day, because the desire to do so alone isn’t always enough.

I find that there are multiple considerations about writing that I can address here

The technology:

I currently do a lot of my writing on the iMac, but when I am away from my desk I use my Chromebooks. I have 2 Chromebooks, an 11 and a 13 inch. Currently, I am writing on the 11 inch Chromebook.

I honestly have to admit that there are times

when I would have done almost anything to get my hands on a MacBook Air. Sadly, the price has always prevented me from obtaining one. Since I could not afford one, I resigned myself to using the Chromebook. I quickly found that the Chromebook meets all of my writing needs. I can use Evernote or Google Docs to write, and then retrieve the post from any other platform. In this regard, the Chromebook does very well. It gives me the freedom to be mobile without the worry of carrying around a very expensive piece of hardware with me and having to worry about theft or damage. I still have people with Macbooks and Macbook Air laptops come up to me and ask what this machine is that I am using. Normally, they are shocked that I have chosen to remain with this platform, but once I explain things to them, they seem to understand. Sometimes, I notice the smug or disapproving looks as they walk away, as if my using a Chromebook makes me less of an urban hipster, or perhaps they think that I am poor and cannot afford one of their upscale devices. The poor part has been very true, but now it is a matter of being frugal. After all, I have 2 Chromebooks and together they cost me less than the one device that they are using :P

The location:

Where to write is often a choice that causes distress. I work from home now, and I seldom feel like remaining at my desk to write for even one minute after I am done with the workday. Again, the Chromebook gives me the freedom to find another place to write from. My normal criteria for such a place involve NO TV and a comfortable place to sit and write. I reserve the right to play some music as I type, but nothing too loud to ruin the concentration. Right now I am listening to Beats1 as I type and enjoying an in depth program on the Black Eyed Peas. I am in awe of Will.I.Am because he has become such a musical force, not only with the BEP, but as a producer for other artists. I cannot think of anything better to keep my spirits up as I am writing.

Lighting is important as well. I dislike dark spaces and much prefer a room with lots of windows to write in. If I am writing at night, I prefer to have plenty of light around me as well. I seldom type outside at night because the Chromebook keyboard is not backlit, but it doesn’t really make me feel that I am missing anything. This morning is a good example, it is dark and cloudy but I still prefer blinds open on the windows to let in the natural light.

The motivation:

This is the most difficult part to writing. Everyone who has put pen to paper, or sat down and started to type can testify. There are times like now when the words seem to flow out so quickly that I struggle to keep up with them, yet there are other times when words simply fail to appear at all. When that second feeling hits me, I try to sit back and just relax. I don’t stress over this because I am not a professional writer who is paid to write, I do it for enjoyment. If the enjoyment is not felt, I have to take a break and wait for it to return to me, and no manner of self-induced stress will make that any easier. The end result is always worth the wait. When inspiration does strike me it is like an adrenaline rush, an incredible feeling that transcends words.

The morning is moving along at a wonderfully slow pace, and I am grateful for that. With the rain falling, it is a great day to stay here and spend time with the Stooges as I write and relax. I will make some chili for lunch in a few minutes and enjoy that as I wait for Hal to get home from his job.

Lunch was delicious, things are still very quiet around here, and I am fine. If Hal wants to get out later today after he gets home from work, we can do that. I will leave the decision up to him since he has been the one at work all day. I am truly undecided about whether or not I want to go out. I can think of places to go, but I am not sure I want to because I really don’t want to spend any money today if I can avoid it. I have made such wonderful progress financially, and I don’t want to mess things up again. There is really nothing that I need other than to spend the TIME with Hal and the Stooges when it comes down to the important things.

With Hal home, things are much better, the sun has come back out and it has warmed up to the point of being sticky and humid outside once again. So far there are no plans to go anywhere, but since Hal worked all day I'm not going to push on the issue. There is nothing I really need to do that can't wait until tomorrow when he is at work again. I just want to spend the time together while we have the chance, whether that is at home or somewhere else.

Dinner plans are up in the air for this evening. If I do go out at all, it will be to pick up a roast, Along with some potatoes and onions in order to start cooking it in the crockpot overnight. I do enjoy cooking and it has been awhile since I did. I might add a nice green pepper to the shopping list as well to spice up the roast.

As afternoon moved on, I know the signs to look for from Hal. If he goes to lie down, that basically means that he isn't wanting to go anywhere for the rest of the evening. If that is the case, I can the. Make the quick grocery run after all.

17 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 17 2015 - Friday

Friday has arrived at last! I am looking forward to a rather slow day here at work, followed by the start of the weekend. Hal and I are supposed to try an Indian restaurant this evening that is located nearby and we are both hoping that it will be delicious.
Hal actually had to go into work today. His regular client was on vacation and arrived back yesterday. Because Hal has such a good relationship with her, he changed his schedule to accommodate her by shifting his workday this week from Wednesday to Friday. He will still work Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately.
I will be wrapping up tasks this morning at work. I have gotten a lot accomplished this week. Coworker returns from vacation on Monday, so I am off the hook for processing the data file as I have done for the last 3 weeks, and that will be a huge relief to me.
Hal arrived home around 1100. Apparently, his client didn’t show up for her appointment after all, so he left. That is fine with me since it gives us more time together today before I finish my workday at 1730. So far, it is a typical Friday around here, and I hope it stays that way.
Since I work from home, I can do things that I would not be able to do in an office. One of the most enjoyable is listening to Beats 1, the Apple radio service. I find that I am really enjoying this new type of streaming player. I was never that into the other services, for whatever reason, although I found nothing wrong with them. I just have been with the Beats 1 since it started and I really like it.
I am not going to have a heavy lunch today since I want to have my BG steady for our trip to the Indian restaurant this evening. I am hoping that the place will be as good as advertised. It makes a nice change for us, and possibly adds another location to the local area that we can enjoy on a regular basis.
I have avoided the news this morning. I am tired of the MSM salivating over every little thing to do with Trump, I am tired of the MSM wetting themselves over terrorist attacks like the one in Chattanooga yesterday. I guess that you can say that I detest the MSM (mainstream media). This is particularly true of the local media around DC. NBC Washington is a total and complete load of shit that should have their license revoked, in my opinion. The constant flow of infoporn from this station makes me want to vomit.
Having voiced my opinion of the media, that helps to explain why I am enjoying Beats 1 so much. My life would be so very empty without music. I much prefer to be listening to music rather than the TV at any time. There are times when I feel that TV is something that I can do without altogether, but then I would miss my sports and cartoons, plus Hal does like watching when he is in the other room.
Hal has ventured onto the balcony to repot some of the plants we have around here. I took a break and went outside with him to be together as he started working there. One of the incalculable benefits of working from home :)

I am sure that the plants will look even better once Hal is finished with them. We have a nice place here, and are always looking for inexpensive ways to improve the place for ourselves and the Stooges.
I have to get ready for the 1230 meeting here. This is a meeting where everyone informs the team about progress for the day and the week. I am ahead of the game right now and unless there is tasking this afternoon, it should be rather quiet, as I had hoped. The only thing missing is the sunshine, but nothing can diminish the fact that today is Friday!
Hal has finished with the plants and they look awesome

I think that the place looks better already.
Of course, the excitement wasn't universal.

I am also sure that Hal will probably do more with some of the plants around here in the future. As the afternoon slowly creeps by, we have been talking about this evening’s plans and also about possible plans for later this summer or early fall. As the subject came up, I told Hal that I am seriously considering taking the week after Labor Day off work. This would eliminate the last kids on vacation event of the year, and that is a good thing. Provided we can find someone to look after the Stooges, we could make a short trip somewhere.
We did have dinner at the London Curry House and it was FANTASTIC! We will definitely go back there again sometime soon. Dinner was followed by a quiet night at home, and it will soon be time for bed. I am glad that I have written this much today, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

16 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 16 2015 - A Beautiful Day And A Fresh Start

Today is one of those days that is stunning and perfect for July. The temperature is comfortable and there is not a cloud in the sky. The forecast promises nearly perfect weather for today with the high only reaching 80. It seems like a perfect day and I hope that Hal and I can get out and enjoy it after work.
Today also makes my re-committment to this blog. I want to maintain, and increase my writing each day. Whether this takes place during a break at work, or at lunch, or after work altogether, I am going to make the effort to write even more.
I have managed to get ahead of things here as I work from home. I have my weekly meeting to conduct in about an hour, then time for lunch. Sadly, the rest of the afternoon will be filled with conference calls, although I will be working on other tasks as I listen in. I think that we have far too many meetings. It is a wonder that anything ever gets done at times!
We should always take time to laugh at something.

I remember the original Bloom County comic strip from years ago. I am glad that Berkeley Breathed has decided to update thisThe world needs things to make us laugh, now more than ever.I am looking forward to the new adventures of Opus, Milo, Oliver Wendell Jones, Binkley, Steve Dallas, and of course, Bill The Cat! Seeing these characters again brings back so many great memories, I want to thank Mr. Breathed for doing this.
We also need things to make us reflective and appreciative as well as happy

Maxwell and Stevie Nicks clearly demonstrate the value of doing absolutely nothing at times! I find myself marveling at how cats cope with the world. They have a great sense of knowing that not everything is under their direct influence, and they know when to take time out and let things go. I envy them this. I have to realize that there are things that I cannot control. These are things that I just do my best to shut out completely and move on. The best example is daytime TV. Since I began working from home, I have found out that Hal really watches the crap that is on TV during the daytime, such as the horrible, awful Today show. Rather than get annoyed, and that show annoys me very easily, I just shut the door to the room where I am working and that stops the inane yammering. When I have to venture out into the kitchen, I usually wear headphones to avoid contaminating my brain with that shit!
Now that I have completed my morning meeting, I can take a few minutes for lunch. I just returned from my trip to the kitchen, with my headphones on, in order to put a frozen entree into the microwave and then I quickly retreated to the sanctuary of the office. I am preparing for an endless round of conference calls that will take most of the afternoon. I am sure that in addition to working on other projects, that I will find some time to write here.
And now, the afternoon cycle of conference calls begins. This means a few hours of time taken up that I will use to multitask with other things. I will talk to Hal later about what he wants to do after I finish with work for the day. It would be nice to get out and enjoy this beautiful day, but I will leave the decision up to him. As the meeting goes on, I am reminded that developers do not like to deal with how the data is supposed to act within a user perspective, I have found that any inputs I attempt to provide are often ignored and overlooked. I have decided that I will just let them carry on amongst themselves and let the chips fall where they may. Everything is 1’s and 0’s to them, and any human interpretation is always unwelcome.
I have finished with meetings for today. I finally had a chance to talk with Hal and we will get out to run a few errands after I am finished at work. We are also dealing with a rather bothersome person/friend who is trying to manipulate us into doing something. Needless to say, the fact that we recognize this makes it certain that this will NOT happen. The repercussions of this are yet to be determined, Hal is much more diplomatic and smooth about these things than I am. I have decided that Hal will be the one to speak for both of us about this annoying problem.

Sad to say, but if this costs us a friendship, so be it. We both hate manipulators. This is bad because it also involves someone else, and they are caught in the middle of things without any way out. I think that this will come to a head sooner rather than later. It is sad sometimes to realize that friends are not always the permanent parts of our lives that we hope they will be. People change with time, others reveal an inner nature after time has passed, and others will show a side that is ugly towards others before finally turning it on us. The main point is that we always have to be willing to move on, to drop the baggage and just keep going. Hanging around people who will bring you down will accomplish just that every time.
Now it is the time in the afternoon where things wind down. I can take stock of what I have accomplished today, and begin to plan tomorrow’s agenda. If things go well, tomorrow should be a relatively quiet day, and I will be very glad of that. The workday is basically over. It is time to plan out what Hal and I are doing after work.
The agenda is not that bad, grocery shopping and a trip to the Post Office. We might stop somewhere for dinner, but will more probably just bring something home with us. I am looking forward to whatever the evening has in store for us.

The early event consisted of a trip to get some potting soils and planters so Hal can transplant a few items around the apartment. After that, we made a quick stop at the grocery store before heading home. I am deliberately avoiding TV this evening because the stupidity level just makes me sick to my stomach.
Hal and I discussed the situation I mentioned earlier regarding someone trying to manipulate us. We agree that the best course of action is to distance ourselves from that person. I don't believe any explanation is necessary, since Hal told me he already called them out on what they were trying to do. Life is too short and too precious to waste on stupid shit like that. We have cut other people out of our lives when they have acted up, so this isn't anything traumatic for us.
I'm glad that Hal and I talk about things like this when they happen. Keeping secrets, or keeping our feelings bottled up doesn't do anymore any good. We have survived much worse than this together, and we'll be just fine.

15 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 15 2015 - Remembering Important Things

As Wednesday draws to a close, I find myself thinking about my writing. I have fallen down on this recently and neglected to post on a daily basis. I made a conscious decision to write each day late last year, and for the most part I have kept that bargain with myself. I don't like the idea that I have failed at something that is so important to me, so I am taking the time to do what else, write about it!
Everyone knows the old saying that "Karma Is A Bitch", well as I was working on this post earlier explaining my situation and what I had done to feel guilty about, when I lost the data altogether and had to start again! There is a lesson to be learned there for me.
Writing has helped me tremendously, and to ignore it pains me. Work has gotten rather hectic, but that is no excuse for not writing. There are days when topics seem to escape me, but that is because I refused to relax and let the ideas come to me. I have to refocus myself on establishing my routine once again. I feel so much better when I write, why give this up?

13 July 2015

Dreamer's World July 13 2015

Starting another week at work. The day is cloudy and there have been showers off and on this morning. Apparently, this is the pattern for the entire week here. At least I no longer have to deal with this weather and a commute since I work from home.
I started the day by attempting to process a large data file using instructions left by vacationing coworker. If this works, I will be amazed. It’s just after noon now, and I am preparing for the daily conference call. Hopefully, I won’t be called into more meetings as the afternoon wears on. My supervisor shifted my 1-1 meeting back due to her conflicted schedule, if things hold, it will be at 1900 this evening, and I will arrange to make up that time on Friday afternoon. It is entirely possible that she will realize her error and attempt to reschedule the meeting again.
After a few emails in which my supervisor was confused about the time difference (she is in Cali) we finally agreed on 1400 for the meeting. It went rather well and now I am working on some tasking to close out the day here. Hopefully, things will remain quiet for the next 2 hours until quitting time.
There are no plans to venture out after work. I am one with that for this evening. The weather remains dreary here, and the main motivation is to take a nap.
I just finished the workday and am looking forward to a quiet evening at home with Hal and The Stooges. Let it rain!

11 July 2015

Dreamer’s World July 11 2015

It seems hard to believe that July is nearly halfway over with. This year is flying by. I wonder if this shift in time perspective is because I am getting older, but I cannot say that is true.
Today has begun with clouds and rain. This is forecast to be the situation all day, but that is fine with me. I had no plans to go anywhere at this time anyway. If the weather does improve today, I can always change that and go out. Right now, I am happy to stay here at home and rest and enjoy time with The Stooges while Hal is at work.

I have used this morning to get laundry done. This saves the time being spent later today after Hal gets home. It also keeps me here, and out of trouble. As long as I stay off Amazon, I won't be spending any money today! That suits me just fine for right now. There is enough going on around here to not worry about spending money.
Recently, things have taken a strange turn with some friends. Both Hal and I hate any attempt to manipulate us, sadly that is what someone seems to be trying to do. No details here, but suffice it to say that this hasn't really upset us. The fireworks will start once the other person realizes that Hal and I aren't playing along with their scheme. Until then, we will just stay quiet and let things run their course.
We have a great thing going here. Hal and I are both very happy with our life together, and the most important thing is to prevent anyone or anything from upsetting that. Last night we had a movie date and went to see "Minions". The movie was very good, although the lack of the hordes of minions made it less entertaining than it could have been. They had to run a storyline rather than a series of gags, we get that, so no complaints. If there was a hole in the plot, it is that the movie ended up with the Minions associating themselves with Gru over 40 years before "Despicable Me", and thus limiting the sequel possibilities for the future. If they planned "Minions" as a one-off event, this works out fine. We were surprised that the children there were extremely well-behaved during the movie. There was no screaming or loud talking, things that can easily ruin the best movie.
As I type while waiting on the next load of clothes, I am thinking about the possibility of us visiting a nearby Indian restaurant for the first time. Surprisingly, it is less than a mile from here, but it is located in the mini-shopping village portion of a rather snooty community. Since we never go there, it is no surprise that we had always missed this restaurant. The reviews are all excellent, and it would make a nice change for us.

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That potential plan rests on the weather, as well as how Hal feels when he gets home from work. The best thing to do is ti suggest it once and then see if he picks up on the suggestion. If he doesn't, that usually means that he is tired and would rather stay at home.
The Stooges are all doing fine. Lots of naps taking place around here. It seems that they occasionally move from one spot to another to resume their naps, but they are cats after all. All this intense napping makes me want to take one as well, but I want to get the laundry finished first. The last load is in the washer, but it has to wait on the load currently in the dryer to finish. This means probably close to 2 more hours before I could think about a nap, and Hal should be home by then anyway.
After Hal got home, he was rather tired. We did a quick shopping trip to get what he needed, and then came back home. The trip to the London Curry House will have to wait. Perhaps we will make a date of it next Friday after I get off from work. That will be my plan to suggest to him tomorrow. I am clsoing out this blog post with a wish that everyone will have a great evening and an even better tomorrow!