Dreamer’s World July 11 2015

It seems hard to believe that July is nearly halfway over with. This year is flying by. I wonder if this shift in time perspective is because I am getting older, but I cannot say that is true.
Today has begun with clouds and rain. This is forecast to be the situation all day, but that is fine with me. I had no plans to go anywhere at this time anyway. If the weather does improve today, I can always change that and go out. Right now, I am happy to stay here at home and rest and enjoy time with The Stooges while Hal is at work.

I have used this morning to get laundry done. This saves the time being spent later today after Hal gets home. It also keeps me here, and out of trouble. As long as I stay off Amazon, I won't be spending any money today! That suits me just fine for right now. There is enough going on around here to not worry about spending money.
Recently, things have taken a strange turn with some friends. Both Hal and I hate any attempt to manipulate us, sadly that is what someone seems to be trying to do. No details here, but suffice it to say that this hasn't really upset us. The fireworks will start once the other person realizes that Hal and I aren't playing along with their scheme. Until then, we will just stay quiet and let things run their course.
We have a great thing going here. Hal and I are both very happy with our life together, and the most important thing is to prevent anyone or anything from upsetting that. Last night we had a movie date and went to see "Minions". The movie was very good, although the lack of the hordes of minions made it less entertaining than it could have been. They had to run a storyline rather than a series of gags, we get that, so no complaints. If there was a hole in the plot, it is that the movie ended up with the Minions associating themselves with Gru over 40 years before "Despicable Me", and thus limiting the sequel possibilities for the future. If they planned "Minions" as a one-off event, this works out fine. We were surprised that the children there were extremely well-behaved during the movie. There was no screaming or loud talking, things that can easily ruin the best movie.
As I type while waiting on the next load of clothes, I am thinking about the possibility of us visiting a nearby Indian restaurant for the first time. Surprisingly, it is less than a mile from here, but it is located in the mini-shopping village portion of a rather snooty community. Since we never go there, it is no surprise that we had always missed this restaurant. The reviews are all excellent, and it would make a nice change for us.

London Curry House of Cameron Station in Alexandria


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Before Opening London Curry House, owner Asad and his chef traveled to London, to explore why Indian Restaurants are so popular in London. Most of Asad's American guests at all Curry Mantra's locations suggested that Asad bring taste of authentic Indian dishes from London.

Every effort has been made by Asad & his Chef to give the exact taste of what they tried there.

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That potential plan rests on the weather, as well as how Hal feels when he gets home from work. The best thing to do is ti suggest it once and then see if he picks up on the suggestion. If he doesn't, that usually means that he is tired and would rather stay at home.
The Stooges are all doing fine. Lots of naps taking place around here. It seems that they occasionally move from one spot to another to resume their naps, but they are cats after all. All this intense napping makes me want to take one as well, but I want to get the laundry finished first. The last load is in the washer, but it has to wait on the load currently in the dryer to finish. This means probably close to 2 more hours before I could think about a nap, and Hal should be home by then anyway.
After Hal got home, he was rather tired. We did a quick shopping trip to get what he needed, and then came back home. The trip to the London Curry House will have to wait. Perhaps we will make a date of it next Friday after I get off from work. That will be my plan to suggest to him tomorrow. I am clsoing out this blog post with a wish that everyone will have a great evening and an even better tomorrow!

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