Dreamer’s World July 23 2015 - Freestyle Precision Neo Test Meter

Recently, I have been experiencing problems with my blood glucose readings. It seemed that no matter what I did, they remained too high. I did not feel unwell, and I began to suspect that the meter I was using or the test strips might be at fault. I decided to make a change and purchased the Freestyle Precision Neo meter over the counter to see if this made a difference. I have always read that Freestyle are among the most accurate meters on the market.

This meter is extremely slim, it can fit easily in a pocket without difficulty. The best feature about it is the test strip (middle of the picture) because each one is individually wrapped and sealed for protection against contamination. The test strips are longer than normal strips, but this enables you to handle it without touching either the end for the sample, or the end that goes into the meter. This is just an excellent idea and I am surprised that no one else has thought of it before now.

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