Dreamer’s World July 05 2015 - I Stand With Greece

The Greek people have spoken. They have rejected the strong-arm tactics of the international financial community and declared that they can make no more sacrifices in order to preserve the profits of others at the expense of themselves. The Greek people have had their savings wiped out, had their taxes raised, and their wages lowered in some asinine attempt to repay banksters and politicians. Those banksters and politicians most certainly have their own asses covered, and are demanding that the everyday Greek citizen bail them out for their loans. Greece is not perfect, nor is it blameless, but the people have been hurt enough in this game of shift the money among the rich and powerful.
If you don't believe, read this

Christine Lagarde attack on Greece backfires as she pays no tax

Christine Lagarde earns £300,000 a year tax free

By Philip Aldrick, Economics Editor

7:04PM BST 29 May 2012

Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund managing director who provoked an angry reaction from the Greek people after telling them to pay their taxes, does not pay tax on her own salary, it has emerged.

Ms Lagarde was forced to publish an embarrassing climbdown on her Facebook page over the weekend after being bombarded by hundreds of Greek people who felt insulted by her suggestion that the country’s crisis was partly due to “all these people in Greece who are trying to escape tax”.

However, on Tuesday she had to admit that her $467,940 (£300,000) annual salary and $83,760 of additional allowances are entirely tax-free as the IMF is an international organisation.

An IMF spokesman said: “Salaries, like those in most international organizations, are paid on a lower, net of tax basis to ensure equal pay for equal work regardless of nationality.”

He added that Ms Lagarde, 56, does pay all other “taxes levied on her, including local and property taxes in the US and France”.

Ms Lagarde earns more than President Barack Obama and David Cameron, both of whom pay taxes.

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