Dreamer's World July 1 2015

Yesterday was a day that I would like very much to forget. Work was a series of disasters that rolled throughout the day. I am hoping that today will turn out much better. I am not traveling to meet the client this morning due to exterminators coming through the apartment at some point today. I would much rather be here than have them come in while Hal and I are both away. Since I can work from home and dial into the meeting, it makes more sense for me to be the one who stays here.
Today is also my early schedule day. Since the Wednesday meeting is a regular event on Wednesdays, I just kept my 0700-1530 work schedule for this day. I must admit that I am enjoying the later work schedule for the rest of the week though. At least it means that I will definitely be here to let the exterminators in and keep The Stooges away from them while they work.
I will juggle my daily routine to accommodate this change, in fact, it will give me more time to get some work done that would normally be a bit more rushed. Sadly, I cannot make this a routine every Wednesday. It is important that I do have face-to-face time with the client on a regular basis. This allows me the flexibility to dial into these meetings when I have a valid scheduling conflict like today.
Apparently, we had some really heavy rain last night. I didn’t hear a thing which is rather surprising since I did not sleep that well. It was not full-blown insomnia, just waking up over and over throughout the night, ugh. Hopefully, things will be better this evening for me. I’m not sure what the weather is supposed to be like today, hopefully the rain is past us, although it is still overcast this morning.
On the bright side, tomorrow will be the last workday of the week! With the 4th on Saturday this year, we are getting the Friday off as our holiday. With luck, Hal will also have Saturday off from his job, but I don’t know that for sure yet. I will ask him when he wakes up later to get ready to go in for his Wednesday appointments.
Having said that, I hope for a quiet day at work today, followed by a pleasant evening with Hal and The Stooges here at home. There are no plans to go out, but that can change and usually does at the last minute.
It is now just after 0800 and Hal is getting ready for work today. The exterminator will be here at some point today, but I don’t know exactly when that will be, so I will stand by for them. I received notification that the files I worked on all day yesterday have been successfully processed and that makes me happy. I also just completed the weekly meeting via conference call, and that went well.
Hal has left for work and I am still here waiting for the exterminator to show up. It would be nice if they get here sometime before lunch rather than at the last possible minute this afternoon, but I cannot control their schedule throughout the apartment complex.
I also heard from an old friend who is afraid that she will lose her job today due to corporate budget cuts. I am so sick of companies being able to kick people to the curb whenever they want, just so the CEO or whomever can have their mansion and another new Mercedes. Something has to be done about this. Personally, I am planning to vote for Bernie Sanders in the next election, as well as any progressive candidate for Congress that is running because the insanity has got to stop!
Now it is 1200 and I have just finished my lunch. I am waiting for the conference calls to start. Hal just got home and there has still been no sign of the exterminators around the building. We will just have to wait on them until they show up. I hope that this conference call goes by quickly so I can get more done before quitting time at 1530.
The conference call is just going on and on and on and on. Making my head hurt as I wait for it to finally end and then I can take a break and get ready to wrap things up for the day here at work. The exterminator has finally arrived, and Hal is with him as I am closed up in the bedroom/office. Just over an hour left in the day, I am making my declaration that this will not wear me out. I will recover quickly and move on with the day once work is over with. Hopefully, Hal will want to do something after work, but the rest goal will be to keep the Stooges out of the area sprayed for ants for at least 2 hours after the job is finished. We don’t need sick Stooges and we can wait to go out until after the appropriate time has passed.

We just had a quick thunderstorm roll through around 1815, and I got this awesome pic afterwards.

The evening promises to be quiet around here. I can look forward to tomorrow since it will be the last workday of the week. There are some potential plans to get with friends on Saturday since Hal will have the 4th off work. This is a nice thing to have happen, since Hal gets so few holidays off from work if they happen to fall on a weekend. He deserves better.
I also just heard that an old friend has lost her job due to “corporate downsizing”. I am so tired of this shit where the rich keep getting richer by fucking over the average person. This has to stop! I hope that Bernie Sanders will be the first candidate to address this issue openly and call for an end to this practice.
I guess that the only thing that I can do right now to make things better is to take a nice hot shower and think about bedtime. I hope that everyone will have a great evening and a better tomorrow.

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