Dreamer's World July 15 2015 - Remembering Important Things

As Wednesday draws to a close, I find myself thinking about my writing. I have fallen down on this recently and neglected to post on a daily basis. I made a conscious decision to write each day late last year, and for the most part I have kept that bargain with myself. I don't like the idea that I have failed at something that is so important to me, so I am taking the time to do what else, write about it!
Everyone knows the old saying that "Karma Is A Bitch", well as I was working on this post earlier explaining my situation and what I had done to feel guilty about, when I lost the data altogether and had to start again! There is a lesson to be learned there for me.
Writing has helped me tremendously, and to ignore it pains me. Work has gotten rather hectic, but that is no excuse for not writing. There are days when topics seem to escape me, but that is because I refused to relax and let the ideas come to me. I have to refocus myself on establishing my routine once again. I feel so much better when I write, why give this up?

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