Dreamer's World July 2 2015 - A sense of relief

I woke up this morning to go to work and Hal told me about something happening at the Washington Navy Yard. This immediately brought back horrible memories of what had happened there in 2013. I resisted the urge to turn on the local news because I completely despise them and their emotional infoporn coverage of ANY situation.
I showered and walked into the home office to begin working and asked Hal to only let me know if there was any actual NEWS to be reported. Hal tends to watch the local media, but he knows that I will change the channel if he ever leaves the remote unattended. After approximately 1 hour, I finally turned on CNN and saw that the all clear had been given and that there was apparently nothing but a false alarm.
I am extremely grateful to get this bit of NEWS. I went to ask Hal about what he had heard watching the local media and he said that they were busy quoting people whom they “thought lived in nearby condos and were awakened by the sounds of sirens and helicopters and how TERRIFYING that must have been for them”. I knew then that I had made the right choice by not paying attention to NBC Washington, yes I make the most glaring offender of the local media.
I know people who work at the Washington Navy Yard and who were there in 2013 for the terrible incident that took place. I am glad that nothing actually happened today, but I am also glad that I refused to get caught up in the awfulness of the local media.
NBC Washington is a complete and total disgrace to journalism. Their reporting would have been thrown out of my junior high newspaper. NBC Washington is a prime example of WHY we cannot depend on the traditional media for anything.

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