Dreamer's World July 17 2015 - Friday

Friday has arrived at last! I am looking forward to a rather slow day here at work, followed by the start of the weekend. Hal and I are supposed to try an Indian restaurant this evening that is located nearby and we are both hoping that it will be delicious.
Hal actually had to go into work today. His regular client was on vacation and arrived back yesterday. Because Hal has such a good relationship with her, he changed his schedule to accommodate her by shifting his workday this week from Wednesday to Friday. He will still work Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately.
I will be wrapping up tasks this morning at work. I have gotten a lot accomplished this week. Coworker returns from vacation on Monday, so I am off the hook for processing the data file as I have done for the last 3 weeks, and that will be a huge relief to me.
Hal arrived home around 1100. Apparently, his client didn’t show up for her appointment after all, so he left. That is fine with me since it gives us more time together today before I finish my workday at 1730. So far, it is a typical Friday around here, and I hope it stays that way.
Since I work from home, I can do things that I would not be able to do in an office. One of the most enjoyable is listening to Beats 1, the Apple radio service. I find that I am really enjoying this new type of streaming player. I was never that into the other services, for whatever reason, although I found nothing wrong with them. I just have been with the Beats 1 since it started and I really like it.
I am not going to have a heavy lunch today since I want to have my BG steady for our trip to the Indian restaurant this evening. I am hoping that the place will be as good as advertised. It makes a nice change for us, and possibly adds another location to the local area that we can enjoy on a regular basis.
I have avoided the news this morning. I am tired of the MSM salivating over every little thing to do with Trump, I am tired of the MSM wetting themselves over terrorist attacks like the one in Chattanooga yesterday. I guess that you can say that I detest the MSM (mainstream media). This is particularly true of the local media around DC. NBC Washington is a total and complete load of shit that should have their license revoked, in my opinion. The constant flow of infoporn from this station makes me want to vomit.
Having voiced my opinion of the media, that helps to explain why I am enjoying Beats 1 so much. My life would be so very empty without music. I much prefer to be listening to music rather than the TV at any time. There are times when I feel that TV is something that I can do without altogether, but then I would miss my sports and cartoons, plus Hal does like watching when he is in the other room.
Hal has ventured onto the balcony to repot some of the plants we have around here. I took a break and went outside with him to be together as he started working there. One of the incalculable benefits of working from home :)

I am sure that the plants will look even better once Hal is finished with them. We have a nice place here, and are always looking for inexpensive ways to improve the place for ourselves and the Stooges.
I have to get ready for the 1230 meeting here. This is a meeting where everyone informs the team about progress for the day and the week. I am ahead of the game right now and unless there is tasking this afternoon, it should be rather quiet, as I had hoped. The only thing missing is the sunshine, but nothing can diminish the fact that today is Friday!
Hal has finished with the plants and they look awesome

I think that the place looks better already.
Of course, the excitement wasn't universal.

I am also sure that Hal will probably do more with some of the plants around here in the future. As the afternoon slowly creeps by, we have been talking about this evening’s plans and also about possible plans for later this summer or early fall. As the subject came up, I told Hal that I am seriously considering taking the week after Labor Day off work. This would eliminate the last kids on vacation event of the year, and that is a good thing. Provided we can find someone to look after the Stooges, we could make a short trip somewhere.
We did have dinner at the London Curry House and it was FANTASTIC! We will definitely go back there again sometime soon. Dinner was followed by a quiet night at home, and it will soon be time for bed. I am glad that I have written this much today, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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