Dreamer's World July 8 2015

Sometimes we all lose track of what is truly important. Our everyday lives seem to run us, and not the other way around. Phone calls, emails, work tasking, they all take away from what is truly important. Our technology allows us to have access to unlimited information about how to live, but we are too busy processing it to actually live.
It is at times like this that I am grateful for one aspect of technology, and that is the cell phone camera. I try to snap a picture of something that touches me in some way. It always helps to have an image to reinforce the memory of what we experience, especially the good times. We often forget that those special good times are often overlooked because we are too busy doing something else. I am just as guilty of this as everyone else, but when I do see something, a moment that I want to share with everyone, I pull out the cell phone camera and snap the pic to capture the moment.
We often talk, think, and act like we know so much when in reality we know so very little. Learning is something that should be a part of each and every day of our lives. Learning leads to appreciation of life and what we go through. The good times give us pleasure, the bad times teach us lessons in a sometimes very painful way. The key is to keep everything in perspective and let the natural balance take care of things.
When I returned home from a meeting involving work, I was tied and hot after waiting on a bus in the sun for 20+ minutes. Summers in the DC area are notoriously hot and humid. I resolved to come home and take a shower before continuing on with work from home for the rest of the day. As I came into the apartment, I found one of those moments that teaches me that there are always other thing more important than work. It didn’t take any significant bite of time from my schedule to take the picture and to appreciate the scene before me.
Always remember to look around you, there is no telling what beautiful images you might be missing out on.

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